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Live consciously AUTUMN // WINTER 2017


1 Living consciously AUTUMN // WINTER 2017

2 O.W. BARTH TOP TITLE The New York Times bestseller »With this book you will awaken your inner intelligence.« Deepak Chopra SADHG URU Isha Foundation O.W.BARTH

3 O.W. BARTH TOP TITLE Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is an internationally recognized thought leader and mediator of a holistic and spiritual awareness. He has spoken at the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and addressed the House of Lords. Many famous teachers like Deepak Chopra have been influenced by him. Sadhguru is the founder of the Isha Foundation for the dissemination of modern yoga with numerous practice centers worldwide. Enlightenment can be so easy and realistic. Never before has a spiritual teacher explained the message of yoga in such an exciting and entertaining way. Sadhguru is a shining example for countless people. In The Wisdom of a Yogi, he describes his personal experiences and deep insights that have transformed his own life and consciousness. You are exemplary and have the power to support your own personal development. Numerous meditative and everyday exercises invite you to positive changes in your own life that will make everyone happier and freer. Large press & marketing campaign Print campaign with strong target groups e.g. B. in: High-reach online campaign The internationally successful bestseller From the globally committed spiritual leader and master Large event with Sadhguru in autumn 2017 Poster A2 ISBN L display with 10 copies ISBN Sadhguru The wisdom of a yogi How inner change is really possible Translated by Bernhard Kleinschmidt 288 pages hardcover with dust jacket 12.5 x 20.5 cm WG 1462 ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20.60 ET Also available as an ebook OWBARTH

4 Through the Year with Buddha Autobiographical Stories by the Great Zen Master Best-selling author Jack Kornfield knows how to make the ageless wisdom of Buddhism relevant to the lives of people in the West. Buddha's suggestions for a happy life are easy to implement in everyday life. The aesthetically sophisticated design, photos with Buddhist motifs and practical life advice make this desk calendar a welcome companion on the personal path to happiness. Thich Nhat Hanh tells many previously unknown episodes of his life and connects them with the wisdom of Buddhism. His childhood in Vietnam comes to life, for example the attentive joy over the biscuit that his mother brought him from the market. As a young monk, he experienced the war, which resulted in the movement of committed Buddhism he founded. He met many great personalities such as Martin Luther King Jr., who proposed him for the Nobel Peace Prize. His work as a great teacher shows in an impressive way what an individual can achieve in this world. Thich Nhat Hanh, born in Vietnam in 1926, enjoys a high reputation worldwide as a meditation teacher, Zen master, poet and representative of committed Buddhism. His tireless advocacy for peace and social justice has made him known far beyond Buddhist circles. 53 inspiring wisdoms for more peace and serenity in everyday life Perpetual table display from the well-known meditation teacher High-quality equipment with spiral binding and magnetic clasp The great teacher personally and very close He is next to the Dalai Lama the most famous representative of Buddhism in the West Total edition Thich Nhat Hanh: over sold Copies Jack Kornfield Buddha's Path of Bliss Inspirational Wisdom for 53 Weeks Translated by Peter Kobbe 108 pages Calendar 18.0 x 15.0 cm WG 7481 ISBN [D] 14.99 [A] 15.50 ET Jack Kornfield is one of the most famous internationally Buddhist teacher and is also highly respected as a psychotherapist. He is one of the most important mediators of mindfulness for the western world. His books have sold millions of copies worldwide. [D] 14.99 [A] 15.50 ISBN Thich Nhat Hanh My life is my teaching Autobiographical stories and wisdom of a monk Translated by Ursula Richard 240 pages hardcover with dust jacket 12.5 x 20.5 cm WG 1481 ISBN [D] 18.00 [A] 18.50 ET Also available as an ebook OWBARTH

