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Urban, spatial and mobility planning

We understand the task of spatial planning as a comprehensive process which, in addition to structural structures, also thinks about the issues of mobility, energy, supply and disposal as well as socio-cultural aspects and identity and thus comes to solutions that identify a multitude of potential fields of action for the future . To this end, we develop specific planning and action options for our clients. We show flexible and future-oriented strategies and measures that ensure orderly and sustainable development.

For us, however, the process of spatial planning with all actors involved is also the focus of every project. In addition to close coordination with the client, this also always requires target group-specific communication of the planning content. As a service provider for the citizens, we therefore always take our task of urban and spatial planning as an assignment to (urban) society.

Our service areas in this area include, among other things:

  • Urban development & strategic concepts
  • Mobility concepts
  • Energy concepts

Research & advice

As a spin-off of the Institute for Urban Planning and Urban Development at the University of Duisburg-Essen, urban and mobility research is also a focus of the work of Bläser Jansen Partner. Here, we primarily deal with the topics of future forms of mobility and their implementation in urban areas Context. The city as a complex system always forms the framework, the functioning of which, in our opinion, can only be explored through interdisciplinary perspectives. Thanks to extensive research experience, there is also a focus on the area of ​​individual electromobility and its spatial implications in urban areas. We are also working intensively on the qualification options for our urban areas through new modes of transport. Thanks to the research work of the two office founders Daniel Bläser and Hendrik Jansen in current projects at the Institute for Urban Planning & Urban Development, we have already been able to build up expertise in future-oriented mobility research. We also support public and private clients in the creation of advanced training concepts as well as through professional lectures on site.

This is also evident in the service areas:

  • Contract research & studies
  • Specialist lectures & publications
  • Action concepts

Urban planning & urban design

In the area of ​​urban development, BJP works on various topics relating to the design and planning of small-scale urban spaces. We have both a national and an international focus.

For us, urban planning represents the most concrete form of designing urban and rural spaces and has so far been a focus of our work.

Since our urban development projects usually have a high practical relevance, we can benefit from the basics of empirical research and propose innovative solutions that go far beyond the design of building structures. We can also contribute our expertise in the planning of energy concepts in order to promote sustainable urban structures. Building on the activities of the two office founders at well-known German architecture and urban planning offices, we can already fall back on a large number of references in the urban planning area.

Our fields of activity in the area of ​​urban planning include:

  • Urban planning drafts
  • Urban design
  • Framework concepts

Office brochure

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