Distance learning is good for programming

Programming courses lead to success

VBA - C / C ++ on Linux - C ++ for Windows - Java

A large selection of computer science courses at the Klett Academy will guide you towards your educational goal. Programming courses for VBA, Java, C / C ++ under Linux and C ++ for Windows are specially designed for the needs of distance learning. You learn when, where and how you want.

Take advantage of our special offer for distance learning and test one of the programming courses for 4 weeks - risk-free. Take a look at the study books, surf the online campus and get in touch with other participants and subject teachers. All of this is possible without restrictions in the free trial month.

We look forward to accompanying you to your educational goal.

Get more out of MS Office!
Time is money! This is another reason why Visual Basic for Applications is so valued and widely used. Because VBA makes it easy for you to adapt the Office suite to your specific requirements.

Start your IT career
Regardless of whether for Windows or Linux, with your new programming skills in C / C ++ you are a sought-after person for challenging and interesting tasks in the IT industry.

With Java, the future is yours!
Java is an object-oriented and platform-independent programming language. More and more companies are using Java or are switching to Java. Discover the wide range of courses in our Java courses.