5 Fabio Filippi xxx O.W. BARTH TOP TITLE Sharon Salzberg is one of the most famous Buddhists in the West. She has been teaching love meditation for over 40 years. Together with Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein, she founded the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, Massachusetts in 1976, whose aim is to make the practice of meditation accessible to many people. A sought-after speaker, she gives lectures around the world, shares her knowledge at conferences and participates in interreligious dialogue. She lives in Barre and New York City. Salzberg is a fantastic teacher and her words and inspirations in True Love illuminate the way to love wise a real treasure for your heart. «Jack Kornfield The great book on loving togetherness Sharon Salzberg has accompanied thousands of people in their personal development process and she knows : "To live true love is the real longing of us humans." Nevertheless, many remain trapped in feelings of loneliness and fear and fail again and again in their relationships with others. In this book, she summarizes her forty years of experience in a three-step program. She connects Buddhist wisdom with the reality of people's life and explains how self-acceptance and love can be developed in everyday life. Your texts and meditations help you to accept yourself very deeply and to lovingly shape your relationships with others and all beings. Wide-reaching social media campaign The best-known teacher of love meditation with over 40 years of experience Buddhist personality development: love as a fundamental spiritual practice Can be implemented well in everyday life thanks to many case studies and practical instructions Poster A2 ISBN L display with 10 copies ISBN Sharon Salzberg True Love The Buddhist way to live happily with oneself and with others. Translated by Gerd Bausch 368 pages hardcover with dust jacket 12.5 x 20.5 cm WG 1480 ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20.60 ET Also available as an ebook OWBARTH

6 This meditation book is enough for a lifetime! The first mindfulness book for the rough nights with CD The Tibetan meditation master Dza Kilung Rinpoche has developed a 7-step meditation program from which western people in particular can benefit. In the first steps you learn to really calm down and relax, which is a basic requirement for deeper meditations. On the last 3 levels, the experienced teacher from Tibet teaches the higher levels of Buddhist meditation in an unprecedented, simple way. These meditations lead to developing an open, tolerant heart towards everything and becoming more independent in the mind from ongoing streams of thought. The well-known mindfulness teacher Maren Schneider combines Celtic and Germanic traditions with Eastern meditation techniques. Rediscovered rituals and mindfulness exercises accompany you through this magical time. Refuel, relax and start the new year with a new direction: All of this can be achieved with mindfulness through the rough nights. An inner contemplation at the turn of the year with practical instructions day after day. Dza Kilung Rinpoche is the head of a famous Tibetan monastery, but has divided his life between Tibet and the United States since 1999. He founded the Kilung Foundation in Washington State, which supports humanitarian and cultural projects in his home country. His teachings and instructions on meditation practice reach thousands around the world. Maren Schneider is a trained teacher for stress management through mindfulness (MBSR) as well as for mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). For years she has also been working intensively on Celtic-Germanic mythology and designing her own ritual forms. First systematic meditation practice on the basis of all Buddhist traditions For beginners and advanced learners in meditation By one of the leading Tibetan masters With meditations and rituals for the time between to By meditation expert and bestselling author Maren Schneider With CD spoken by Maren Schneider Dza Kilung Rinpoche The relaxed Mind meditate deeper and deeper in 7 steps Translated by Jochen Lehner 208 pages Brochure with flaps 13.5 x 21.0 cm WG 1462 ISBN [D] 16.99 [A] 17.50 ET Also available as an ebook [D] 19.99 [A ] 20.60 ISBN [D] 24.99 [A] 25.70 ISBN [D] 16.99 [A] 17.50 ISBN Maren Schneider Mindful through the Rauhnächte Inspirational impulses at the turn of the year 128 pages lam. Cardboard tape 15.0 x 15.0 cm WG 1475 ISBN [D] 16.99 [A] 17.50 ET Also available as an ebook O.W.BARTH

7 y tein photographer Jared Berns Jean-Pierre Weill was born in France in 1954 but grew up in the USA. Weill has made a career as a visual artist and created multi-level glass paintings and three-dimensional drawings, so-called vitreographs. His work has been sold in hundreds of galleries and museums in the United States, Europe, and Japan. He developed original drawings for Disney Art Editions, Warner Bros. and Coca-Cola. The Lightness of Being is his first book. creative genius shines as a writer, artist and thinker. Everyone should read this book, it changes our minds. «Daniel Goleman The gift book for the» little prince «in us The illustrator and author Jean-Pierre Weill tells a story from the beginning of the universe to the experience of real human joy. The lightness of being is full of wisdom about the pursuit of happiness. The author and illustrator pursues the core question: What does it mean to be really alive in every moment in our daily life? The beautiful watercolor drawings make a particular contribution to letting yourself slide into a floating lightness and to discovering the meaning of life in a playful way. Predicate: Particularly valuable! Loving illustrations that tell stories about life A picture book for adults to rediscover life Jean-Pierre Weill is an internationally recognized artist and illustrator In high-quality equipment with watercolor drawings by the artist Book trailer on 11 Jean-Pierre Weill The lightness of being translated by Bernhard Kleinschmidt 216 pages lam. Cardboard tape 26.0 x 21.0 cm WG 1920 ISBN [D] 20.00 [A] 20.60 ET O. W. B A RT H Inspirational impulses with strong messages

