Why are airfares not fixed

Flight canceled due to Corona: If the ticket is not refunded

Basically, if an airline cancels the flight, you have the choice between reimbursement of the flight price or other transport to the final destination under comparable travel conditions at a later point in time. It is clearly stated that repayments for individually planned flights must be made within seven days. This period begins when the airline receives the request for payment. The price reimbursement in the form of a travel voucher is only permitted with the passenger's written consent.

It's fine with you not a single flightbut about one Package tour? We will describe your options in this case in a separate article. There is also a matching sample letter there.

The fact that some passengers have to wait for the repayment right now seems as if the providers are playing for time - in the hope that a voucher solution sought by the travel industry will become law after all. The EU Commission has clearly rejected the plans of the federal government and the government parties have (for the time being) also given up the plans for compulsory vouchers for air transport contracts in the travel sector. Some providers want to keep you as a customer and offer vouchers that have a higher value than the original travel price.

But for those affected, this means that they have to think twice about whether to claim the money back or accept the voucher. This is a question of the risk assessment and also of the respective personal situation:

1. Accept voucher: If you don't urgently need the money and want to act in solidarity with the airline, you can of course accept the voucher - especially if it has a higher value. The risk: bankruptcy of the provider. In this case, the money is likely to be lost, because consumers usually lose out in bankruptcy proceedings.

2. Claim money back: If you urgently need the money and do not want to get involved in a voucher solution, you should contact the airline and insist on the reimbursement of the flight price. You should set a deadline of seven days. If the provider refuses the reimbursement or does not respond, you can contact an arbitration board. The arbitration is free of charge for you. Depending on the airline, the arbitration board for public transport (Söp) or the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ) is responsible. A list of members of the Söp can be found here. If your airline is not there, the BfJ is responsible.

If the arbitration does not lead to success, there is the possibility of a dunning procedure against the provider. You can find more information about the dunning procedure in our article on the subject.

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