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«At Cooking optics service and performance are right. "

Over 100 years

experiences for you

Much has changed since the Koch Optik company was founded in 1909.

changes in the «world of optics». The glasses became a fashionable one

Accessory and offers you more comfort. One thing is like back then

today: Cooking optics still attaches great importance to quality and

best advice.


Buying glasses is a matter of trust. The Cooking optics-Team consists of trained professionals,

who advise you holistically. They know each other about the current eyewear trends, but also

when it comes to fashion.

Fashion novelties

Subtle or extravagant? BOSS or Roberto Cavalli? Discover the current trends and

a large selection of branded glasses. Find your own personal style.


Good vision means safety, at work, in your hobby, when driving a car. Cooking optics gives

You this security through his comprehensive support as well as guarantee and service

services, far beyond the purchase.


You can do a lot for the health of your eyes, for example by taking enough care

Pay attention to UV protection and have your eyesight checked once a year.


In addition to professional advice, you benefit Cooking optics-Customers regularly from exclusive

Benefits. Whether an invitation to an eye test or a winter pre-sale including a VIP discount. It

it's worth it!

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glasses, so

diverse like

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Silvia Sigg-Quadri, 68 years,

is a faithful one Cooking optics-

Customer. Your glasses must be hers

meet a wide range of hobbies

become. The editors of the

Cooking optics Magazine accompanied

she at the glasses consultation.

Silvia Sigg-Quadri is an active person: she plays

Organ, reads, skis and enjoys hiking. Since

she is six years old and wears glasses. Silvia Sigg-

Quadri attaches great importance to Wellit looks and looks

to be optimally coordinated. "It is important to me,

that my glasses are right Well sits. From the design

it should fit proportionally to the face. " The perfect

For them, vision solutions are varifocals,

glasses for making music and sunglasses


Silvia Sigg-

Quadri at the

Cooking optics-

Glasses advice.

Happy and colorful

through the day

Whether for shopping or a visit to the gallery - with Silvia

Sigg-Quadri can be colored. The chosen

Gucci model underlines yours naturally

friendly appearance. The two-tone version

sets an interesting contrast. Along with

the red blazer and the blue foulard, which as

Accessory picks up the shade of the glasses,

the outfit looks very coherent.

in the next issue

Glasses as diverse as life. In the

in the next issue we will accompany Ms. Stefanie

Peacock on the way to her new glasses.

You will be surprised how three

Customer story 3

«I've been a customer of for 20 years Cooking optics and

feel very much all around Well to advise."

Optimally seeing and looking - the

Vision solutions from Silvia Sigg-Quadri

with corrective lenses.

“I've been wearing it since nine

Varifocals for years.

It's easy

comfortable, with only

glasses nearby

as in the distance sharp

to be able to see. " For at home and for playing the organ

she uses special space glasses with a

larger field of view to see optimally close up

to be able to.

In the beginning stands with Cooking optics the detailed advice.

Together with Sven Brülisauer, a qualified optician

and branch manager of Cooking optics in Jelmoli,

Silvia Sigg-Quadri selects different models.

Elegant in the evening

Ready for a gallant appearance! Silvia Sigg-Quadri

likes to attend classical operas and has fun

getting ready for the evening. you

knows how to express their personal style

bring to. The filigree Bulgari gold glasses with decorative

Rhinestones harmonize with your festive noble

Outfit. A gold chain fits as an accessory.

Stylistically a convincing appearance, which you the

Gives a "grande dame" charisma.

different glasses completely change their charisma

emphasize them differently and always

remains authentic. Look forward to the

Spring edition of the Cooking optics Magazine.

Thanks to modern technology, he can see her on the screen

show a direct comparison. "I guess

it is very much that you can feel at Cooking optics time for me

takes. The employees are always very friendly,

patiently and advise me competently. The choice of glasses

is diverse, ”reports Silvia Sigg-Quadri.

«I would also like to mention them Welle aftercare.

I've been a customer for 20 years and it's nice

to always be able to turn to someone. "

For the Sunday outing

A sunny sunday? Ideal for a trip. A little

Stroll by the lake, then in the lakeside restaurant

linger and enjoy the sun. A Well protective

Sunglasses are of course included. The chosen one

Tom Ford sunglasses protect the entire eye area.

