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Cooking with children

"I want to peel the potatoes! And stir the soup too! Maaama, I can't get to the pot !!!" If such sentences are repeated shortly before dinner after a stressful day, and the baby may also cry at the same time, the dearly meant help of the offspring can actually only end in disaster. Cooking with children primarily needs one thing: and that is a lot of time.

Interest is aroused

Most children begin to be interested in cooking between the ages of 4 and 5. You can see what mum or dad is sizzling, roasting or cooking and they also experience the preparatory work, such as cleaning vegetables, picking herbs and breading schnitzel. And they really want to help! Whoops, they've already taken the knife and start snipping wildly at it. Probably not a mom who doesn’t lose her heart in the face of fear in the face of such experiments! Of course, small children cannot do all the work around the stove - some things are just too dangerous at this age. Nevertheless, there is often much more potential in our offspring than we suspect. The only problem is: we have to start to trust our children with certain things.

Promote the desire to cook and provide assistance

The first attempts in the kitchen are usually made while baking cookies. Knead the dough, roll it out and cut out motifs with molds - even the little ones love that! Then the cookies are lovingly decorated and admired extensively! (Baking cookies with children) Of course, snacking shouldn't be neglected either. It gets more difficult when cutting: but even a 4-year-old can chop up soft fruits or vegetables with a knife under mom's guidance. There are specimens with a blunt blade especially for kids. A real kitchen knife can then also be used from around the age of 6. The age information is of course only a guide, as every child goes through a different development. From the beginning, however, it is important to learn how to use the various kitchen utensils correctly. For example, cuts are always made away from the body and hot pots are only touched with a pot holder. Fat in the pan can splash and you can easily get scalded when draining potatoes or pasta. By constantly commenting on your own activities in the kitchen as an adult, the children almost automatically grow into these tasks as well. The use of electrical kitchen appliances (such as a mixer or hand blender) is only suitable for school children. Here, too, the kids should be introduced slowly and only work under the supervision of an adult.

Pasta is much loved and easy to prepare

When children learn to cook, they want nothing more than a sense of achievement. It is therefore best to start with simple dishes. Even elementary school children can prepare the ever-popular pasta with tomato sauce and grated cheese with a little help. It goes without saying, however, that the tomato sauce is freshly prepared - because simply opening a can is really no art! But also pancakes or a pizza are definitely dishes that the youngsters can help diligently with. A major hurdle has already been overcome when the child can read. Then it can independently weigh the ingredients and use the recipe to find out about the preparation. Nevertheless, a helping hand can be useful, especially at the beginning of your cooking career. Because many tricks and tricks are not in a cookbook, but arise from the wealth of experience of mom and dad.

What can children cook?

Cooking with children also means chaos in the kitchen

Cooking with children is definitely not a clean affair. Especially in preschool age, after working around the stove, it is not uncommon for you to have the feeling that you could collect your meal from the kitchen floor. There is spillage and spillage, one or the other breaks or is knocked over. Well, cooking needs to be learned and the more experience you have, the chaos in the kitchen also decreases. But one thing should be clear from the start: after work, we tidy up! Flour bags, butter dish, breadcrumbs - everything is put back in its place. Waste is thrown away and used dishes are washed or put in the dishwasher.

When children learn to cook, it is much more than just preparing a meal. You get very elementary things about the healthy eating with and get to know a wide variety of foods. We can support them by giving in to their desire to help and, as it were, leading them into the realm of the culinary arts by our hand.
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