8 Zoé Gardeur O.W. BARTH TOP TITLE Laurent Gounelle, born in 1968, studied sociology and philosophy at the University of Santa Cruz, California. He is one of the most widely read authors in France. All of his books show his great knowledge of philosophy, psychology and personality development. DISCOVERING THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH BEHIND ALL RELIGIONS It all begins the day Alice, a young and successful communications consultant, meets her childhood friend Jérémie again. He has become a priest and is very frustrated because very few people come to worship. Alice promises to help him in her own way. As an atheist, she begins to immerse herself in the world of spirituality. She not only reads the Bible, but also deals with Daoism, Hinduism and Buddhism and discovers a universal truth that not only fundamentally changes her life. In his captivating novel, bestselling author Laurent Gounelle takes us into a fascinating world that is human enables them to rise into another dimension where their actions become powerful and their joy everlasting. The new successful spiritual novel based on Die Hütte Satisfies people's deep need for spirituality Great media presence guaranteed: France is the guest country of the Frankfurt Book Fair 13 Laurent Gounelle And you will find the hidden treasure in you Roman Translated by Alexandra Baisch & Felix Mayer 320 pages hardcover with dust jacket 14.0 x 21.5 cm WG 1112 ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20.60 ET Also available as an ebook OWBARTH

9 O.W. BARTH TOP TITLE - No. 1 in France: The spiritual best seller of the year! "The author, enthusiastic philosopher and psychologist, explores the search for happiness and the key to personal development." Livres Hebdo "Man has something divine within himself he can come into contact. «Laurent Gounelle» Makes you want to get to the bottom of the really important things in life. «psychologies Magazine About copies sold in France alone - Number 1 on the French bestseller list - Already translated into 10 languages. GrOsse Presse - & marketing campaigns Print campaigns with strong target groups, e.g. B. in: Online campaign with high coverage: Large competition to appear With author's film poster A2 ISBN O.W.BARTH

10 best sellers and longsellers Jon Kabat-Zinn Healthy through Meditation ISBN [D] 39.99 [A] 41.20 Jon Kabat-Zinn Healthy through Meditation ISBN [D] 12.99 [A] 13.40 Jon Kabat-Zinn Im Finding peace in everyday life ISBN [D] 9.99 [A] 10.30 Thich Nhat Hanh working mindfully living mindfully ISBN [D] 16.99 [A] 17.50 Thich Nhat Hanh speaking mindfully listening carefully ISBN [D] 16.99 [A] 17.50 Thich Nhat Hanh Reconciliation with the Inner Child ISBN [D] 16.99 [A] 17.50 Sogyal Rinpoche The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying ISBN [D] 14.99 [A] 15.50 Anna Tröke's Yoga of Connectedness ISBN [D] 22.99 [A] 23.70 Anna Tröke's Neuro-Yoga ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20.60 Thich Nhat Hanh Smile ISBN [D] 20.00 [A] 20.60 Corinne Sweet Inhale. Exhale. Because his ISBN [D] 14.99 [A] 15.50 Eugen Herrigel Zen in the Art of Archery ISBN [D] 14.99 [A] 15.50 Ulli Olvedi the silent QI GONG according to Master Zhi-Chang Li Inner Exercises to strengthen life energy Anna Tröke's The Little Yoga Philosophy ISBN [D] 22.99 [A] 23.70 Ken Wilber Integral Meditation ISBN [D] 22.99 [A] 23.70 Thich Nhat Hanh The Miracle in the Now ISBN [ D] 18.00 [A] 18.50 BKS Iyengar Light on Yoga ISBN [D] 35.00 [A] 36.00 Robin S. Sharma The monk who sold his Ferrari ISBN [D] 9.99 [A] 10.30 17 Ulli Olvedi The silent Qi Gong according to Master Zhi-Chang Li ISBN [D] 9.99 [A] 10.30 OWBARTH


