Is Fortnite more successful than Halo 3


  1. The developers of Halo Infinite have revealed new details about the world of the ring and elements such as day and night changes.

  2. It looks a lot better: The developers of Halo Infinite show the revised version after criticizing the graphics.

    02/26/20211 CommentVideo
  3. There's a new shotgun, a vehicle between Warthog and Scorpion - and the PC version should be on par with consoles.

    01/29/20211 CommentVideo
  4. Better lighting effects, ambient occlusion and more: The studio behind Halo Infinite talks about the further development of the action game.

    12/9/20200 CommentsVideo
  5. The Xbox Series X will have to compete for buyers in November 2020 without its main launch title - there is no equivalent replacement in sight.

    08/12/202027 CommentsVideo
  1. Lower Saxony Study Institute for Municipal Administration, Hanover
  2. Goldbeck GmbH, Bielefeld, Leipzig, Monheim am Rhein, Hirschberg an der Bergstrasse, Treuen
  3. H-O-T hardness and surface technology GmbH & Co. KG, Nuremberg
  4. ENKO Software GmbH & Co. KG, Föhren near Trier, Germany-wide (home office)

  1. In addition to Halo Infinite, Microsoft is probably planning further changes to the business model of the games division.

    08/03/20207 CommentsVideo
  2. After about a week full of malice because of the graphics of Halo Infinite, the developers comment on it - plus information about co-op and split screen.

    07/31/202030 CommentsVideo
  3. At a press conference, the Halo Infinite developers revealed a few more details about the game and the world.

    07/23/202040 CommentsVideo
  4. In addition to the imposing Halo Infinite, there will also be Stalker 2, a new Fable and a surprise from Rare for the Xbox Series X.

    07/23/202018 CommentsVideo
  5. What else happened on July 15th, 2020 in addition to the big news, in a nutshell.

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  1. Microsoft is bringing Part Two of Halo back to the PC - and yes, the Master Chief doesn't need Windows Vista.

    05/06/20203 CommentsVideo
  2. From Assassin's Creed to Uncharted: has suggestions as to which games you should now play through on PS4 and Xbox One.
    By Peter Steinlechner

    04/10/202088 CommentsVideo
  3. GDC 2020 What actually happens in matchmaking? Josh Menke of 343 Industries revealed some of the secrets based on Halo 5.

    03/18/202010 CommentsVideo
  1. So far, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary was only available for Xbox consoles, now Microsoft has released the shooter as part of the Master Chief Collection for Windows PC as well. The graphics are much better than the original and, unlike Halo Reach, the sound doesn't cause any problems.

    04.03.20200 CommentsVideo
  2. The action game Halo Infinite will be the first model game for the Xbox Series X, but will also appear for the current console and Windows PC. According to a high-ranking Microsoft manager, there are no other exclusive games planned for the new hardware for the time being.

    01/11/202046 CommentsVideo
  3. Golem retro_ What would the Xbox be without the faceless green Master Chief and his AI comrade on his mind? Halo revolutionized console shooters back in 2001 and is still influencing various games today. We look back on a classic that launched an entire franchise.
    By Oliver Nickel

    16.12.201944 CommentsVideo
  1. Microsoft has released Halo Reach for Windows PC, the first part of the Master Chief Collection. The action game has been ported to the Slipspace engine, but is still struggling with sound problems - many fans are also bothered by the fact that there is no real options menu.

    04.12.2019 25 CommentsVideo
  2. The departure of superstar Ninja has apparently not harmed Twitch in the long term: The company belonging to Amazon has further increased its market share in the games sector compared to Youtube, Facebook and Mixer.

    07.10.201916 CommentsVideo
  3. Gamescom 2019 A thickly armored hero on the hover companion plus up to four foot soldiers who can be given orders: That is the idea behind Disintegration. tried the action game.
    By Peter Steinlechner

    08/21/20194 CommentsVideo
  1. More viewers than last on Twitch, already around 650,000 subscribers: The supposed million dollar switch from Tyler "Ninja" Blevins to Mixer could be worthwhile for Microsoft in the long term after a strong debut.

