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Coronavirus news: Munich incidence increased to 51.5

The pathogen Sars-CoV-2, which can trigger the disease Covid-19, has been taking drastic measures in Munich, Bavaria and Germany for months. In our news blog we inform you about the current corona developments in Munich and Bavaria.

Corona news from May 21, 2021

There will probably not be any further easing for the time being. During the night in Munich, the RKI reported that the incidence value for Munich had risen further - and is now above the important threshold of 50. According to the Robert Koch Institute in Munich, the seven-day incidence is now 51.5 and thus 3.9 points more than Thursday.

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Corona news from May 20, 2021

+++ vaccination jam in Munich: crisis team exercises criticism +++

Munich cannot keep up with vaccination: As Wolfgang Schäuble, head of the city crisis team, announced to the city council on Thursday, there are currently 130,000 people on the waiting list for the Riem vaccination center alone. Around 50,000 vaccinations could be administered there per week - but due to the lack of vaccination doses, there are currently just under 31,000.

On Thursday, Schäuble criticized the government's "announcement policy", which aroused false expectations among citizens. According to the head of the crisis team, the vaccination centers and general practitioners came under massive pressure. "We will not be able to cope with the onslaught," says health officer Beatrix Zurek (SPD).

+++ Corona ads against Söder deal with the public prosecutor +++

Advertisements from opponents of the Corona measures against Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) employ the Munich I public prosecutor's office. Around 200 reports have already been received against high-ranking Bavarian politicians, most of them against Söder, said the public prosecutor's office, Juliane Grotz, on Thursday in Munich.

The advertisements indicate that the state government's duty to wear a mask in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus is bodily harm. The investigations would be stopped quickly, stressed authority head Hans Kornprobst. Because the allegations are "far away" from recognizable criminal offenses. "Constructing bodily harm out of the mask requirement is simply too far-fetched." But the flood of ads still makes work.

+++ In Bavaria's vaccination centers, prioritization rules apply even longer +++

In Bavaria's corona vaccination centers, appointments are made at least until the beginning of June according to the prioritization rules of the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko). The state government is still looking at the development of vaccinations and will decide on how to proceed in the next two weeks, said Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) on Thursday in the state parliament in Munich. The general practitioners and specialists in the Free State have been able to administer the means to protect against the coronavirus to those willing to vaccinate, regardless of the vaccination sequence, since this Thursday.

+++ General practitioners start with corona vaccination without prioritization +++

In Bavaria, general practitioners and specialists are allowed to vaccinate against the coronavirus from this Thursday, regardless of the vaccination sequence. Nevertheless, it will take a while before everyone who is interested has their turn, because the vaccine requirement is still well above the delivery quantities. The Bavarian vaccination centers are therefore even suspending initial vaccinations almost completely until June 7th. Because the existing doses are largely used for the upcoming second vaccinations.

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+++ Munich incidence is increasing slightly +++

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Munich, the seven-day incidence is 47.6, 0.3 points more than on Wednesday. However, the threshold value of 50, from which further easing is possible, remains below the threshold.

Corona news from May 19, 2021

+++ districts demand regionally fair vaccinations by doctors +++

From the point of view of the Bavarian District Assembly, the number of vaccinations given by doctors should also be measured against the regional population. The distribution of the vaccines to the vaccination centers in the districts and urban districts is appropriate for residents, says President Bernreiter. However, since the general practitioners and specialists have also been vaccinated, there have been major shifts.

However, areas with a low density of doctors would be disadvantaged. At the same time, doses that are not retrieved due to unmanned practices, for example, cannot be transferred to the vaccination centers due to the responsibilities, according to Bernreiter.

+++ Mask requirement in the Bavarian state parliament extended +++

Despite the corona numbers, which have fallen sharply in Munich, the mask requirement in the Bavarian state parliament applies at least until the end of July. "Even if the number of new infections with the coronavirus is happily falling and more people are vaccinated: We must not jeopardize this success in fighting pandemics," said Landtag President Ilse Aigner (CSU) on Wednesday in Munich. A quarantine of the parliament must be avoided "under all circumstances", which is why the current regulation has been extended on the advice of experts.