12 xxx A. Raja Hornstein Frank Ostaseski, Buddhist teacher and international speaker, co-founded the first Zen hospice in the USA in 1987. This started his path that made him the leading voice of the mindfulness movement today in the context of dying, death and mourning. The Metta Institute, which he founded in 2004, has made it its central task to anchor the principles of mindfulness and compassion in care with innovative training programs. KNAUR MENSSANA TOP TITLE Through the finiteness of life, discover the miracle in the moment. The conscious handling of the last phase of life is the main focus of the Buddhist teacher Frank Ostaseski. His groundbreaking achievement of anchoring the principles of mindfulness and compassion in the hospice system is increasingly being picked up in Europe, where he is a sought-after speaker. From his experience in end-of-life care, he has developed five principles with which he shows what really matters in life. His easily implementable insights can enrich the life of everyone, regardless of whether one is confronted with illness and dying or is in the middle of life. KNAUR-MENSSANA Frank Ostaseski is the pioneer of the hospice movement Practical Life Support with case studies that encourage courage. The author is coming to Europe in autumn 2017 on a lecture tour Judith Elze 384 pages hardcover with dust jacket 12.5 x 20.5 cm WG 1481 ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20.60 ET Also available as an ebook

13 private Fran Warde (left) is a trained cook, food stylist and cookbook author. She lives in London, where she volunteers for the well-known cancer center Maggie's Caring Center. Catherine Zabilowicz (r.) Studied nutritional therapy due to her son's leukemia and obtained a master's degree in nutritional medicine. The therapist worked for the cancer center Maggie s Caring Center and developed nutrition programs for cancer patients. Today she teaches nutrition and cancer courses for health professionals. She lives in southern England with her four sons. Holistic nutrition in theory and practice For all stages of the disease Basics of cancer nutrition and recipes in one: the nutritionist Catherine Zabilowicz and the cook Fran Warde have put together a nutrition book with over 80 recipes especially for cancer patients. They take readers by the hand in all stages of the KNAUR-MENSSANA disease, from diagnosis to treatment to the time afterwards. With important background knowledge and specific dishes for strengthening the immune system, anti-inflammatory measures, stimulating the appetite, weight gain, etc. A particularly sensitive new standard work that picks up those concerned with their worries and needs and takes them seriously.Information on the effect of foods, especially in cancer treatment The new standard work on anti-cancer nutrition Comprehensive and up-to-date with new scientific studies Loving and high-quality equipment, consistently four-colored With all nutritional methods for cancer patients Fran Warde / Catherine Zabilowicz The great nutrition book for cancer With 80 healing foods Recipes Translated by Brigitte Rüßmann and Wolfgang Beuchelt 304 pages lam. Cardboard tape 17.0 x 24.0 cm WG 1461 ISBN [D] 22.99 [A] 23.70 ET Also available as an ebook

14 Conny Ehm Sylvia Harke is a graduate psychologist and works as a seminar leader, coach and book author. In 2014 she wrote the market-leading book Hochsensibel What to do? appeared Highly sensitive is more than tender. Thanks to her practical consulting experience with highly sensitive women, the author knows exactly which questions are relevant for the target group. The comprehensive women's guide to the trending topic of high sensitivity After her two bestsellers, the psychologist Sylvia Harke is now devoting herself to the topic of high sensitivity in women. Through her work, she knows their needs and difficulties very well. Your coaching helps those affected to deal better with their strong sensitivity in everyday life, be it at work, in relationships or in the area of ​​self-love and self-acceptance. Many exercises for self-reflection and case studies create a trusting atmosphere that enables highly sensitive women to turn their supposed weakness into strength. KNAUR-MENSSANA From the leading expert and bestselling author on the subject With a sensitive test to identify your own high sensitivity Author gives lectures and gives numerous workshops and seminars Author events Sylvia Harke When women feel too much Protection and empowerment for highly sensitive people 240 pages flap brochure 13.5 x 21 , 0 cm WG 1481 ISBN [D] 18.00 [A] 18.50 ET Also available as an ebook

