How is S3 implemented by AWS

Posted on: Apr 9, 2021

We're excited to announce the addition of Amazon S3 Glacier Re: Freezer to the AWS Solutions Implementations portfolio. AWS solution implementations help you solve common problems and develop solutions faster using the AWS platform.

Amazon S3 Glacier Re: Freezer is a serverless solution that automatically copies entire Amazon S3 Glacier data storage archives to a defined Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) target bucket and S3 storage class. The solution automates the streamlined restore, copy and transfer process and has a preconfigured Amazon CloudWatch dashboard where you can track the progress of the copy process. With this solution, you can seamlessly copy your S3 Glacier data storage archives to multiple low-cost storage locations, such as the Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage class.

When you copy your Amazon Glacier data storage content to the S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage class, you combine the low cost and high availability of the S3 Glacier Deep Archive with the familiar Amazon S3 user and application experience that is clear and easy to use Provides access to data. After your archives have been saved as objects in your Amazon S3 bucket, you can add tags to your data to enable things like detailed data cost allocation.

Additional AWS Solution Implementations are available on the AWS Solution Implementations website. There you can browse technical reference implementations that have been reviewed by AWS architects and that provide detailed architecture and deployment guidance to enable faster development to solve common problems.