The mask regulation in the state parliament also provides for at least one medical mouth and nose protection in the plenary hall. The mask may only be removed from the lectern. Anyone moving through the building must wear an FFP2 mask. People who are exempt from wearing mouth and nose protection by a certificate may only participate in the meetings or enter the building with a current negative Corona test.

+++ For the time being hardly any first vaccinations in Bavaria +++

In the Bavarian vaccination centers there will be hardly any initial vaccinations for the next few weeks. The reason is the large number of second vaccinations that are now pending and have priority. Read more about this here.

+++ RKI reports Munich incidence below 50 +++

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports 47.3 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days: This would mean the incidence would be below the 50 limit value. But again, the jump from yesterday's value to today seems to be relatively large. On Tuesday there was initially an incorrect value due to a small data breach. The city has yet to confirm the current incidence.

+++ Söder: Continue vaccinating with mobile teams +++

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder wants the work of the vaccination centers to focus heavily on outdoor use after the prioritization has been lifted in order to reach broad sections of the population. The vaccination centers would now be important to vaccinate strategically, said the CSU chairman of the "Augsburger Allgemeine".

Mobile teams could vaccinate entire companies through company doctors. "Then the graduating classes should be vaccinated in schools in June and maybe even before the summer holidays pupils from the age of twelve, as soon as the vaccines are approved."

There should also be specific vaccination offers in parts of the city where many people with a migration background live and there are still reservations about the vaccination, said Söder. "We also have to go unconventional ways. Why don't we also offer a vaccination day in the vicinity of a mosque or a cultural association?" He added.

Corona news from May 18, 2021

+++ Reiter: For the time being, hardly any initial vaccinations in the vaccination center +++

At the Munich vaccination center at the fair, there will be hardly any or no initial vaccinations against the corona virus for the time being - but there was no mention of a stop as in other regions of Bavaria. Munich's Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) said on Tuesday that his health department had been informed that the vaccination center would hardly be able to carry out first vaccinations in the next few weeks so that enough vaccine would be available for second vaccinations.

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"That is not the strategy that I have in mind, and it does not fulfill what we municipalities have been promised time and again from month to month," explained Reiter. In his statement, Reiter criticizes Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), who announced that he would like to lift the vaccination prioritization on June 7th.

+++ Ministry of Health: No stop of first vaccination +++

In view of the increased need for vaccines from Biontech and Moderna for secondary vaccinations, there is confusion when dealing with primary vaccinations. From the district offices in Bayreuth and Bamberg it was said on Tuesday evening that they had been instructed to stop the first vaccinations with these vaccines and only carry out second vaccinations. The Ministry of Health contradicted: There were no instructions to stop the first vaccinations completely, it said in the evening.

However, it had been informed about the high number of second vaccinations that were now required. In addition, a ministry spokesman pointed out that the influence of the now necessary second vaccination with an mRNA vaccine after a first AstraZeneca vaccination on the amount of vaccination available for primary vaccinations is currently being observed.

The Bayreuth district office had previously announced that the ministry had informed the heads of the Bavarian vaccination centers that from Wednesday all available vaccines from Biontech and Moderna would only be used for second vaccinations. Similar information also came from the Bamberg district: Without warning, the vaccination centers were instructed to only carry out second vaccinations from Wednesday and to cancel all planned first vaccinations.

+++ Planegg high school cancels student vaccination campaign +++

After the fuss about a vaccination campaign for students at the grammar school in Planegg, the appointment planned for Friday has now been canceled. The group practice withdrew its offer to vaccinate the young people due to the public discussion, announced the high school in the Munich district on Tuesday evening. "We regret that, but can understand the decision," said headmaster Matthias Spohrer. Read more here.

