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Marketing in gastronomy: 3 tips for more success

Millions of guests visit the around 165,000 restaurants in Germany every year. Gastronomy marketing is an important means to win more guests and to assert oneself against the big competition.
Corona, seasonal slumps and economic crises are causing problems for the catering industry. However, if you manage to advertise your restaurant well, you will defy any crisis and guide many guests to your restaurant.

In this article, you will learn the 3 best tips for attracting new guests quickly and cheaply. As a bonus, we will also tell you which 5 mistakes you should absolutely avoid.

An article by Patrick Schady

Tip # 1 - Use growth factors in gastronomy marketing

In the catering industry there are 4 measures to increase sales:

  • Increase the number of guests
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Increase sales per table
  • Increase the frequency of visits

You can do all 4 points look like a chainthat is only as strong as its weakest link. On average, it costs 7 times more to win a customer than to keep it. It is therefore a simple calculation: winning a new customer costs 14 euros, for example, and keeping him 2 euros. If you now increase the frequency of visits and the per-table turnover, your profit increases considerably.

You can find out how this works below.

Increase the number of guests

Nowadays you have numerous options for reaching new guests quickly. You can…

  • ... place paid advertising on Facebook, Google and Co.
  • ... place an advertisement in regional magazines.
  • ... operate search engine marketing
  • … Distribute flyers
  • ... get listed on portals

Customer loyalty as a marketing tool

As mentioned at the beginning, it costs 7 times more to get a guest into your restaurant than to keep it. The Customer loyalty is often neglected in the hospitality industry. Here, too, there are numerous ways to quickly and easily improve the bond with your guests:

  • Newsletter marketing
  • Discount promotions
  • Stamp cards
  • Birthday promotions / vouchers

You can find a detailed overview of this topic in our article >> Customer loyalty in the gastro <<

Increase sales per table - this is how you boost sales

To increase the per-table sales are two factors crucial. For one, yours Service staff and on the other hand yours Menu. The staff is your sales harpoon. Your menu is the prerequisite for this.

Friendliness and good service usually only have a positive effect on the tip. As a boss, you don't have any higher sales from it. Only by active recommendations (e.g. offering appetizers or desserts) you increase the per-table turnover.

We will show you exactly how this works in the article >> Increase sales in the gastro <<

Increase the frequency of visits - more guests for your gastronomy

How often a guest comes to your restaurant depends a lot on that Customer loyalty together. Still, you have to for this point operate active gastro marketingso that a guest honors you more often. Measures for this are ...

  • ... events such as a live band
  • ... active advertising on social media and your own website
  • ... changing / seasonal dishes

Tip # 2 - Use the Internet as a Marketing Tool

over 18 million users search for a restaurant on the Internet. Anyone who does not do marketing for their gastronomy online is missing out on a large piece of the pie. Only 60% of restaurants are active on social media. Only 80% have their own website.

The internet can be a be a huge sales magnet for your own gastronomy. A good marketing mix for your own restaurant also includes several channels.

Social media marketing

Facebook, Instagram and Co. have been real for several years Customer magnets become. The "simple" use of these platforms also has a decisive advantage: It's free.

You can find out how you can effectively use social media for your gastro marketing in our article >> Social Media Marketing <<

Own website - compulsory in gastronomy

Having your own website for your restaurant, café or bar is an absolute must these days Got to in gastronomy. Here your guests can find out about the dishes in advance to inform and one get a first impression. In combination with a Google-My-Business account, you can free can be found via Google search.

Promote food bloggers for your restaurant

Hated by many restaurateurs and popular with social media users. Food bloggers literally divide the catering industry. Depending on the reach and number of users, a food blogger can reach potential guests for you.

You can find out what you need to know about bloggers in the article >> Food bloggers attract guests to the country <<

Tip # 3 - Make targeted catering advertising

If you want to get started with full tables overnight, for example after a restaurant has opened, you usually have to Take money in hand. In catering marketing you have the following options:

  • Facebook advertisements
  • Google Ads
  • Advertisements in regional newspapers
  • distribute flyers
  • Listing with delivery services

Gastronomy marketing checklist: 4 mistakes you should avoid

Mistakes are expensive and annoying. It is the same in marketing. In the following you will find out which mistakes you should absolutely avoid for your gastro-marketing.

One-sided focus in marketing

As in any other industry, you shouldn't just rely on one horse in the catering trade. As described at the beginning, there are numerous ways to guide guests into your restaurant.

At least in the beginning you should as many marketing channels are used as possible. When you have built up a large community, you then only focus on the "most important" marketing channels.

Not keeping an eye on numbers

What does a guest cost? This number is immensely important for catering marketing. If a guest brings me 20 euros, but costs 25 euros in advertising budget, you should optimize or reconsider your marketing measures.

For this you also have to use the lifelong customer value consider. A won new customer can develop into a regular guest and this increases its value.

The calculation for this could, for example, be as follows:

Lifelong customer value = 2 (years) x 20 euros (profit per visit) x 4 (visits per year) = 160 euros (in two years)

In this case, if a won new customer were to cost 50 euros through Google Ads, a profit of 110 euros would be left over.

Wrong target group for your restaurant

Guests are not the same as guests. Every restaurant, café or bar attracts one specific or multiple target groups at. The high-priced Italian in the city center should therefore try to acquire families rather than schoolchildren and students. in the online marketing such target groups can be “easily” distinguished and acquired.

Insufficient marketing budget

Depending on Location, competitor and Awareness must be planned more or less budget. In addition, the amount of the budget also depends on the number of the various marketing measures.

For advertisements in online marketing you should at least 3 euros per day be scheduled. The cost of flyers is around 12 euros per 1000 pieces. In addition, costs for creating the flyers and distributing them should be budgeted. A total of 200 euros should be taken into account as a guideline.

Conclusion - successful gastronomy marketing

As a restaurateur, you need one for successful marketing clear marketing plan and a clear marketing strategy. Use all of the growth factors as well Internet (Social media + a website) and make targeted advertising. This means that you can bear the first fruits in a very short time.

You should also pay attention to the right target group that “fits” your restaurant and into which Customer loyalty invest. For example, with newsletters, discount stamps and the like, you can bind your guests to your gastronomy in the long term with little effort.

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