    05.08.201933 CommentsVideo
  2. Bye Twitch: The influencer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, who is best known for streams from Fortnite, is now streaming on Mixer, the video portal belonging to Microsoft. Maybe ninja will take care of Halo there too.

    08/02/201997 CommentsVideo
  3. The Microsoft development studio 343 Industries wanted to test the workflows and internal processes with the first test phase of the PC version of Halo Reach. Weaknesses were noticed: The test version has reached the network, the manufacturer threatens to permanently block it.

    07/01/2019 25 CommentsVideo
  1. The first Early Access game session for the Master Chief Collection is scheduled to begin in the next few days via the Halo Insider Program. In addition to a Halo Insider account, you need one on Valves Steam.

    23.06.201919 CommentsVideo
  2. Similar to other Insider programs, the game development studio 343 Industries is also starting such a project. Halo Insiders get access to early trials and are supposed to give direct feedback to the developers.

    03/19/20192 CommentsVideo
  3. Many PC gamers have been waiting for this: Microsoft has now announced that, apart from the last series part (Guardians), all Halo for Windows will be released. There is also good news for owners of the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One.

    03/13/2019 25 CommentsVideo
  4. Will Halo Infinite appear as a dual release for Xbox One and Windows 10 as part of Play Anywhere? There are currently discussions in the community around this question - which also have to do with the next console from Microsoft.

    07/24/20187 CommentsVideo
  5. E3 2018 Three new games based on Gears, a new Halo, plus the first trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 and other surprises: Microsoft has big plans for the Xbox - and is investing in studio purchases and foundations. Development of the next console has also started.

    06/11/201851 CommentsVideo
  6. A multiplayer mod based on Halo Online was too successful: Microsoft has become aware of the project - and demands that the program files are no longer used. At the same time, the company is promising new Halo content for PC gamers.

    04/26/201814 CommentsVideo
  7. On the side with a tweet, Aaron Greenbeg - Head of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft - announced a fundamental innovation in the Xbox Game Pass: The offer now also grants access to a range of PC games as a monthly subscription for ten euros.

    01/25/20189 CommentsVideo
  8. Microsoft is upgrading the Game Pass, which costs around 10 euros a month: From now on, players will also have access to brand new Xbox games. According to the manufacturer, this also applies to new productions from large series such as Halo, Forza and Gears of War.

    01/24/20186 CommentsVideo
  9. 343 Industries has prepared something special for Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality: Halo Recruit is a - rather short - excursion to the Ringwelten. The developers promise meetings with iconic characters and weapons.

    05/10/20173 CommentsVideo
  10. The Finnish company Wärtsilä has developed a wireless charging system for electric ships. It is being tested on a hybrid-powered ferry in Norway.

  11. Microsoft is still keeping a low profile when it comes to plans for augmented and virtual reality on Windows 10 and the Xbox One X. Apparently, the manufacturer's studios are working on content - it should also be about gaming.

    07/18/20170 CommentsVideo
  12. The fan project Installation 01 is supposed to offer the best elements from the multiplayer modes of Halo 2 and 3 plus own ideas and content. Now the Microsoft development team has received some kind of approval - under a few conditions.

  13. The world of Halo meets epic real-time strategy in the style of Command & Conquer: Halo Wars 2 offers great entertainment on Xbox One and Windows PC - and a new mode that even opponents of trading cards should give a chance to.

    02/20/201771 CommentsVideo
  14. The war between humanity and the Banished goes into the next round - or rather: into the next real-time battle. The strategy game Halo Wars 2 was more fun than expected when playing the campaign and multiplayer mode. If you want to go to the front yourself: the beta starts tomorrow.

    01/19/20178 CommentsVideo
  15. With a free update from Microsoft, some parts of Halo 5 are now also available on PCs with Windows 10. In addition to the Forge editor, the bundle includes some arena battles in multiplayer mode with up to 16 participants.