+++ Bavaria opens fitness studios and outdoor pools +++

People in Bavaria will soon be able to go to the theater and the sports stadium again - at least in the open air. The cabinet on Tuesday cleared the way for outdoor theater and cinema screenings from this Friday (May 21) on, which, in compliance with hygiene regulations and a seven-day incidence of less than 100 in the respective region, in front of up to 250 spectators may be played.

If the incidence is stable below 50, the otherwise mandatory test is no longer required, the Council of Ministers decided at its meeting on Tuesday in Munich. The same spectator regulation applies to sporting events in open-air stadiums, said Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU). Gyms are also likely to reopen if the incidence is below 100. With the exception of those who do sports themselves, visitors have to wear FFP2 masks and submit a negative test. "Click & Fit then applies," said Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU).

Amateur ensembles are allowed to come together again from Friday at least for rehearsals. Outdoor swimming pools are also allowed to open, but only allow a limited number of visitors depending on the space available. If the incidence is between 50 and 100, a negative corona test is necessary in addition to booking an appointment; if the incidence is below 50, the test is not required in this case either.

+++ Bavaria wants to allow trade fairs again in time for the IAA +++

Bavaria is setting the course for the IAA. By September at the latest, trade fairs should be possible again in the Free State, provided that the infection rate continues to develop positively, as the State Chancellery announced on Tuesday. Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) said after a meeting of the cabinet that he had the hope "that an IAA with a hygiene protection concept is possible". The International Motor Show is scheduled to take place in Munich in September.

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+++ If the incidence is below 50 after Whitsun, classroom instruction for everyone +++

In Bavarian regions with a stable seven-day incidence below 50, after the Whitsun holidays, pupils from all types of schools should have classroom lessons again - with compulsory tests and masks. This was announced by Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) after a cabinet meeting in Munich on Tuesday. In rural districts and urban districts with values ​​between 50 and 165, there will only be alternating lessons even after June 7th.

+++ Austria offers free tests for vacationers +++

From next week, Austria will also be offering free corona tests for foreign guests in order to stimulate tourism. Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger (ÖVP) said in Vienna on Tuesday that this option will exist in public test streets, pharmacies or directly in the hotel or inn.

Every host, every hotel, every business can offer self-tests for guests. This should also enable spontaneous restaurant visits. In this case, the on-site test is only valid for the duration of the stay in the restaurant. "It is up to the local operator to decide whether to offer these tests," said Köstinger.

+++ Holetschek defends the end of vaccination prioritization +++

The chairman of the conference of health ministers, Klaus Holetschek (CSU), described the lifting of the corona vaccination prioritization as "correct and important". The Bavarian Minister of Health said on Tuesday in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin” newspaper that it was good to give doctors' practices more flexibility and thus to increase the vaccination rate. In Bavaria, for example, the vaccination centers are "already well into priority three" and the doctors' surgeries are also signaling that vaccination is progressing accordingly.

Regarding the possibility of abolishing the specified sequence in vaccination centers from June 7th, the federal states are "still different in their opinion-making". Holetschek emphasized: "Not everything will work immediately and not everyone will get a vaccination right away." People's expectations must be clearly controlled.

+++ Seven-day incidence in Munich not below 50 +++

The seven-day incidence for Munich is not less than 50! The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) initially gave a value of 46.2 on Tuesday. The RKI later corrected the value to 53.8. The reason for this was probably a transmission error.

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+++ Vaccination offer for schoolchildren until the end of the holidays - high school starts +++

At a grammar school in the Munich suburb of Planegg, schoolchildren aged 16 and over can be vaccinated against the coronavirus on Friday. A private practice offered this to the school at short notice, said the headmaster Matthias Spohrer on Monday in Planegg. The Biontech vaccination doses were regularly allocated to the doctors. All prioritized patients in the practice have already been vaccinated.

Bavaria's Minister of Health, Klaus Holetschek (CSU), announced in the "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Tuesday) preparations to offer all students from the age of twelve a corona vaccination by the end of the summer holidays and to ensure classroom teaching in the coming school year. There are around 835,000 students between the ages of 12 and 18 in Bavaria.

