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This is a decline of 174,000 hectares compared with 2017.
That corresponds to one Decrease from 174,000 hectares compared to 2017.
The first week there was even a decline of nearly 100,000.
There was even one the first week Decrease from nearly 100,000.
Boring everybody stiff about the decline of the modern novel.
The Marathas penetrated Rajasthan upon the decline of the Mughal Empire.
The Marathas invaded the Rajasthan Decline of the Mughal Empire.
You call it the decline of "Swiss capitalism".
No. I'm observing the decline of the capitalist system, my friend.
Nevertheless the full year 2009 suffered a decline of -5.1%.
Nevertheless, the whole of 2009 had to be Decrease from accept minus 5.1 percent.
This represents a decline of 28% in 37 years.
So a decline of just 3.5%. Despite the alleged crisis.
So a Decrease from just about 3.5%. Despite the alleged crisis.
These amounts to a decline of 28 %.
This represents a decline of almost 15 percent compared to 2008.
That is a decline of 19 percent.
The decline of the railways is also linked to problems concerning finance.
The decline is also related to financing problems.
The decline of Our coastal zones is often a result of this reprehensible wait-and-see policy.
The Deterioration of the The state of our coasts is often due to this harmful wait-and-see attitude.
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