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In Washington, D.C. history comes alive! Hardly any other place in the United States of America is so shaped by political events and hardly any other city pays homage to the big names of politics as extensively as Washington, D.C. does. Washington, D.C. is the linchpin of American politics. Numerous monuments and tombs commemorate the deeds of great thinkers and reformers, and free museums also bring visitors closer to their history. If you have planned a stay in the capital of the United States, you've come to the right place!

Washington, D.C. Tips

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Washington, D.C. Tips - The city introduces itself

  • since 1800 it has been the capital of the United States of America
  • The city is named after George Washington, the first President of the USA. D.C. however, refers to the discoverer Christopher Columbus
  • Have you ever wondered what the D.C. actually means? It stands for District of Columbia. So Washington is not a state, but, as the name suggests, a federal district
  • America is actually the land of superlatives. So how is it that Washington D.C. there are no skyscrapers and hardly any tall buildings? A law from the beginning of the 20th century makes it possible. No building may be higher than the width of the neighboring street (plus 6.1 m). Exceptions are the Washington Monument, Washington National Cathedral and the tower of the Old Post Office.

But now I've stopped you long enough. It's time we got to that Traces of the great thinkers and politicians of America go.

Big names, big stories

Big names pave your way through Washington, D.C. because the city is too Seat of government of the United States of America. Formally on every corner you will meet names like Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson or John F. Kennedy, many of them immortalized forever in memorials and monuments. I would like to start with you at the Lincoln Memorial, which you will surely have heard from numerous films such as “Night at Museum 2”, “Planet of the Apes” or “White House Down” or even from the Back of the $ 5 note should look familiar.

From the outside, the memorial is reminiscent of a Greek temple, inside you will find the almost 6 meter high and seated statue of the 16th President of the USA, Abraham Lincoln. His gaze is on the opposite Reflection pool directed, in which, depending on the weather and viewing angle, you can see the reflections of the surrounding monuments. So make sure you have your camera out to capture this beautiful picture for eternity. If you let your gaze wander over the reflection pool, you will see a high, white column at the end. Your next destination, the Washington Monument, is just waiting for you.

On closer inspection, the column turns out to be obelisk, which is considered the tallest stone building in the world and gives you a breathtaking view of your surroundings. With the elevator you go to the Visitor platform below the top and during your ride you will pass the ornate stone blocks of the obelisk. Can you see which state or person donated the stones? From the Washington Monument you can see two of your next destinations directly: On your right is the Jefferson Memorial, which was built in honor of the third President of the USA and, similar to the Lincoln Memorial, is supposed to commemorate the Pantheon.

Make sure to take a look at the inside of the memorial, because the walls are lavish Excerpts from speeches and writings of Jefferson decorated. On your left is the real highlight of Washington, D.C.’s: the White House. I can literally feel your enthusiasm, but be warned, because as close as the pictures on television always suggest, you are guaranteed not to get to the White House. The official seat and official residence of any President of the United States is more secure than your savings in the bank. Of course, there is also the chance to look inside, as part of a guided tour you can take a look at the magnificent interior of the house and also take a look or two at the imposing gardens that surround the White House.

The most important rooms in the house are probably the East Room, where receptions and state dinners take place regularly, and that Oval Office, quasi the power center of the president, in which meetings with high-ranking officials are held. My political sightseeing tour ends at the United States Capitol. I can tell you that with every breath you take in politics, the Capitol is not only a popular tourist destination, but also Seat of the congress and meeting place of the Senate and House of Representatives.

Each part of the facility will want to introduce you to a different part of American history, so a visit to the inside is essential. Especially the dome, with its beautiful, chronological representation of US American history is an absolute eye-catcher. Take a special look at the Capitol after the presidential election, because The oath of office is taken from the new president on his stairs!

History with a difference

If you urgently need a break after so much politics and history, a visit to the United States Botanic Garden is recommended. Here you can hike along lush and colorfully overgrown paths, enjoy exotic plants or just put your feet up in one of the many water basins, and you get all of this completely free of charge.

If politics always makes you hungry, like me, should go to U-Street in northeast Washington. Over a whole nine blocks you can feast your way through the American kitchen, go on a shopping tour or take a walk along the calories you have been fed hip street art burn. If you go to U-Street in the evening, you will be drawn to numerous neon signs in their bars and clubs; Live music is also very important in this part of the city and so the district should really have something interesting ready for every vacationer. Anyone who is still receptive after my political overload should definitely go to one of the city's huge and fascinating museums.

The National Air and Space Museum is getting good reviews and recommendations, and best of all, it doesn't cost you a penny to enter. You want to meet like Ben Stiler in "Night in the museum“Feel? No problem, in the National Museum of Natural History you shouldn't be particularly difficult among all the dinosaur skeletons, sarcophagi and animal preparations. But just make sure that one or the other exhibit does not move from its place or even speak to you.

You are invited to take part in the International Spy Museum, which introduces you to the tricks of real and fictional secret agents in a diverse and interesting way. James Bond fans will get their money's worth here, as there are some among the exhibits Movie props and a current special exhibition is solely dedicated to the villains from the Bond universe.

Are you looking for a comfortable alternative Washington D.C. To explore, I recommend the Big Bus Tours sightseeing tours. Ride in the stylish, open-top double-decker buses through the city and experience all the sights in Washington D.C. conveniently and in a short time. It is best to buy your tickets in advance on-line, because then you save a lot.

Your trip to Washington, D.C.

So you see Washington, D.C. it can do more than just politics, but it is and will remain a large part of the city's history. Especially on the day of the presidential elections, Washington remains under observation and you will certainly come across interesting TV documentaries one time or another that you will find in combination with my Washington, D.C. Tips will certainly inspire you to take a detour. Or have you already been there and have a few insider tips ready for me and the community? Then always bring it on!

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