Corona news from May 17, 2021

+++ Holetschek: vaccination prioritization in practices canceled from Thursday +++

Bavaria's family doctors are allowed to vaccinate patients with all corona vaccines from this Thursday (May 20), regardless of the vaccination sequence. Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) named this date on Monday. Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced the end of the prioritization last Wednesday for this week, but initially did not give a specific date.

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+++ Outpatient clinic for children with long-term corona consequences +++

More and more children and adolescents are suffering from the long-term effects of Corona - even if the infection is usually mild or even symptom-free. Bavaria's first special ambulance for children and young people affected by "Long Covid" is currently being built in Munich. Read more about this here.

+++ Munich incidence is increasing slightly +++

The Robert Koch Institute reported a slightly increased seven-day incidence of 54.3 for the Bavarian capital on Monday. The value for all of Bavaria is 82.8.

Corona news from May 16, 2021

+++ Police want to control the mask requirement in Munich's pedestrian zone more closely +++

The Munich police are again increasingly registering violations of the mask requirement in the city center. "We have to find that the discipline is waning here," the officials write on Twitter on Sunday. In the future, therefore, there will be more checks and violations will be punished consistently.

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Between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., a mask is required in many parts of Munich city center. Signs indicate this in all locations.Most recently, the police have also increasingly disbanded corona parties.

+++ Willingness to vaccinate increased significantly +++

According to a YouGov survey, the willingness to vaccinate has increased significantly since the start of the vaccination campaign in Germany almost five months ago: Almost three quarters of Germans over the age of 18 want to be vaccinated. 36 percent of those questioned have already had themselves vaccinated at least once, and another 38 percent intend to do so. Together that's 74 percent.

Shortly before the start of the vaccination campaign on December 27, only 65 percent had decided in favor of a vaccination. More than 30 million people in Germany have already received their first corona vaccination.

+++ Hotel openings in Bavaria: Germans are still divided +++

Shortly before Pentecost, further opening steps for the hotels are to follow in Bavaria. But the Germans are still divided on the question of opening hotels, guest houses or holiday apartments. According to a survey by the opinion research institute YouGov on behalf of the German Press Agency, 43 percent are in favor of immediately opening accommodation establishments nationwide, regardless of the number of corona infections, under certain conditions such as testing obligations. On the other hand, 31 percent believe that hotel openings should be made dependent on the number of infections in the respective regions. 14 percent think the accommodations should remain closed to tourists.

Corona news from May 15, 2021

+++ Ebersberg: 850 people are queuing for a vaccination dose +++

A special vaccination campaign in the district of Ebersberg caused a large crowd on Saturday. Around 10 a.m., around 850 people queued for a dose of vaccine at the Volksfestplatz in the Upper Bavarian city, said a police spokesman. Some people who wanted to be vaccinated had been waiting since 5 a.m. and some had come from distant districts.

"In order to cope with the large crowd, we set up another ten vaccination rooms in the underground car park of the vaccination center on Saturday night," said Brigitte Keller, head of the district's Corona crisis team. Those waiting had behaved "extremely disciplined". "That surprised us all."

At the special vaccination campaign in Ebersberg, 1,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine were available. It was organized by the doctors in private practice in the district.

+++ Spahn: 36.5 percent of the population vaccinated at least once +++

In Germany, more than 30 million people have now received the first vaccination against the coronavirus. 36.5 percent of the population are vaccinated at least once, as Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) announced on Saturday via Twitter.

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More than nine million people, and thus only about 10.9 percent of the population, have already received a second vaccination.

According to Spahn, the relative share of second vaccinations in daily vaccinations will be high by the beginning of June. After that, the proportion of first vaccinations increases again. The vaccination campaign in Germany began at the end of last year. First it was the turn of people over 80, residents of old people's and nursing homes and medical staff. Among other things, chronically ill people with an increased risk of a serious and fatal course are given preference to vaccinate. Several federal states have announced that the vaccination prioritization in medical practices will be lifted for the coming week.

