Do children need a fishing license

Fishing for children and teenagers

Under 9 years

Children who have not yet reached the age of 9 may, to a very limited extent, be involved in the fishing of an adult angler. A child under 9 years of age cannot obtain a permit and youth fishing license. However, the adult angler with whom the child is fishing must have a valid fishing license and permit for the water.
The child under 9 years of age is allowed do not have your own fishing rod, but cast out the adult angler's rod and drill under supervision. Under no circumstances should it bait a live fish and stun or kill it. The adult angler with whom the child is fishing must be a person with full authority over the child. She must be able to intervene at any time and must not move away from the fishing spot.

From 9 to 16 years of age

The young person must have a youth fishing license and a permit for the respective body of water.
The youth fishing license holder is only allowed to fish under the constant supervision of an adult who must have a valid fishing license. The supervisor only needs a permit if they practice fishing themselves.
If the youth fishing license holder can be shown to have been a member of an angling club for at least one year, there is no permanent supervision by an adult angler.

From 14 or 16 years of age

From the age of 14, a young person can take the state fishing test as a certificate of competence and receive a fishing license after passing the test. With the additional requirement of a valid permit or other usage authorization for the respective fishing water, he can fish alone without the supervision of an adult.

From the age of 16, a fishing license is compulsory, so that a young person can only fish under the supervision of an adult angler if he has passed the fishing test as proof of competence and has acquired a fishing license. Therefore, you should think about participating in a preparatory course with a subsequent fishing exam in good time. The anglers' associations can provide information on this.