15 Original edition in the TB The practical book on the oldest remedy in the world Simple strategies for more energy and vitality Original edition in the TB Most people know incense from the church as exhaustion and lack of energy: Who knows the sacred incense. But not the air-dried resin! The experienced psychotherapist Tricia des Frankincense Tree also has a long tradition. Woolfrey has developed nine simple strategies in medicine, because it has an anti-inflammatory effect, which quickly gives everyone more strength and energy, as well as being pain relieving and disinfecting. Today is vehelfen. These also offer frankincense methods in the treatment of asthma, rheumatism for a lasting change in one's own ma, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease or lifestyle. This is how you learn to be rediscovered in difficult times with psoriasis. To deal with the health challenges more confidently and to enjoy the good times and science journalist Antje Maly-Samiralow even more. describes expertly successful therapy options, what current studies have shown and why frankincense is so efficient, especially for chronic diseases. Antje Maly-Samiralow has been working as a freelance writer for the Bavarian Broadcasting Company in Munich for over 10 years, mainly in the fields of medicine and science. Tricia Woolfrey is an integrative trainer, therapist, and successful writer in the fields of psychology and lifestyle. She runs two companies in London: While PW Consulting specializes in business coaching, she offers empowered self hypnotherapy, personal development coaching and nutritional advice in her practice. KNAUR-MENSSANA The only current book on the subject of frankincense and its healing effects With information on quality features and sources of supply A compact and everyday guide for every situation Effective help for chronic fatigue and exhaustion By the expert in deceleration and stress management Antje Maly-Samiralow Healing with frankincense promoting self-healing processes , alleviate chronic diseases, improve quality of life 160 pages paperback 12.5 x 19.0 cm WG 2485 ISBN [D] 9.99 [A] 10.30 ET Author's events [D] 19.99 [A] 20.60 ISBN Tricia Woolfrey No more tired and exhausted 9 strategies for more energy Translated by Ursula Bischoff 176 pages paperback 12.5 x 19.0 cm WG 2480 ISBN [D] 9.99 [A] 10.30 ET Also available as an ebook Also available as an ebook

16 private Arnold Achmüller was born in Bruneck in 1982 and has worked as a pharmacist in Vienna since completing his pharmacy studies. At the same time, he has been studying Alpine herbalism and ancient healing methods for years. He is a technical college lecturer on the subject of wild herbs and wild vegetables and is active in the drug database for the health book health. Which really helps. The old healing knowledge from the Alps rediscovered Farmer doctors from the Alpine region have always used the healing powers of nature and have left behind a treasure trove of valuable home remedies. The pharmacist Arnold Achmüller has collected, sifted through, checked and added practical tips to the old knowledge, which has already been forgotten in many places. This book makes old and proven healing practices accessible again to KNAUR-MENSSANA so that we can retain a bit of independence in health issues. and tinctures * Wraps, ointments and complaints * Organized na s research * Current news and science The successful pharmacy series: Forgotten recipes and home remedies from rural herbal doctors Reference work structured according to complaints High-quality equipment and continuous four-color L display with 10 copies ISBN [D] 16.99 [A] 17.50 ISBN [D] 16.99 [A] 17.50 ISBN Author events 29 Arnold Achmüller Die Alpen-Apotheke Do-it-yourself home remedies 240 pages lam. Cardboard tape 13.0 x 20.5 cm WG 1460 ISBN [D] 16.99 [A] 17.50 ET Also available as an ebook