+++ Teachers' Association expects regular operation after the summer holidays +++

The President of the German Teachers' Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, is optimistic that the schools will be able to return to normal classes after the summer vacation. "I expect that the third wave will not be followed by a fourth and that the next school year will be able to start the next school year with continuously falling incidences and further vaccination advances," said Meidinger of "Welt".

At least for the older students there is a real chance of being vaccinated by then. "We also advocate vaccination campaigns in schools in order to create a low-threshold offer for pupils and teachers," emphasized Meidinger. However, this is followed by the question of how school operations can be organized alongside vaccinated and unvaccinated students and teachers.

He firmly expects that there will be a political debate about compulsory vaccination for teachers, said Meidinger. The teachers' association is against compulsory vaccination. In his opinion, however, the state would have the means to do this with civil servants and the corresponding legal regulations.

+++ Four out of five clinic employees vaccinated +++

Four out of five hospital employees in Bavaria are now vaccinated against the corona virus. This was announced by the Ministry of Health in Munich. In the clinics themselves, around 156,000 first and almost 112,000 second vaccinations were administered, and additional staff had injections given in the vaccination centers.

"I also call on the employees who have not yet been vaccinated in the Bavarian clinics to use the vaccination offer," said Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU). He announced that the patients in the hospitals will soon be given a vaccination appointment.

Corona-News from May 14th, 2021

+++ Holetschek insists on a nationwide vaccination pass solution +++

Bavaria's Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) does not want "isolated solutions" in the debate about digital, forgery-proof corona vaccination certificates. "It is necessary that we have the digital vaccination certificate nationwide," he said on Friday when visiting a vaccination center in Ebersberg in Upper Bavaria. "It has to be a nationwide solution." When asked why politicians are only now - almost six months after the start of the first corona vaccinations in Germany - deal with forgery-proof vaccination certificates, he said that the question of relaxation for vaccinated people was "developments that have arisen in recent weeks" be. In addition, one had to wait for guidelines from the European Union. Bavaria wants to put pressure on the federal government: "We can all do better overall."

+++ The Czech Republic recognizes German corona vaccination certificates +++

From this Saturday on, the Czech Republic wants to recognize foreign corona vaccination certificates from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland and Slovakia. Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhanek said in Prague on Friday that this is a transitional solution until the planned digital EU Corona passport is introduced. Germans residing in the Czech Republic and business travelers, among others, benefit from the regulation. For them, the strict test and quarantine requirements do not apply when entering the country. The prerequisite is that the first vaccination was at least 22 days ago.

Tourist trips without a valid reason are still not allowed as things stand. The Czech Republic only allows small border traffic, for example for shopping, if the stay does not last longer than 12 hours. There is no quarantine and test obligation anyway, even for unvaccinated people.

+++ Harsh penalties: Interior Minister Herrmann warns vaccination certificate forgers +++

Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) wants to severely punish the forgery of vaccination cards. "This is not a minor offense, but a forgery of documents," said Herrmann to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Friday edition). At the same time, he sees the federal government and the European Union as having an obligation. "It is high time that an electronic vaccination card that is forgery-proof is available soon," said the CSU politician. "I hope that this will be implemented very quickly at the federal or EU level."

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) has also warned against producing or using forged vaccination cards. This is a criminal offense that can be punished with a heavy fine or imprisonment.

+++ Incidences continue to fall: Bavaria below 100 - Munich just over 50 +++

The seven-day incidence of corona infections in Bavaria fell below 100 for the first time in almost two months on Friday. The Robert Koch Institute stated the number of new infections within one week per 100,000 inhabitants in the Bavaria-wide average with 95.3. Bavaria is thus just below the national average of 96.5.

The incidence is also falling in Munich. According to the RKI, the value is currently 58.8 (as of May 14, 3:10 a.m.). An incidence calculator has even given a specific date when Munich could drop below 50. Read more about this here.