It adapts through a slightly curved shape

very Well the face of Silvia Sigg-Quadri. Combined

with a colored top and a dark blue one

Blazer she shows herself in a casual-chic leisure look.

4 fashIon

"Glasses from the largest, most successful and most attractive fashion labels."



Contemporary, noble and desirable

the Roberto Cavalli eyewear collection.

She easily masters the balancing act between retro

Look and modern design. She is going by a mundane one

Appreciated clientele who value fashion

and design sets. The ones known at Roberto Cavalli

decorative elements of filigree goldsmithing

take care of the fine details of this unique eyewear collection.


The new collection impresses with dynamic

schem design, which is timeless classic

Styles combined with modern elements.

The characteristic, distinctive BOSS Black style

is also reflected in the current eyewear collection

contrary. Glamor meets smart elegance. Timeless

Accessories for every occasion.


The new autumn / winter 2012/13 eyewear collection

presents a sophisticated selection of prescription glasses

in a nonchalant bohemian look.

The women's corrective glasses are made in cat-eye shape

made of a particularly light plastic material

in unusual colors. You fail

transparent nuances and the shiny diamond pattern

on. The Gucci models for men

carry on the elegance of the brand. The appealing

Color palette gives the rectangular shape a

functional, smart look. All models will

made from innovative and refined materials.

"With warm colors through the winter."


calvin klein

One of the largest fashion brands in the world

with its versions is aimed at brands and

fashion conscious people.

The line of glasses is exclusive and sophisticated

of the US design label. The

clear, modern lines as well as the luxurious ones

and high-quality materials clearly show that

that the current Calvin Klein collection

is designed for women and men of the world.

Marc o’Polo

Both individualists and fashion enthusiasts

Experts also appreciate the products of this brand

Swedish roots.

Nature, simplicity, quality, innovation and personality:

In the timeless designs and the puristic ones

Design language are the basic

Recognizable elements of Marc O'Polo. The

natural, warm tones and the classic

Retro looks represent the urban casual look

today's bohemians.



Your safety

guaranteed security




If you are within 6 months of the

Date of purchase does not reflect the lenses of your new glasses

get used to, you are entitled to

a free reassessment and exchange

against new corrective lenses.

Aesthetics, style and

color guarantee

If you don't like your glasses, you have

within 30 days of the purchase date

on an exchange for a model of the same

Price range.

© Rodenstock

Today with glasses, tomorrow with contact lenses,

just as you like it. The offer is

diverse: daily or monthly lenses, individual

Lenses - to find out which one

Contact lens system best suits your needs

we would be happy to agree with you

You an appointment.

So that you have full and freedom with contact lenses

Being able to fully enjoy it all starts with a professional one

Contact lens fitting. Measure it

and let's check your eyes first, ask

You according to your everyday life, your needs and previous ones

Experience. At the end of the conversation,

Material guarantee

Frames and lenses will be sent to you in the event of material defects

replaced free of charge for 3 years

Purchase date.

compatibility guarantee

for contact lenses

If you have an intolerance, you are guaranteed to receive your

Your money back, up to 3 months from the date of purchase.

free serVices

Ultrasonic cleaning, replacement of small items

and straightening the glasses or sunglasses

are of course free of charge for you at any time.

«All around Well provided."

contact lenses

Are trust


we are missing a contact lens, which one to use first

Can wear sample. So you can test

whether the lenses are comfortable for you to wear and

how Well You get along with them.

Since the eyes and the lenses in the course of the

Change the time, it is advisable to do it regularly

To come by for a follow-up check. Cooking optics accompanied

You of course continue after the purchase

and creates a careful documentation of your

«Contact lens history». By the way, an appointment

for contact lens fitting you can use the

Make a freephone number 0800 33 33 10.

no more



FogFree, the anti-fog fabric from

Rodenstock, ensures a clear view! Enough

with fogged glasses while cooking,

Exercising or entering warm rooms.

Simply once a day with the cloth

rub off the lenses. Ask at

Cooking optics after the FogFree anti-fog


Now to see St.

