What is globalization of business

Human resource strategies in globalization

The information and telecommunications technology (ICT) sector has now developed into the second largest economic sector in Germany. At the same time, globalization has led to far-reaching structural changes, particularly for employees. Business and production models are becoming increasingly global and locations around the world are closely networked with one another. This development does not stop at the German IT middle class.

Medium-sized IT companies are often faced with the challenge of ensuring the international competitiveness of their locations. In order to be able to survive in the competition for international personnel in the long term, it is therefore important that small and medium-sized companies in the IT industry deal with the personnel management and work organization issues of a globally integrated company.

Human resource strategies in globalization

The development of competitive personnel development and work structures in medium-sized companies under the conditions of a global economy was the focus of the project "Human Resource Management Strategies in Globalization". The aim of the project was to sound out the challenges and opportunities of global business and production models for creating attractive employment relationships and working conditions in medium-sized IT companies. The main focus was on design concepts for attracting and retaining highly qualified workers, as well as concepts for working with and integrating international specialists. The promotion of intercultural skills also plays a central role here. Our target group were HR managers, executives and works councils from small and medium-sized companies in the IT industry.

Central elements of the inventory and expert interviews

  • Which fields of action currently represent the greatest challenge for medium-sized IT companies?
  • What are the expectations / requirements for the work structures and human resources from the perspective of the social partners?
  • Which solution approaches can medium-sized IT companies strengthen in global competition?


The results from the project are intended to support medium-sized IT companies within the multi-faceted globalization issue in terms of personnel management and organizational development (work design, design of business models, etc.) through the development and testing of concepts and measures for in-house personnel development. We have included works councils in particular. The results are recorded in guidelines. There you will find concrete suggestions for the elementary globalization challenges as well as personnel and organizational development tools for creating attractive employment and working conditions in the company.

  • "Employee-oriented personnel strategies in medium-sized IT companies"
  • "Qualification planning and personnel development in medium-sized IT companies"

Our partners

The project is supported by the ver.di Federal Administration, Telecommunications / IT Department, the Institute for Social Science Research (ISF) e. V. Munich and the Institute for Work and Qualification (IAQ).