Do I really have to wear makeup

Make-up: is make-up bad for the skin while exercising?

For many, one thing is clear: Make-up is completely superfluous in the gym or during jogging. Often it is even said that wearing make-up while exercising is bad for the skin. Not least because many people claim that make-up is fundamentally harmful to the skin and therefore twice as much harmful if sweating while wearing makeup. But is part of the assertion that one better not go to sport with make-up should, because really something to it? Here you can find out:


Makeup while exercising: this happens to your skin

Basically, it can be said that it is not good for your skin if you go to the gym with tons of make-up on your face. The pigment particles contained in make-up settle deep in your skin and in combination withSweat that cannot escape well from the skin due to the foundation, it can lead to redness, tension and nasty inflammation in the face. Often times are stubborn pimples result. Sweating is so important! The body tries to keep itself at normal temperature and not to overheat completely. SoIt is better not to clog your pores while exercising and make sure that your skin can breathe and sweat well. However, this does not necessarily mean that you have to completely do without make-up when exercising. With the right makeup, you don't have to worry about your skin suffering during your workout.


Make-up in sports: this is how it works

In the meantime there are actually already Make-up that's made to last through a power workout. You can just as easily use normal products, provided they are the right ones. Highly pigmented, strongly covering Camouflage make-up is sometimes taboo in sports! It doesn't let the pores breathe, but actually clogs them. But luckily there is great Alternativesso that you don't have to go without a flawless complexion even when you're working out. For priming your skin, you can either use a Use a tinted day cream, a BB or CC cream or light make-up, that as possible not oily should be. By the way, we will tell you here how to apply foundation correctly. When training in the fresh air, it is also particularly important that the respective product offers a sufficient sun protection factor should contain. On top, something takes care of it transparent or matting powder ensuring that everything lasts well.

Girls who want to emphasize their eyes while exercising should opt for waterproof mascara and a waterproof brow gel decide. Thanks to the water- and sweat-resistant texture, your eye make-up cannot run. If you want to give your lips a subtle touch of color, it is best to use it light lip gloss or lip balm. With these lip products, it is not so noticeable if they smear a little. Last but not least, you can fix your make-up perfectly with a few simple tricks and helpers so that it lasts as long as possible. After exercising, you should definitely remove your make-up thoroughly. Oh yes, and of course the following rule applies as always: Never put your hands in your face!

So doing sports with make-up is basically not wrong. It always depends on which products you use to make-up and that you don't overdo it with your make-up! Without make-up or with make-up - we wish you a lot of fun with your next training session!