With the darker season of the year, the

conditions again more demanding. To let

You now test your eyesight.

Changes in eyesight are often not

noticed immediately. To deal with glasses or contact lenses

To feel really comfortable and safe is a must

the strength perfectly adapted to your needs

be. An eye test gives you security. You can

him in all Cooking optics- Have business carried out.

The employees are trained for this and

Glasses for close up, glasses for distance?

Progressive lenses allow you to look in

to see sharply close up as well as in the distance,

without changing glasses. But progressive lens

not all varifocal lenses are the same. There are big ones


Anyone who opts for progressive lenses has today

the advantage that this in terms of design and comfort

are very advanced. In addition to the

Standard progressive lenses are available so-called individual

Progressive lenses that are very precisely tailored to your needs

and habits can be tailored.

Your Health

«Healthy and safe through the winter.»

qualified. And because your health is important to us

we will give you a computer eye test for free.

Use your property nowno!





page 8

Cooking optics is like on individual varifocal lenses

for example with the top model Impression FreeSign ®

from the Rodenstock company. Impression

FreeSign ® enables you to do up to 40% better

Far, intermediate and near vision. Round

3,000 measuring points flow into your progressive lens.

The result fits yours as if tailor-made

Visual requirements. Trust the varifocal specialist

of Cooking optics, they will be happy to advise you.

© Rodenstock

uv protection

in the winter

It is especially in the winter sun

important to protect yourself from uV light.

With clear air and through the reflection

in the snow the uV load becomes very high

intense and often stronger than in summer.

A Well Fitting sunglasses protect the entire

Eye area from the harmful effects.

That is why the sunglasses should be ideal

be tailored to your face shape. Increased

there are glasses on the market with inadequate quality

UV protection. So be careful when buying

make sure that it is a checked one

Is an original product. Only the professional

can give you sufficient UV protection

Confirm sunglasses.

© adidas



affoltern aM AlbiS

• Coopark

Büelstrasse 15

Telephone 044 762 10 70


• Clara Huus on


Telephone 061 681 39 77

• Freie Strasse 8

Telephone 061 272 49 70

titanium gliding glasses

When buying a titanium frame

with progressive lenses.

fr. 180.–

Example: fACETALk frame with Impression FreeSign ® Perfalit 1.6 Solitaire Crystal for CHF 1,626 instead of CHF 1,806.

Valid until December 31, 2012. Cannot be combined with other discounts and package deals.

sliding glasses

When buying corrective glasses

with progressive lenses.

fr. 130.–

Example: Rodenstock frame with Impression FreeSign ® Perfalit 1.6 TopCoat for CHF 1,466 instead of CHF 1,596.

Valid until December 31, 2012. Cannot be combined with other discounts and package deals.

corrective glasses

When buying glasses with

Single vision lenses.

fr. 70.–

Example: Emporio Armani frame with Perfalit 1.5 TopCoat from Rodenstock for CHF 509 instead of CHF 579.

Valid until December 31, 2012. Cannot be combined with other discounts and package deals.


• Wankdorf Center

Telephone 031 333 44 50

• Westside

Telephone 031 991 57 34


• passage

Bahnhofplatz 70-72

Telephone 052 720 70 88

Your vouchers

Cooking optics stands for fashion and quality.

22 times in your area!


• Friborg Center

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• Shopping center

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• Gotthardstrasse 18

Telephone 044 720 87 88


• Zurichstrasse 7

Telephone 044 940 68 68

Sports glasses

When buying sports glasses

with corrective lenses.

fr. 50.–

Example: Adidas A164 / 6052 with correction insert including CR39 correction lenses for CHF 374 instead of CHF 424.

Valid until December 31, 2012. Cannot be combined with other discounts and package deals.

winter sunglasses

When buying sunglasses

from CHF 100.–.

fr. 20.–

Example: Police sunglasses for CHF 168.– instead of CHF 188.–. Valid until December 31, 2012.

Cannot be combined with other discounts and package deals.



Make a computer

Eye test in just 5 minutes.


Valid until December 31, 2012. Not valid for the eye test for the driver's license.


• Glatt shopping center

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