+++ Appointments from citizens cause trouble in Bavaria's vaccination centers +++

Special appointment requests from citizens, especially for the second corona vaccination, are currently causing trouble in many vaccination centers. The authorities have announced that they will not accept if someone simply does not show up for the second vaccination. This can therefore have far-reaching consequences for those affected: According to the Bavarian Ministry of Health, it must even be expected that they will no longer be offered a new date for the second vaccination.

According to the authorities, citizens are asking about postponements for vacation trips and similar reasons. However, these are just as unacceptable as professional appointments. The request for a faster appointment in order to then benefit from privileges with a double vaccination is also rejected

Corona news from May 13th, 2021

+++ City library allows visitors to stay longer +++

From Tuesday (May 18), the Munich City Library will allow you to stay longer than 30 minutes in the following libraries: City Library Am Gasteig, Giesing, Hadern, Hasenbergl, Laim, Moosach, Neuhausen, Neuperlach, Pasing, Ramersdorf, Sendling and Westend.

The entire stay and the use of workplaces is only possible with an FFP2 mask and in compliance with the AHA + rules.

+++ Tourism companies demand incidence-independent opening +++

Tourism companies in Bavaria are calling for an opening regardless of the seven-day incidence for vaccinated, convalescent and people with a negative corona test. The link to a value below 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days is not realistic, criticized Armin Hollweck from the Hotel and Restaurant Association in Oberallgäu. "We need a specific date as the opening date for our companies, our guests, our employees!" He quoted from a letter to the state government.

FDP parliamentary group leader Martin Hagen (FDP) demanded: "Those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered and those who have been tested must also be allowed to go on vacation everywhere in Bavaria!" An opening only at a stable seven-day incidence below 100 would mean the end for many Bavarian holiday areas over the Whitsun holidays. At the same time, the quarantine requirement for vaccinated, recovered and negative tested travelers returning from countries with an incidence of up to 200 will be lifted. This is a discrimination against the local hospitality industry.

On Monday, the Bavarian cabinet decided to relax from May 21st. In regions with stable corona numbers, hotels, guest houses, holiday apartments, campsites and youth hostels are allowed to reopen to tourists. Hollweck stated that this was not practical. "How do politicians imagine that? Should we, if after a few days the numbers rise again above 100, tell the guest at breakfast that he can now finish his meal, but then has to go home again immediately?" In addition, companies would need at least a week's lead time to be able to reopen. In Oberallgäu, the seven-day incidence on Thursday was 138.5, according to the Robert Koch Institute.

+++ SPD calls for "clear decisions" for amusement parks +++

The SPD parliamentary group calls for opening perspectives for amusement parks. "The decisions of the last few weeks have completely excluded the needs of families with children and adolescents," criticized parliamentary group leader Horst Arnold on Thursday. Even in the "undoubtedly important debates" about daycare and school openings, it was not about leisure activities, but primarily about the need for education and the need of working parents.

For Arnold it is incomprehensible that only one opening of the outdoor pools was promised, which is also rigidly based on the incidence of 100. "And that, although according to scientific knowledge the risk of infection in the open air is very low - while elementary schools are open up to the incidence of 165", emphasized Arnold. Clear decisions are now needed so that an amusement park can open in early or mid-June. "It is not possible to open almost everything everywhere, but still leave these companies in the dark," said Arnold.

+++ DIY stores and drugstores can offer rapid tests in the future +++

In the fight against the corona pandemic, drugstores or hardware stores will also be able to register as citizen test centers in Bavaria in the future. "This innovation is another milestone," said Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) on Thursday. Nobody should have to search long if they need a quick test with evidence to be able to go about their everyday business, for example

The facilities must register on the website of the Bavarian Ministry of Health. You can procure the tests yourself on the free market and settle with the Bavarian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, as the ministry announced. "The federal government bears the costs," it said. So far, the rapid antigen tests have mainly been possible in local test centers, at doctors and pharmacies. "More than 1,150 pharmacies in the Free State now offer free tests," said Holetschek.