    09.09.2016 commentsVideo
  16. E3 2016John Carmack plays a virtual reality version of Minecraft, the PC version is included in console games (or vice versa). Above all, Microsoft confirmed the rumors about a smaller Xbox One and a particularly powerful Xbox Scorpio at its press conference.
    By Peter Steinlechner

    06/13/2016 110 CommentsVideo
  17. Before the end of 2016, Microsoft plans to release the Halo 5 level editor for Windows 10 as well. At the same time, the developers suggest that players can expect more - by that they could mean the whole game.

    05/20/201612 CommentsVideo
  18. Halo 5 can also be streamed to a virtual monitor with Hololens - a Microsoft developer shows this in an impressive video. At the same time, the company announces a collaboration with Autodesk.

    02.12.201545 CommentsVideo
  19. The Master Chief is a traitor, well-known alien gadfly monsters and their heavy brothers attack again: In Halo 5 Guardians, a galactic war rages again - in which the armies on both sides are often faced with problems due to small items such as insufficient ammunition magazines.
    By Peter Steinlechner

    27.10.201583 CommentsVideo
  20. Create your own multiplayer maps together with others using the controller: The forge is traditionally one of Halo's strengths. Now the developers are introducing the new editor, which will be available shortly after the release of Halo 5 Guardians.

    07.10.2015 CommentsVideo
  21. 343 Industries is still busy programming the completion of the next official part of the Halo saga with the number 5. We have alluded to the solo campaign as well as the multiplayer modes Arena and Warzone.
    By Michael Wieczorek

    28.09.201518 CommentsVideo
  22. Gamescom 2015 The Xbox One becomes a digital video recorder and gets Windows 10: Microsoft has presented its plans for console and PC gamers - and announced a new strategy game based on Halo that is being developed by the Total War makers.

    08/04/201589 CommentsVideo
  23. Those who do not have a high status in online games insult female players more often than successful members of the community: This is what scientists want to have found out while observing matches in Halo 3.

    07/21/2015 175 CommentsVideo
  24. E3 2015 The unusual action game For Honor and Dinosaurs by Crytek as a virtual reality adventure: These are some of the challenges that the editorial team had to face at the E3 game fair.

    06/18/20157 CommentsVideo
  25. E3 2015 News from Nintendo, gameplay from Deus Ex and a range of PC games were available on the second day of the fair. In the video review, we also explain what the Hololens has to do with Halo.

    17.06.201510 CommentsVideo
  26. E3 2015 Some old favorite games from the Xbox 360 will also run on the Xbox One in the future - natively, says Microsoft. In addition to many new games such as Halo 5 and Gears of War 4, the company amazed at its press conference above all with a holographic Minecraft.

    06/15/2015 125 CommentsVideo
  27. A new trailer shows the Master Chief as the hunted, another shows him as a hunter: Microsoft gives a first real insight into the plot of Halo 5 Guardians, which should appear at the end of October. Another legendary game hero may not be allowed to compete in 2015.

    03/30/20158 CommentsVideo
  28. It should only appear for PCs and be free-to-play: Microsoft is working on Halo Online with two Russian development studios. It could very well be that the action game will later appear in western markets as well.

    03/26/20150 CommentsVideo
  1. Test Halo Master Chief Collection
    Full of fun in the action museum

    The Halo Master Chief Collection offers four, partly graphically refurbished, adventures, plus over 100 multiplayer maps and sorting and search functions for the entire galactic war. Other publishers should take a look at the collection - and use it as a model for new editions.

  2. Test Halo Spartan Assault
    The Halo Universe on the touchscreen

    The new Halo series offshoot is called Spartan Assault and is not available for the Xbox 360, but exclusively for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The game is very straightforward - at least for everyone who has a touchscreen.

  3. Old hero in new splendor

    Woke up: more than four years of cryosleep is more than enough for a warrior like the Master Chief. In Halo 4 he saves mankind again - a lot of fun thanks to the great staging and beautiful graphics.

