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Do you have to memorize the periodic table for your next chemistry work? You have no idea how to get the main groups and periods in your head so quickly? With these tricks, you'll soon be able to recite them in your sleep.

Learn the main groups with mnemonics

Step 1:

Write the abbreviations of the elements of the seven main groups (columns from top to bottom) one below the other on a piece of paper. The first main group z. B. includes the abbreviations "H, Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr", the second "Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Ra" etc.

Step 2:

Now think of a funny sentence about the abbreviations of the elements of each main group. It can look like this:

With fun to learning success - that's how it's done
Main groups1st element of the group2nd element of the group3rd element of the group4. Element of the group5th element of the group6. Element of the group7. Element of the group
1st main groupHold, | hydrogenleftebe | lithiumN / Atasha, | sodiumKarsten | potassiumrouchbt | RubidiumC.asars | CesiumFr.ouch | Francium
2nd main groupBert | berylliummaG | magnesiumApproxmilla | Calciumsehr | strontiumbald | bariumrathrow out. | radium
3rd main groupB.oah, | boronalle | aluminumgaffen | galliumin | IndiumToiletten. | Thallium
4th main groupC.laudia | carbonsieht | silicongewheel | Germaniumschniefende | tinPumababys. | lead
5th main groupNa, | nitrogenPosaunas | phosphorusAss | arsenicS.abine | antimonybimmelt. | Bismuth
6th main groupOh | oxygenS.imon, | sulfurSebastian | seleniumteilt | TelluriumPoto bake. | polonium
7th main groupF.inde | fluorineCloff, | chlorinebraver | bromineI.ndians | IodineAtilla! | Astatine
8. Main groupHeyy | heliumNole, | neonArabella | argonkris | kryptonXenias | xenonR.anZen. | radon

Note: Attention, the artificial elements 113-118 are not taken into account in these mnemonics!

You can of course also memorize the abbreviations with our mnemonics. But you can remember the main groups even better if you come up with your own funny sentences.

Learn the periods with mnemonics

Step 3:

Now write the abbreviations of the periods (lines from left to right) on a piece of paper.

Step 4:

Now you can also think of mnemonics for these abbreviations. It can look like this:

Memorandum1st element of the period2nd element of the period3rd element of the period4th element of the period5th element of the period6th element of the period7th element of the period8th element of the period
1.Hans | hydrogenheyult! | helium
2.Liebe | lithiumBeate, | berylliumB.odo | boronchad | carbonnoch | nitrogenOhne | oxygenfreternal | fluorineNoactivities. | neon
3.N / Atasha | sodiummaG | magnesiumalle | aluminumsito learn | siliconPopel, | phosphorusso | sulfurClfrom ’| chlorineArnt. | argon
4.Komm | potassiumApproxrsten, | CalciumGabi | galliumgeht | Germaniumals | arsenicSeebär | seleniumBrause | brominekrumeln. | krypton
5.R.aben | Rubidiumschra | strontiumin | Indiumschnellen | tinS.ilben: | antimonyThorsten | Telluriumisst | IodineXenia. | xenon
6.C.hris | Cesiumbat | bariumTHilo, | Thalliumprobfor the sake of | leadbis | BismuthPolen | poloniumAtem | Astatinereggnblow. | radon
7.Fr.ank | Franciumratzt | radiumaucH. | Actinium

Note: Attention, the artificial elements 113-118 are not taken into account with these mnemonics!

Step 5:

Now it is a matter of learning the mnemonics by heart and assigning the abbreviations to the corresponding elements.

Of course, this method also involves a bit of work. But it's faster and more fun. And soon you can sing this song in your sleep 🙂:

We wish you every success with your learning!

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