Is Tayyip Erdogan a psychopath

But then there is also the man who is driving the Islamization of Turkey, who is softening the rule of law. The man who threatens journalists and has them locked up, the man who complains hundreds of Turkish citizens for allegedly insulting him. The man who shoots tear gas at protesters and bombs Kurdish men, women and children. The man who is said to have worked with ISIS. And the man who is currently dismissing or imprisoning thousands of judges, prosecutors and members of the army. Is Erdoğan's public figure just a projection of a psychopathic profile?

Manipulative behavior

Psychologist Robert Hare's test shows some strong patterns. For example Erdoğan's manipulative behavior: To this day, it is controversial whether he ever graduated from college. His diploma is considered forged because it was signed by a director who only got the job after Erdoğan's graduation. And you can only become President of Turkey if you have a university degree. Another strong psychopathic trait is that he does not stick to agreements. Erdoğan abolished the death penalty in 2004 - now he wants to reinstate it. And although he himself set up a commission to come to terms with the genocide of the Armenians, he is probably his greatest denier today, even tearing down the “Monument to Humanity” in the eastern Turkish city of Kars. This symbolizes the reconciliation between Turks and Armenians. Instead, there should be a sculpture showing cheese and honey.