17 Dr. med. Dietmar Hansch heads the anxiety disorders division at the Hohenegg private clinic in Meilen on Lake Zurich. Before that, he worked for many years in the field of burnout treatment. He is a specialist in internal medicine and a psychotherapist specializing in behavioral therapy. He was elected to the German College for Psychosomatic Medicine (DKPM). Dietmar Hansch has many years of experience in science, teaching and treatment practice. Original edition in TB Sleep you slim and healthy, the holistic sleep advisor Millions of people suffer from sleep disorders that make them sick over the long term. Many sufferers seek help in the sleep laboratory. But you can learn to sleep. US health expert and bestselling author Shawn Stevenson is the new voice of sleep research. In an entertaining, non-dogmatic and competent manner, it conveys strategies for a good and restful sleep that has a positive effect on the body, mind and work performance. Overcoming fears Self-help by the well-known fear researcher Fear is the most common mental disorder in Germany, ahead of alcoholism and depression. As one of the most experienced anxiety therapists in German-speaking countries, Dietmar Hansch provides a well-founded and clear explanation of how to get the most frequently occurring fears under control: panic attacks, claustrophobia, social phobias and chronic worries and fears. The synergy method combines the most successful scientific approaches into a practical concept of self-treatment. Shawn Stevenson studied biology and kinesiology at the University of Missouri. He is the founder of Model Health Show, the # 1 fitness and nutrition podcast on itunes. He also leads the Advanced Integrative Health Alliance he founded, a company that provides health advice to individuals and organizations around the world. Stevenson is a sought-after speaker at numerous universities and conferences. KNAUR-MENSSANA 21 simple and easy-to-implement strategies that solve every sleep problem With power tips: from weight loss to stress avoidance Including 14-day sleep cure Current topic from the successful author of Burnout From the leading and renowned anxiety specialist Recognize your own fears with a self-help tool Shawn Stevenson Everyone can learn to sleep Translated by Sabine Thiele 288 pages paperback 12.5 x 19.0 cm WG 2460 ISBN [D] 9.99 [A] 10.30 ET Also available as an ebook [D] 12.99 [A] 13.40 ISBN Author events Dr. med. Dietmar Hansch Coping with fear yourself The practice book 384 pages, flap brochure 13.5 x 21.0 cm WG 1465 ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20.60 ET Also available as an ebook

18 Katharina Lauterwasser-Stielow Dr. med. Adrian Schulte, born in 1963, specialist in general medicine and naturopathy, has been working independently in a naturopathic clinic since 1999. As a senior doctor and medical director, he leads the F. X. Mayr Center Bodensee in Überlingen, which specializes in intestinal rehabilitation. Including: 10-day fitness program for the intestines The top seller for intestinal health finally in paperback It is no longer a secret that the intestine is one of our largest and most important organs. Yet it is all too often neglected and unnecessarily burdened every day. Dr. med. Adrian Schulte, experienced specialist and clinic director, shows what we can do to avoid this and how we can support the intestine instead. He explains what causes intestinal diseases, how we can prevent them and why digestion begins in the head. Dr. med. Andrian Schulte removes all digestive problems with his book "Alles Scheiße!?" And shows how we can get our intestines fit in ten days. HEALTHY & FIT KNAUR-MENSSANA The book "Alles Scheiße!?" Has this title [...] because it deals with a current mega topic: the intestines. Der Tagesspiegel With an easy-to-implement 10-day fitness program for the intestines Top-selling topic: Intestinal health simply explained and immediately applicable From the renowned expert with many years of practical experience Adrian Dr. med. Did everything shit !? When the intestine becomes a problem Understand the causes and react correctly 208 pages paperback 12.5 x 19.0 cm WG 2460 ISBN [D] 10.99 [A] 11.30 ET

19 bestsellers and longsellers Our spring bestseller: Germany's most famous TV wild plant expert on the healing powers of the forest Dr. Ruediger Dahlke Fasting-Hiking ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20.60 Wighard Strehlow The Hildegard fasting companion ISBN [D] 14.99 [A] 15.50 Dr. Thomas Rampp Healthy through fasting ISBN [D] 17.99 [A] 18.50 Dr. Johanna Budwig Foundation The Original Oil and Protein Diet ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20.60 Julia Cameron It's never too late to start over ISBN [D] 14.99 [A] 15.50 Julia Cameron The Artist's Path ISBN [D] 10.99 [A] 11.30 KNAUR-MENSSANA The current bestseller on the megatrend: Forests and self-sufficiency With tips for collecting, harvesting calendars and cooking recipes Extensively illustrated and with high-quality equipment, ideal for all nature lovers Manfred Mohr The bamboo -Effect ISBN [D] 12.99 [A] 13.40 Dr. Martin Hirte Vaccination Pro & Cons ISBN [D] 12.99 [A] 13.40 Colette Baron-Reid Wisdom Cards for Life Decisions ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20.60 Dr. Markus Strauss Die Wald-Apotheke Trees, bushes and wild herbs that nourish and heal 208 pages with numerous color photos Brochure with flaps 17.0 x 24.0 WG 1460 ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20, also available as an ebook

