Why do so many huskies have heterochromia

How iris heterochromia develops - different Eye colors

Have you ever met someone who has two different colored eyes? Experts refer to this phenomenon as iris heterochromia.

How iris heterochromia develops - different eye colors

A person's eye color is genetically determined. Depending on the amount of melanin contained in the iris, also called the iris, its color falls out. Melanin is a yellowish to reddish or brown to black endogenous pigment that not only causes the eyes to color but also the hair and skin.

In the eye, less melanin results in a blue coloration of the iris, while more melanin results in a brown coloration. With two different eye colors, the deposits of the dye in the respective eye are therefore different.

Iris heterochromia and different eye colors - What forms are there?


  • Complete iris heterochromia

Iris heterochromia can be divided into three main forms:

On the one hand, there is complete heterochromia, in which both eyes are completely different in color.

In the other two cases, the iris itself is two-colored. One color is usually dominant, while the other is in the background or only covers a small area of ​​the iris. This variant is found more often and is also known as "Iris bicolor" among ophthalmologists.


  • Sectoral iris heterochromia

In sectorial iris heterochromia, only part of the iris is colored differently than all of the rest.



  • Central iris heterochromia

The central iris heterochromia forms a narrow ring directly on the pupil in a color that is different from the rest of the eye.

Overall, around 1% of the world's population has two or more different colors in the eyes. However, this phenomenon does not only occur in humans, certain types of dogs and cats are also affected.

The eyesight of the affected organism is not restricted by iris heterochromia, but in rare cases the appearance can indicate a disease. This can lead to iris inflammation, which can develop into cataracts, but which can usually be surgically removed.