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"Life in Abundance"

Hiking on the island of Krk

with a full moon night outdoors

15.-19. May 2022

We treat ourselves to this special break in the powerful nature, in order to feel what is really important to us, what is good for us inside, what makes a life in abundance.

In order not to miss the gifts of heaven, we need to be awake, amazed and confident.

Spring by the sea, the scent of flowers and a vision, sweat and rest, body and nature awareness exercises, small rituals, system constellations, opportunities for conversation, spiritual impulses and silence. Time to be human in abundance.

program: (Subject to change)

1 day: individual arrival (e.g. carpooling); the rooms are ready from 2 p.m., joint start at 5 p.m., exploring the sea and the rock

2 day: Hike through the white karst mountains with wonderful scents and wonderful views of the sea and the surrounding islands, we hike through a gorge and reach a wide beach, return by boat, walking time approx. 4-5 hours

3rd day: a boat takes us to a secluded bay, swimming, hiking with full moon overnight on the mountain outdoors (approx. 2h walking time with sleeping bag and mat in the backpack), intensive time of a ritual transition (if you do not want to spend the night outdoors, you can go to the hotel to return)

4th day: Return from the mountain (approx. 2h walking time), relaxation, swimming, hike to a place of strength (approx. 2h)

5th day: Closing ceremony until 12:00 p.m., individual journey home or extension

Daily morning exercises on the beach and content support


Wolfgang Kubassa: For 20 years companion of people, teams and companies with gentle outdoor methods in special places, adventure trips with introspection, hiking instructor. I see my job in providing people with a framework in which they can experience development and vitality. A cosmopolitan Christian image of man shapes me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: 0699 1021 1352 [email protected]

This trip is for you if ...

... you dream of hiking the spring-like karst.

... you don't want to go alone, but still want space for individuality.

... you like to approach changes in your life consciously and gently.

... you want to go a little further on your inner (spiritual) path.

... you want time to find peace in meditative walking.

... you just want to be on your way to ....................... (add your personal motivation)

This trip in this group is a wonderful opportunity for that

accommodation: Hotel Tamaris (or similar) in Baška, island Krk, near the sea, double / single room

free parking, check-in from 2 p.m., check-out by 10 a.m.

getting there: self-organized, we recommend Carpooling, if you agree, we will send you the list of participants to coordinate with you.

Participants: 10 to 14 people

Costs:360 € (single room +60 €)

Services: Seminar program and hiking guide, 4 nights double room (single room on request), including one night on the mountain in good weather, 3x breakfast, 1x dinner, 2 boat trips, organization.

Not included: arrival / journey home, lunch, 1x evening snack and breakfast on the mountain from the supermarket, 2x dinner on site, insurance

Act as if everything is in your power!

Trust as if everything is in God's power!

(Brother Wolfgang, Irdning Monastery)

Details, equipment, registration form and feedback from travel participants -> INFO PACKAGE