20 KNAUR-BALANCE BALANCE Bringing life into balance

21 KNAUR BALANCE TOP TITLE nurucoffee / patrice Brylla Slavica Ziner Sara Nuru moderates the event of the Menschen für Menschen Foundation Sara Nuru and her sister found the coffee label nurucoffee Sara Nuru opens a school in Ethiopia Jürgen Wacker KNAUR-BALANCE From the contents: In nine steps to yourself 1. Be curious 2. Dare to change perspective 3. Healthy doubts 4. Listen to gut instincts 5. Build inner strength 6. Cope with setbacks 7. Gain foresight 8. Make decisions 9. Leave traces »I have learned that it is important to to find your own life's work - because you make the difference! «Sara Nuru Anna Rose 39

22 Sara Nuru is a successful model, presenter, speaker and founder of the startup nurucoffee. She became known to the general public in 2009 as the winner of the casting show Germany s Next Top Model. Sara has been an ambassador for Karlheinz Böhm Ethiopia Aid, Menschen für Menschen, for years. She lives in Berlin and Zurich. and KNAUR BALANCE TOP TITLE An inspiring book about curiosity, self-discovery and assertiveness KNAUR-BALANCE How does a girl from a small Bavarian town manage to conquer the world's catwalks and open a school in Ethiopia? Sara Nuru, the winner of Germany's Next Top Model and child of Ethiopian immigrants, is today a role model for an entire generation of women. With its unusual story, it encourages people to believe in themselves, find out what they are passionate about, and discover and live their own strengths. Dealing with loneliness and doubt, with external control and self-determination is just as important as the courage to dare to try new things. You make the difference is an invitation to trust your own gut feeling and to shape your life with depth, meaning and fulfillment. Large press & marketing campaign Ads in women's magazines High-reach social media campaign Press focus The first book by the charismatic and committed model Large online presence by Sara Nuru with fans on Facebook Accompanying fundraising campaign: 1 per book goes to women's projects in Ethiopia L-Display with 10 Expl. ISBN Author events Sara Nuru You make the difference An inspiration to find your own strength 224 pages lam. Cardboard tape 15.0 x 21.0 cm WG 1481 ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20.60 ET Also available as an ebook

23 Caroline Gros Susanne Seethaler worked as a bookseller for twenty years and became known through the BR as the “Bavarian Zen cook”. As a successful book author, she works passionately as a cook once a week and gives workshops and seminars on the subject of "mindful cooking". She assisted the well-known Zen chef Edward Espe Brown at his seminars in Europe. Susanne Seethaler lives in Munich. The mindfulness cookbook by the well-known Zen cook KNAUR-BALANCE Many people long to live more authentically, to find peace and to slow down in everyday life. Practicing mindfulness while cooking makes it possible to come back to the here and now relaxed and serene and not only enjoy the food, but also the moment. Based on the author's many years of experience as a leader of mindfulness cooking courses, common mindfulness exercises and meditations around cooking and enjoyment are presented. With 35 vegetarian and vegan dishes and personal stories, Susanne Seethaler invites you to find your very own path to happiness. With mindfulness exercises to relax in the kitchen. Original vegan and vegetarian recipes to enjoy from Asian to local. Trendy topic mindfulness in the kitchen combined with healthy nutrition. The well-known Zen cook inspires with originality, stylish and beautiful presentation with ribbon bookmarks [D] 19.99 [ A] 20.60 ISBN Author events Susanne Seethaler Cooking like a Buddha The mindfulness cookbook with exercises, stories and vegetarian and vegan recipes 176 pages lam. Cardboard ribbon with bookmark 21.0 x 26.0 cm WG 1456 ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20.60 ET

24 Jochen Russmann Michaela Russmann is a studied health sociologist, raw food expert, cookbook author and official ambassador for Jamie Oliver's FOOD REVOLUTION in Austria. She runs her own organic workshop in downtown Vienna and leads workshops, seminars and coaching for vegan and raw vegan cuisine. Refined and simple recipes from the raw food expert KNAUR-BALANCE Michaela Russmann is considered a pioneer in raw food cuisine. In her new book, the Austrian cookbook author presents over 60 “raw” recipes: gluten-free, lactose-free, yeast-free and without white sugar. She pays particular attention to the seasonality and regionality of the ingredients used. From fruity chocolate and cherry cake to fiery mango salad to papaya carpaccio with mint pesto Michaela Russmann proves that raw food cooking can be really delicious. Affordable raw food recipes, quick preparation in a maximum of 15 minutes With tips and tricks from 20 years of raw food experience High-quality equipment with appealing food photography and bookmarkers With additional information and nutritional values ​​on the ingredients used 60 recipes: simple, creative & without expensive kitchen equipment Author's events 45 Michaela Russmann Raw pleasure stove out of luck. 60 vegan raw food recipes 176 pages lam. Cardboard ribbon with bookmark 21.0 x 26.0 cm WG 1455 ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20.60 ET Also available as an ebook