Corona-News from May 12th, 2021

+++ 275 quick test sites in Munich +++

There are currently 275 locations in Munich where you can do a free rapid corona test. This number consists of 154 test stations, which are organized by 76 different test center operators, and 121 pharmacies in which one can be examined for the coronavirus using rapid antigen testing.

The daily test capacities of the 154 privately operated test stations amount to 75,154. In calendar week 17 (April 26 to May 2) an average of 14,177 people were tested daily. Munich health officer Beatrix Zurek announced these numbers (as of May 12, 2021).

The individual locations of the test stations and pharmacies in Munich can be found here.

+++ circles: Söder announces the opening of the outdoor swimming pool from May 21st, subject to conditions +++

In Bavarian regions with incidences below 100, outdoor swimming pools should be allowed to reopen under strict Corona conditions from May 21. This was announced by Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on Wednesday, according to participants in a speech at the retreat of the CSU parliamentary group in Munich.

+++ Söder: Bavaria releases all corona vaccines in medical practices +++

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has announced the release of all corona vaccines from general practitioners. Söder said on Wednesday after a CSU parliamentary group meeting in the state parliament in Munich, the prioritization of general practitioners would be lifted "in the course of next week". The doctors still needed some time to prepare. According to Söder, the previous procedure with prioritization should remain in the vaccination centers.

+++ From today: More openings in Munich! +++

From today there are more openings in Munich! Because the incidence has been below the limit of 100 since last Wednesday, theaters, concert halls, opera houses and cinemas, among others, are now allowed to reopen in addition to outdoor dining.

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In addition to a fixed appointment, a negative corona test is also required for the visit. Fully vaccinated or convalescent people are exempt from the test requirement; they are automatically treated as equivalent to those who tested negative.

+++ Theatron fails again +++

The Theatron Festival in the Olympic Park will not take place this year either - at least not on Whitsun, the planned date. The city has now announced that. However, she is currently checking whether she can postpone it to August. Usually pop and indie musicians perform at the festival for three days, with free entry.

+++ Munich incidence continues to fall +++

The seven-day incidence in Munich continues to decline. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the value on Wednesday was 71.9 (as of May 12, 3:11 a.m.). The day before, the incidence in Munich was 78.0.

Corona-News from May 11th, 2021

+++ Confusion about the gym opening in Munich +++

As of Wednesday, the fitness studios in Munich are allowed to reopen - under strict hygiene requirements. At least that's what the operators of the big chains such as "Fitness First" or "FitX" thought and had already sent corresponding messages and press releases. And the legal situation was apparently initially unclear. When asked, the district administration department said they didn't know - and referred to the Ministry of Health, where they preferred not to answer the phone.

By early Tuesday evening, the Free State ministries had apparently examined the situation to the end. "Fitness studios must remain closed for the time being," said a spokesman for the interior ministry briefly and clearly.

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+++ Small border traffic between Bavaria and Austria +++

The small border traffic between Bavaria and Austria will be possible again from Wednesday. This would allow friends and relatives to meet again across borders, said Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on Tuesday on the occasion of a visit by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in Munich. Shopping in the respective neighboring country is also possible again, said Söder.

Both Bavaria and Austria will soon be making tourist offers again. In Austria, tourism will open on May 19th. Bavaria had announced that for May 21st. Austria had a seven-day incidence of less than 100 on Tuesday, Bavaria was 116.

+++ From today there will be easing in Munich +++

As of today, there are again relaxed rules in Munich! Because the incidence has been below the limit of 100 since last Wednesday, the relief comes into force from today.

Among other things, the nocturnal curfew is no longer applicable, and the contact restrictions are also being relaxed somewhat. A negative corona test is no longer necessary for retail, and a visit to the hairdresser is now possible again without a negative test. However, you still need an appointment.

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