What does a crown symbolize

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If a dream is about a crown, the dreaming should recognize its success and notice that it has possibilities to expand its knowledge and its consciousness. Perhaps he will soon receive an award or an award for his services. Krone often also indicates an excessive need for recognition, vanity and superficiality. If it is made of inferior material, vanity makes one look ridiculous, while the damaged crown indicates a loss of prestige. It is a symbol of power that includes its abuse. The golden crown indicates that one feels sublime towards a fellow human being and that one could run the risk of forgetting one's own heart over goods and money. The crown of myrtle indicates a wedding (it doesn't have to be your own) or the beginning of a new, happier time. A crown can also represent victory and devotion, especially to commitments. Possibly the dreaming has directed his striving and his strength to a certain goal, and his greatest victory was that over his own indolence. The crown of thorns is generally understood as a symbol for emotional suffering and worries, but humility and excessive religiosity can also stand behind it. The crown may also indicate that we will not attain 'the crown of life' without trial and hardship.


On the spiritual level, the crown symbolizes the victory over death and fulfillment in the dream. It is a jewel of the royal emblem.



  • If someone dreams that he is wearing the imperial crown, which, as is well known, is adorned and adorned with precious stones and pearls, he will, be he who he wants, become emperor and achieve fame according to the beauty of the crown.
  • If the stones and pearls hang from the crown like earrings, his dominion will resemble the length and beauty of the precious stones.
  • If the emperor dreams that the pendants or the ribbons of his crown have been cut off, his imperial court will not be very glamorous and will only last for a short time.
  • If he gives his crown to another or to a woman, with the instruction to wear it, the one who has received it will receive a share in power with his consent, - but he has handed over the crown so that it can be put in its place , whoever accepted it, will have a close personal relationship with the emperor, - gives this the crown to a well-known woman and if she is Augusta, will she give birth to an emperor, if she is another person, will become his courtesan.
  • If he hands the crown to an unknown woman, the emperor will have a happy year according to the beauty of the woman, but if she is ugly, a bad and unhappy one.
  • If he dreams that his crown has fallen to the ground and broken and jewelry and precious stones have been scattered, he will be exposed to adversities, attacks and afflictions, but will be master of all evils because it is possible to pick up the jewelry and restore the crown.
  • If the emperor dreams that someone else snatch the crown from him by force, it will be stolen or lost so that it is nowhere to be found, he will forfeit his rule and die, - because under no circumstances can an emperor who has lost his rule on Stay alive.
  • see or carry: get to high honor and wealth,
  • from gold: one can be conscious of his successes but should not become arrogant, - you strive for wealth and forget the heart,
  • from silver: one can soon count on the courtesy of another person, whom one does not count straight to his friends,
  • from flowers: Wedding and engagement in prospect,
  • from meadow flowers: happy love time,
  • from thorns: heavy heartache,
  • from ears: Wealth and luck,
  • made of straw: ridicule and shame.


  • This shimmering symbol prophesies reputation and security, but also effort and loss of health. It expresses that the dreaming determines his way himself, whether he now chooses that of earthly goods or that of the true values ​​of life. (Man


  • means a change of the habits of life, - one will go away from home and build up new relationships, - can also predict a deadly illness, - one will be favored by higher personalities,
  • see together with a cross: one is favored by a death,
  • carry one: means loss of the personal property,
  • golden ones: counts as arrogance and vanity,
  • silver ones or those from inferior metal: one will receive a present,
  • of myrtles: one will take part in a wedding or hold wedding itself,
  • of flowers have: brings unclouded joy,
  • from dead bones: means a deadly illness,
  • crown someone: shows one's own worth.


  • be adorned with it: you will one day clothe high places,
  • carry: Wealth,
  • see: challenges stand before you,
  • of flowers: untroubled joys,
  • of gold or silver: a gift.
(See also 'king')