What are some celebrities who have scars

More than 20 stars with one blemish

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Celebrities are admired by fans, but like everyone else, they have small physical flaws. See here which blemishes the stars are hiding!

Even if it looks like this on the red carpets: Even the biggest stars are not perfect. Like us, they also have one or two flaws. From severed fingers to scars to webbed feet and four nipples - in our photo series we have compiled curious, lovable and unique blemishes. For example the flaw of the actor Forest Whitaker: He suffers from a hereditary disease called ptosis. The actor has a "lazy eye" because the upper eyelid is paralyzed and therefore hangs down. But that doesn't make it any less attractive: We say yes to body positivity, whether it's acne or stretch marks.

Daryl Hannah lost part of her index finger in an accident at the age of 3
Since he caught the rare disease lupus erythemateux, the singer Seal has distinctive scars on his face
Because of a birth defect called brachydactyly, Megan Fox has very short thumbs with long nails
Padma Lakshmi, ex-presenter at Top Chef, has a scar on her right forearm. It is the result of a car accident she suffered when she was 14 years old.
Titre photo: Oprah Winfrey has six toes on his left foot
A protruding bone is responsible for this anomaly in the talk show icon.
Harry Styles from One Direction doesn't have two nipples, but four!
Stephen Colbert's right ear is pointed in shape. It is the result of an ear cancer that he had when he was 10 years old. To this day he is deaf in the ear.
Kate Bosworth also has different eye colors: one is brown, one is blue
Matthew Perry lost part of his middle finger on his right hand. When he was a child, the finger was stuck in a door.
Vince Vaughn's right hand is compromised
Forest Whitaker has an inherited condition called ptosis. The actor has a "sluggish eye" because the muscles that go with it are weak
In an accident, the actor lost the outside of his thumb
Basketball player Shawn Marion broke his finger several times. It has been bent since then
Mila Kunis has one green and one brown eye. The reason: an inflammation of the iris
Ashton Kutcher's left foot is webbed
Denzel Washington broke the little finger on his right hand
The actor's finger has been bent since the accident in which it happened
Model Winnie Harlow suffers from vitiligo, a skin disease
Singer Vanessa Paradis is open to her tooth gap
Sandra Bullock has a scar below her left eyebrow. As a child, she fell on a stone while playing
Michael K. Williams got his scar from a brawl
Madonna also shows courage for the gap
Model Stefanie Giesinger is open about her illness
A long scar adorns her stomach

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