Have people become too confident

10 characteristics of people in charge

In meetings and negotiations, as well as in teamwork, you often notice that certain women or men have the say in them - even if they rarely speak. These are not always the most senior people. Often, informal leaders also shape through her Appearance and behavior not only the course of discussions, but also the decisions made strongly.

That's mainly due to the way this is "Alpha people" communicate and how they present themselves. These "alpha people" have the following characteristics in common.

    1. Alpha people are confident
    2. Alpha people speak a clear language
    3. Alpha people motivate themselves
    4. Alpha people don't hide
    5. Alpha people take responsibility
    6. Alpha people are focused
    7. Alpha people want to seduce other people
    8. Alpha people use (body) language
    9. Alpha people get to the heart of things
    10. Alpha humans mark their territory

1. Alpha people are confident

For almost all official and informal leaders:

They know what they can do and what they are ready and able to do.

They know what they have done in the past. And that's what they're proud of. They act accordingly self-confidently. This is also articulated in hers Body language. For example, their upright posture. And her gripping handshake. And in the fact that they confidently look the other person in the eye. Their spoken language corresponds to this. She is not insecure, she is confident.

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2. Alpha people speak plain language

Alpha people are extreme performance and result-oriented. That's why you don't talk in long box sentences around the bush. You prefer short, crisp sentences with a clear message. They don't say “One could…”, but “We should….” Or: “I will…” And their statements are not peppered with such relativizing adverbs as “actually” and “maybe”, as is the case with a procrastinator.

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3. Alpha people motivate themselves

Alpha people can and want to make a difference.

And they have goals. Correspondingly a lot energy have them and radiate them. What if, like everyone else, they have a bad day? Then, when it comes down to it, they give themselves a jolt inside, and motivate yourself fFor the upcoming tasks - for example, by thinking about something nice like your last vacation. In this way they have a positive influence on their mood and thus their charisma.

4. Alpha people don't hide

Alpha people don't go to diving when the going gets tough. Rather, they then analyze the situation for themselves in order to take a position at the right time. Because they know: Especially when most people, figuratively speaking, tend to duck their heads, leadership is required. It is precisely then that it is necessary to the employees or colleagues Orientation and posture to give.

Her language is correspondingly clear and pointed, especially in such situations. That is, they do not resort to vague subjunctive statements such as "We could consider ...". Instead, they say, for example: "From my point of view we have two options: Either we ... or we ... I advocate that we ... because ..." They accept that they will encounter opposition - which, however, rarely happens. Because mostly the others are happy that someone finally takes the lead and drives the decision forward.

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5. Alpha people take responsibility

Alpha people are deed people. You are not afraid to take responsibility even if one Decision or task fraught with risk is. Then they say, for example: “I will see to it that….” At the same time, however, you name the conditions that must be met for this. "For this I need ... .." Or: "In return, I expect ..."

6. Alpha people are focused

Alpha people are not gamblers. On the contrary. Before they speak analyze the situation and weigh up the pros and cons, for example. Only then do they take a position. Their statements are usually well-founded and well-founded, which is why others are happy to follow them.

Alpha people only go into meetings or negotiations unprepared in absolute emergencies. Rather, you ask yourself in advance:

  • What is the theme?
  • What are the options?
  • What speaks for it and what against it?
  • So what is my position?

That is why they always leave a better impression than colleagues who shuffle unprepared in meetings - according to the maxim "Let's see what's coming".

7. Alpha people want to seduce other people

When communicating with other people professionally, real leaders always have the overriding goal in mind. And because you are well prepared, you can focus your attention on:

  • What is my counterpart saying?
  • What needs does he articulate?
  • What signals does it send out?

Accordingly, they perceive moods sensitively and can therefore formulate their statements in such a way that others trust them and are happy to be guided by them. You can also if necessary motivate other people - for example, by letting them dream of how nice it would be if the overarching goal were achieved. “Imagine if our profits doubled. Then ... "Or:" ... we would bring this innovative product onto the market. Then ... "

8. Alpha people use (body) language

Alpha people know: reaching your goal often depends on how you say something.

Accordingly, they choose their words in a targeted manner depending on the other person or the conversation situation - be it consciously or intuitively. They also use their body language in a targeted manner. Be it about Attention or approval to signal. But also to show, for example: Now it's enough, now we finally have to come to Potte.

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9. Alpha people get to the heart of things

Alpha people want to make a difference. That's why they get restless inside when they have the feeling: This is where things are being talked to. Then at some point they take the initiative and say, for example: “Well, I've been following our discussion. From my point of view we have three options: 1…. 2.… 3…. For 1 speaks,…. Against this,…. For 2 speaks,… speaks against it.…. Therefore I suggest: Let's implement possibility 3. Because it has the following advantages:…. ".

10. Alpha humans mark their territory

Alpha people know what they want - and what they don't want.

Accordingly, they also express it clearly when (potential) decisions “go against the grain” for them. And since they are usually well prepared, their reasoning is usually difficult to refute.

The people who deal with them on a regular basis also know this. Therefore, in decision-making situations, they often ask themselves in advance: “What does Mayer say…” or “… the millers about it?” So they refer to them Position of alpha people already in their planning. This is one of the reasons why alpha people usually have a very strong standing in their companies.

Barbara Liebermeister is an expert in business relationship management. She is the author of the book "Efficient Networking: How to Turn a Contact into a Value Business Relationship", published by FAZ-Verlag.