  4. The old Master Chief with new graphics

    The magnificent ring world, the mysterious hero, the funny cackling aliens: Halo Combat Evolved is one of the classics of the action genre. For the tenth anniversary, Microsoft is now releasing a new edition for the Xbox 360 with modern graphics and fresh multiplayer content.

  5. There is no victory and no Master Chief beckoning - nevertheless, Bungie has developed a crowning glory for its action series with Halo Reach. The player ends up with a squad of elite soldiers in the middle of a dark campaign against the alien hordes of the Alliance.

  6. Playtest: Halo Wars - Age Of Halo for Xbox 360

    Fire break for the Master Chief: After three successful and successful first-person shooters, the Halo series tries its hand at real-time strategy for the first time. And thus impressively proves that the genre, which is otherwise traditional on PCs, can also work on consoles.

  7. Game test: Halo 3 - Shooter business as usual?

    No Xbox 360 game will have been expected so eagerly in 2007 as Halo 3 - the two predecessors were ultimately extremely good arguments to get an Xbox, with Halo 3 the sales of the Xbox 360 should now be boosted. Microsoft and the developer Bungie hardly have to worry about the sales figures of the game thanks to the huge amount of advertising they have given in advance; However, there should still be a few disappointed faces.

  8. Playtest: Halo 2 - Yesterday's Vista Shooter

    When Microsoft announced in early 2006 that it would publish the PC version of the successful Xbox shooter Halo 2 exclusively for Windows Vista, this caused a lot of displeasure among PC gamers. The title, which has now finally been completed, makes Microsoft's release policy seem even more incomprehensible - because Halo 2 is a lot, but certainly not a good reason to switch to a new Windows.

  9. Play test: Halo 2 - fantastic action shooter

    Almost every Xbox owner should have marked November 11, 2004 in red on their calendar - since that day, Halo 2, the sequel to one of the best and best-selling console games of all time, has been available. And the anticipation wasn't in vain: Halo 2 also has to offer everything that distinguished its predecessor - and a lot more besides.

  10. Game test: Halo - Xbox shooter finally available for PC

    After the first-person shooter Halo was published as a launch title for the Xbox two years ago and has meanwhile sold over three million times for the console, the implementation for the PC is finally ready. In terms of content, it has the same qualities as its Xbox counterpart, but leaves a few questions unanswered from a technical point of view.

  1. Google throws Quickoffice out of the Play Store

    Google wants to ban the office app Quickoffice from the Play Store in the coming weeks. The Android app will still be usable afterwards, but will no longer be maintained.
    (Play Store)

  2. Nationwide outages at DSL customers

    1 & 1 DSL customers have been reporting nationwide outages since midnight. There are problems with the infrastructure of the partner Vodafone, reports the customer service of 1 & 1.

  3. Outlook 2013 without .xls and .doc

    Microsoft's Outlook 2013 will get rid of some legacy issues. This also includes the old Word and Excel file formats .doc and .xls.
    (Outlook 2013)

  4. HTC didn't want to build the Nexus 7 for Google

    HTC has turned down a collaboration with Google on the Nexus 7. Now the manufacturer regrets the decision and wants to build its own tablet with Pegatron.
    (Nexus 7)

  5. Tomtom navigation device with improved voice control

    The two Tomtom navigation devices Via 130 and 135 can be operated with full sentences. As a result, the driver should be less distracted from operating the navigation device and should be able to concentrate better on road traffic.
    (Tomtom Via 135)

  6. LTE on the smartphone costs 10 euros more per month

    On the occasion of the presentation of the first LTE smartphone for Germany, Vodafone announced special smartphone tariffs for LTE use. For LTE use, Vodafone charges a flat rate of 10 euros more per month.
    (Vodafone Lte)

  7. Get the iPhone 3G back on the road

    Apple has a problem. Disgruntled customers want to go back to their old iPhone OS 3.x.At least with the iPhone 3G, it is worth downgrading from iOS4, because only then will the Apple smartphone be usable again.
    (Iphone3 operating system)

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