What does double apple mean in dogs

Your individual double apple tobacco!

But not all two apples are the same and not every hater should curse him for the devil without knowing the sometimes immense, brand-specific differences.

With the knowledge that this SK clan tutorial gives you, many will in the future Dapfel fans, as well as haters, be able to go one step further in the matter, or just set foot on unknown territory.

Double apple is not the same as double apple tobacco

There are numerous versions of the Apple tobaccowhich of strong anise-heavy up to one sweetish, fruity character pass.
The most famous representatives of the "Double apple" are Nakhla and Al Fakher. But even lesser-known brands have some really noteworthy creations to offer.
While Nakhla tends to be fruity, gentle licorice-like Direction, earlier batches of Al Fakher can truly make your throat sting from the sheer aniseed.

In the following you can see a small list of various Doppelapfel representatives with whom we, the SK Clan, have already had experience. You ultimately need this list to create your personal double apple tobacco:

Afzal (very sweet and fruity, focus on green apple)
Al Ajamy (kept fruity, slight hints of anise)
Al Fakher(full-bodied, depending on the batch, slightly-very heavily aniseed)
Al Waha (full-bodied red, sometimes very strong aniseed when heated)
Debaj (Focus on red apple, moderately sweetish tones)
Djinni (sweet / sour green apple in the same proportion with red)
Nakhla (Focus on red, tender licorice-like apple)
Serbetli (sweetish green apple, slight hints of anise)

With the above information, you should now be able to create an individual mix of Apple different brands to suit your taste. For example, my favorite would be a medium heavily aniseed one Double apple, with both sweet and sour hints. Formula for this: Al Waha and Al Fakher in equal parts, with half the amount already used, of the Djinni double apple.

It would be advisable to mix the mixture in a jam jar or something similar a few days before smoking in order to give the aromas time to combine. Molasses can also be used, in the example of Al Waha, use for additional flavoring.

Since tobacco are listed here, all of them are different Heat management need, it is advisable to also find an individual setup in order to be able to guarantee the best possible result for YOUR new favorite.