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Prevent back problems with vibration plates

Back pain are widespread today. For more and more people, sitting in front of the computer for hours at work leads to improper stress on the spine. Women suffer from back problems significantly more often than men. With increasing age, the susceptibility to back problems increases. Special vibration plates, which are already used successfully in physiotherapy and in many rehab clinics, are suitable for pain relief and to increase freedom of movement. With its versatile uses and effects, the vibration plate is a practical fitness device. In addition to reducing painful symptoms, the sports device also promotes muscle build-up and helps to improve stamina. A vibration plate is also suitable for people with chronic complaints and can also be used by seniors with muscle weakness.

Vibration therapy causes relaxation of the back muscles

With a Vibration therapy back pain can be combated in a targeted manner. Devices that work according to the side-alternating vibration principle are used in the therapeutic and medical fields. Medical studies have found that the side-alternating mode of action is most successful with a back problem. During training, the tilting movement of the pelvis creates a posture similar to that of running. This results in a reflex-controlled and rhythmic muscle contraction for the user, which relaxes the muscles and counteracts back pain.

Regular exercise strengthens the back

Regular training on the vibration plate strengthens the back and promotes mobility of the back muscles. Fitness trainers recommend a training minimum of around ten minutes a day for “bodyforming”. The trainees should not simply stand on the device, but move their bodies on the vibration plate in a controlled manner. The exercises make you sweat quickly. The vibration training also reaches the involuntary musclesthat is not used in conventional sports training. Muscle training on a vibration plate can protect the body from many other diseases besides back pain.

When does the use of vibration plates make sense?

The use of a vibration plate has proven itself in back pain and is now an integral part of back therapy in numerous rehab clinics. The use of the health plate is particularly useful for the following back problems:

  • Scoliosis

  • Postural damage

  • Back pain after injuries or accidents

  • Muscular hypertension

  • Herniated disc (except in the acute phase)

  • Degenerative diseases of the spine

The areas of application of the vibration plate are not limited to medical indications. The compact training plate is also worthwhile as a preventive measure and to strengthen the back muscles. The training strengthens the ligaments and joints and improves mobility and balance at the same time. As a pleasant side effect, the exercises on the vibration plate shape the body and stimulate the burning of calories. Anyone who is plagued by back pain automatically takes a relieving position. If the affected muscle groups are not used for a long time, mobility may be restricted. Pain in the back area is relieved by movement and an even strain on the muscles, as in vibration plate training. Through vertical movements up and down, muscles can be trained that are responsible for movements around the longitudinal axis of the body. With a vibration plate that enables 3D vibrations, more muscles can be involved in the training. The sequence of movements on the training plate runs from right to left and in up and down movements. This ensures a lasting training effect.

Also suitable for intervertebral disc problems: the vibration plate

Training should only be temporarily avoided if there is severe back pain. Back pain is effectively and lastingly alleviated through the improved muscle relaxation after vibration plate training. The regular movements cause an inhibition of the pain receptors. Experts recommend regular training sessions to strengthen the back muscles. The improvement in muscle performance has a strengthening effect on the muscles of the back and greater stability of the spine. Training with the vibration plate is also good for the intervertebral disc (except in the acute phase!). The connective tissue intervertebral disc structures act as a buffer between the individual vertebral bodies. Years of incorrect loading result in high pressure on the intervertebral discs, which can manifest itself in painful ailments that can even lead to a herniated disc. Vibration training promotes the flexibility of the intervertebral discs and their resilience.