Are we really someone's creation?

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In the Bible, God is called the Creator. But what makes a creator? And what does it mean to us humans to be created?


  • In the Bible God is described as Creator and life.
  • The authors of the Bible did not claim to explain how God did this with creation.
  • The human being is only a small part of the total creation. But we are allowed to participate in the creation and maintenance of the world in a special way.

If you look at the Bible, you might notice that God is spoken of over and over again as the Creator. The first sentence in the Bible reads: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1.1) God simply creates out of nothing by speaking. That almost sounds like magic. The writers of the Bible obviously had little interest in explaining how God did all of this. It was important to them that God made everything.

God is the origin

The writers of the Bible spent a lot of time outdoors, and so the realization was important to them: No matter how great the wonders of nature and the cosmos are, God is greater because He is the source. Psalm 104 puts this in a very humorous way. There it says: "[...] there is the Leviatan that you made to play with." The Leviatan was a kind of large sea monster that people who went to sea were afraid of.

In the Bible, creation is not understood as a one-time act, but as something that lasts. God is life itself. This means that not only did he create everything, but that everything that lives is kept alive by him. In the Psalms it is described in very poetic pictures how God takes care of his creation (Psalm 104).

A warm invitation

The authors of the Bible say that we are in God's image. This means that we are like him in certain respects and that he takes us seriously as a counterpart. And because God is the creator and cares about his creation, we are invited to do the same. This means that we too should take care of the world and be creative. So create new and beautiful things like music or art, but also encouraging words and helpful inventions.

According to the biblical understanding, people are also part of creation. We receive God's special attention, skills and tasks - but we remain part of creation. This knowledge helps us not to take ourselves too seriously with everything mighty and impressive that we humans create.

Source: Psalm 104:24


Salt of the earth is the motto of the Ecumenical Day of Creation 2019. Various Christian churches have come together to thank God for creation and to work to ensure that it will last for a long time to come.


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