25 Original edition in TB Yoga for the back the series of successes continues The experienced yoga teacher Inge Schöps offers first aid for back problems. It introduces the twenty most important exercises for strengthening and relaxing the back and abdominal muscles. The exercise sequences are structured according to symptoms such as tension, stiffness in the back or stabbing pain, as well as according to stress in various professions while sitting or lifting. With simple series of exercises for morning, evening and in between. Motivating life support about the power of apology "I'm sorry" the renowned psychologist and bestselling author shows how these four words can save a relationship or restore lost trust.In this psychological guide, Harriet Lerner defines for the first time the various "excuse types" that everyone can identify with. With examples from her practice and a pinch of humor, she shows how we can develop an authentic approach to apologies. Original edition in TB KNAUR-BALANCE Inge Schöps is a certified yoga teacher, book author and mental coach from Cologne. She offers yoga in connection with coaching, workshops and retreats. Your Yoga: The large practical book for beginners and advanced learners became a bestseller. Harriet Lerner is one of the most renowned and popular psychologists of our time. With over 3 million books sold, she is the author of numerous bestsellers. Your book Where to put my anger? has been translated into 35 languages ​​and is a long-seller worldwide. Back pain is the No. 1 widespread disease Compact beginners' book with lots of photos and simply explained Inge Schöps: copies sold Renowned bestselling author of the psychological life aid Harriet Lerner: over 3 million copies sold Entertaining and practically written Inge Schöps Yoga for EveryBody Healthy Back The 20 most effective exercises for back pain 144 pages paperback 16.0 x 20.0 cm WG 2462 ISBN [D] 9.99 [A] 10.30 ET Also available as an ebook [D] 9.99 [A] 10.30 ISBN [D] 12 , 99 [A] 13.40 ISBN [D] 12.99 [A] 13.40 ISBN Harriet Lerner Attempt s times with excuse How reconciliation heals small and large heart pains Translated by Judith Elze 240 pages brochure with flaps 13.5 x 21.0 cm WG 1933 ISBN [D] 16.99 [A] 17.50 ET Also available as an ebook

26 Ylva Erevall Dr. Deepak Chopra, founder of the Chopra Foundation and co-founder of the Chopra Center for Well-Being, is a globally recognized pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation. He is the author of more than 80 books that have been translated into over 43 languages. Kimberly Snyder is a trained clinical nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author. Her "Beauty Detox Plan" debuted at number 2 on the New York Times bestseller list. She advises Hollywood celebrities on nutritional issues. Beauty meets spirituality - the holistic beauty program by bestselling authors KNAUR-BALANCE. The pioneer of integrative medicine Deepak Chopra and nutritionist Kimberly Snyder are redefining beauty. In their program they unite body and mind and present the six pillars of healthy life: nutrition, body care, sleep, living in harmony with nature, exercise and spirituality. Detox instructions, beauty recipes and practical tips from Ayurveda, yoga and meditation make it possible to feel more beautiful and healthier and to shine internally and externally. »Strength and beauty go hand in hand in this brilliant concept of two of the most inspiring sizes of healthy life. «Eva Longoria» Discovering your beauty is the next big step if you want to turn your life around for the better. It's just brilliant! "Drew Barrymore" This book is undoubtedly an asset to any reader. "Donna Karan The Path to Natural Beauty Explained by Two Professionals With lots of practical guides, beauty tips, physical exercises and recipes by two of the 100 most influential people for Health & Fitness * Deepak Chopra / Kimberly Snyder Discover your beauty The revolutionary way to live healthier and more energetic Translated by Horst Kappen 384 pages flap brochure 17.0 x 24.0 cm WG 1481 ISBN [D] 19.99 [A] 20, 60 ET * 49 Also available as an ebook