What is a bottleneck in the computer

Chip bottleneck: US President makes topic a top priority

Will there be more PlayStation 5 soon thanks to US President Biden? Until possible measures really take effect, the PlayStation 6 will probably already be on the cards.

The corona pandemic in combination with many new releases in the world of technology shows impressively: If there is an increased demand, there are serious bottlenecks. Thanks to the enormous increase in work in the home office, the need for computers and peripherals has increased significantly, but at the same time technology such as smartphones, the latest graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia and, last but not least, consoles such as the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 require fresh hardware. So much that suppliers like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) simply cannot keep up. Many potential buyers are already feeling the effects. In order to better cope with such situations in the future, the US government is now intervening.

SIA calls for more incentives and funding

The administration of incumbent US President Joe Biden is looking for a solution to the current hurdles, according to the media report. Problem: The USA is not as strongly represented in the semiconductor market as, for example, many suppliers from Asia. So what to do At least the US semiconductor lobby Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has a clear opinion on this. The trade association, which includes Nvidia, Qualcomm, AMD, IBM and Intel, is hoping for more financial support from the US government. SIA would like, among other things, "incentives for semiconductor production in the form of grants and / or tax credits", and plans are also being made with more money in applied semiconductor research. In the opinion of the SIA, all of these points should flow into the coming US economic stimulus package. It is unclear whether President Biden and his administration will get involved.

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