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Stretch Stretch Yawn - Eye Exercises and Vision Exercises

Stretching, stretching, yawning

This exercise is part of the preparatory basic program of eye training and holistic vision training.

In order to vitalize the eyes and for a good visual result, the circulation must, among other things, be in swing in order to supply the eyes and the visual center in the brain with sufficient oxygen via the bloodstream. In addition, this exercise loosens the shoulder and neck area, the facial muscles and improves the flow of tears and the supply of the eyes.

As with all exercises from holistic eye training, breathing is important!


1. Stand as loosely and straight as possible and look straight ahead (without visual aid) in a relaxed manner.

2. Extend your right arm up while looking at your fingers. Imagine there is something hanging right above you, just a little too high to be able to reach without reaching out. Reach for it.

3. While reaching straight up with your right arm outstretched, lift your left heel a little at the same time. This will stretch the entire right half of your body.

4. Breathe in deeply through your mouth with your chest stretched wide.

5. You will probably feel the need to yawn deeply by now. So yawn as hard as you can now. You can squint or close your eyes and grimace your face.

6. Do not only breathe out forcefully, but also loudly. When you breathe out, yawning, make sounds as you like it or as it "comes out" of you. Let yourself go while yawning with pleasure.

7. Now lower your right arm while following your fingers with your gaze.

8. Raise your left arm up, fingers outstretched again, looking at your fingertips, grabbing something hanging directly above you, and lifting your right heel up a little. Take a deep breath and yawn vigorously and loudly. Alternate grasping with your right and left arm a few times.

9. Do this exercise 3-5 times alternately with the right and left halves of the body. Then leave it to your body to decide how and where else it might want to stretch and stretch. Feel into your body and simply follow your body sensation.

10. At the end, take a relaxed look in front of you. Feel within yourself and determine and observe how you feel now.


The circulation is stimulated the breathing deepens the muscles are relaxed and relaxed.

The yawn Taken alone it is very good for the eyes and eyesight:

1. Yawning relaxes all facial muscles and also the muscles of the eyes or around the eyes.
2. Yawning increases the supply of oxygen to the brain (visual center) and eyes within a few seconds
3. Yawning stimulates tear production and the flow of tears, moisturizes the cornea and thus helps to flush out small dust and dirt particles better and faster.

The whole body is prepared for activity. It is therefore beneficial to begin holistic vision training and eye training with such an exercise before more specific exercises follow.

This was the exercise
1. Stretching and stretching

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