Online applications for the UAE are reliable

Information for applicants

Things to know about your application:

Which documents are absolutely necessary?

A CV and cover letter are essential. If you are invited to a selection interview, we also need your certificates.


Can I hand in my certificates later?

Once you have submitted your application, you can no longer submit your certificates retrospectively. Should we need your certificates, we will contact you directly.


In which language should I submit the documents?

Please apply in the language in which the advertisement is formulated.


Can I change my documents after they have been submitted?

Once you have submitted your application, you can no longer edit or change it. Therefore, please make sure that all information and documents are correct and complete before submitting your application.


How can I apply for a job advertisement online?

On our job market you will find a red button "Apply online now" in every job advertisement. We recommend that you register on our website. You will then have the opportunity to manage jobs that have been saved in your career portal and to find out about the status of your applications at any time.


Can I send an unsolicited application to GIZ?

Unsolicited applications are not possible. All of our vacant positions are advertised on our job market. So visit our job market regularly and set up a job subscription. You can find information about this on our website.


Can I have several applications running at the same time?

You can of course apply for several positions at the same time. Please only note that you have to apply for each position individually.


As a non-EU citizen, can I apply for advertised positions in development aid?

Requirements for the employment as a skilled worker in the development aid are among other things the possession of the German citizenship or a citizenship of another member state of the European Union.


When can I expect a response?

Please understand that our careful selection can take some time. We always try to get back to you as soon as possible.


What criteria do I have to meet for a short-term assignment as a development aid specialist? What should you pay particular attention to in the case of a short-term assignment?

Please note that only people who have already worked in development aid for at least one year and who have been posted in accordance with the Development Aid Act (EhfG) are eligible for a short-term assignment.


What are the general requirements for working as a development worker?

  • a completed vocational training or a completed degree,
  • at least two years of relevant professional experience in which you have tested and expanded your specialist knowledge,
  • good foreign language skills according to the country of assignment,
  • German citizenship or citizenship of another member state of the European Union.

Employment in development aid is a non-profit-making service that is paid for with a maintenance allowance as well as family, health and insurance benefits. The mission begins with intensive preparation lasting several weeks, also for the family in Germany and in the partner country. After their assignment in the partner country, development workers are supported in their professional and social reintegration in the country of origin.