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Add to the list of friends

Friends> Friends List> Add to Friends List

You may need to update the system software before you can use this feature.

To add someone to your friends list, you must first send a message and ask that person's permission.


Choose (Friends)> (Add a friend).
A blank message will appear asking if someone would like to be added as a friend.


Select the [To] field.
Enter the online ID of the person you want to add as a friend.


Enter the text for the message and select [Send].
The message will be sent and the friend's avatar will appear under (Friends) displayed.

The message is received. If the person gives permission to add, that person becomes your friends list and you are added to that person's friends list.


  • An online ID is registered when you create (sign in) a Sony Entertainment Network account. If you want to request adding a friend, you must first ask the person you want to add for their online ID.
  • If the person selects [Don't Add] in response to your request to be added as a friend, the avatar of that person who has not yet been added will be deleted from your list.

Receiving a request to add it as a friend

When you receive a request as to whether someone else would like you to be added as a friend, respond to the request so that they can add you as a friend.


Select the avatar of the person who sent the add friend request under (Friends) off.
The person's profile is displayed.


Choose (Reply to friend request).
Follow the on-screen instructions to be added as a friend. When the adding is complete, you and the other person will add each other's avatars to each other's friends list.

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