Is it a sin to pee in a church?

Fine for urinating outdoors: This is how expensive wild peeing is in German cities

Pee at the next tree when the bubble pushes? That can cost. Wild pinks are sometimes heavily asked to pay by the municipalities. What are the penalties for urinating outdoors in different cities?

As soon as spring arrives, most of them are drawn to the open air: to sunbathe in the park or to go cycling in the forest, for example. But also at fairs, festivals, at the carnival or at the Oktoberfest: When the bubble presses - and the next public toilet is not in sight - one or the other pee in the bushes, on the roadside or even on the wall of a house.

Wild pee: not a trivial offense, but an administrative offense

This is not only prohibited, but is also severely punished as an administrative offense in many places. In addition, it can be regarded as arousing public nuisance if someone relieves himself in the open air and thus attracts the attention of third parties. If people feel disturbed, they can face legal action in addition to a fine.

Peeing in the wild is an administrative offense

The municipalities regulate how high the fine is for this administrative offense. In the Law on Administrative Offenses (Owig), paragraph 118 reads:

  • "An administrative offense is committed by anyone who undertakes a grossly improper act that is likely to annoy or endanger the general public and impair public order."

This violation can be punished with a fine if the act cannot be dealt with according to other regulations.

That's the fine for peeing outdoors

The penalty for peeing in the wild varies from city to city.

cityFine for peeing wild
Bremenfrom 50 euros
Darmstadt50 to 5,000 euros
Frankfurt am Main70 euros plus 28.50 euros fees
to water30 euro
Hamburg50 to 1,000 euros
Kaiserslautern0 to 5,000 euros
Cologne60 to 200 euros
Leipzig5 to 5,000 euros
Munichfrom 100 euros
Stuttgart55 euros
Ulmfrom 50 euros
Wiesbaden60 euro

It gets really expensive for pee sinners in Frankfurt am Mainwith a fine of 70 euros, plus 28.50 euros in fees. In Stuttgart urination on streets and in public facilities is punished with a fine of 55 euros. who in Cologne urinates on trees or on green areas, must pay at least 60 euros for this simple violation. However, anyone who relieves themselves in a special place such as a playground in a sandpit must expect a fine of 200 euros.

In Hamburg pay a warning fee of up to 50 euros for urinating in public, as the Hamburg police report on request. However, if an effective warning is not possible, a fine of up to 1,000 euros can be imposed. In fact, the fines are usually between 60 and 200 euros, according to the police. The overall circumstances are always considered. "The main criterion is always the harassment of the general public," explains a police spokesman. In front of a large audience or in special places such as churches, town halls or police stations, you pay a higher fine than, for example, at night in a park.

5,000 euros for pee-sin - can that be?

InLeipzigexpect a fine of five to 5,000 euros. Also inKaiserslautern5,000 euros are considered to be the highest possible fine that could be imposed for this violation - but it would have to add up a lot. The lower limit is zero, the fine usually starts at 35 euros, said a city spokeswoman on request. The fines are awarded within a margin of discretion. This includes factors such as the instructability of the person, the resolution, the frequency and the place of peeing free.

Because: There is no catalog of fines for wild peeing. So it is not stipulated, as is the case with administrative offenses in road traffic, how expensive this violation can be. There is only a given framework within which the fines move. You can read about this in the so-called Hazard Defense Ordinance.

Historic places are more expensive than green spaces

Outdoor peeing falls under "other administrative offenses" and is based on the police ordinance of the respective city, according to the fine office in Ulm. This also includes all other violations, such as noise pollution or locking your animal in the car. Negligent administrative offenses can cost up to 2,500 euros in Ulm, intentional ones up to 5,000 euros.

The city of Ulm usually charges 50 euros for wild peeing. However, anyone who pees against a building has to dig deeper into their pockets: anyone who urinates at a police station has to pay a fine of 100 euros. At the famous Ulm Minster, it is 150 to 200 euros. This has serious damage to the walls.

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