What would happen if Australia bought Canada?

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Australia is a country with strict immigration and quarantine regulations. You should familiarize yourself with these rules before traveling to Australia. First of all, you definitely need to have a valid ETA Australia.

You can easily apply for an ETA on this website. Make sure the traveler meets all the requirements set by the Australian government to increase the chance of entry into the country. Recently the news came again of how strictly Australia controls the incoming travelers. It is more common for the Australian Immigration Service to search travelers' phones. The traveler is required to have access to his / her telephone if the authorities so request when he / she wishes to enter Australia. If you do not allow access to personal effects, the Australian Immigration Service may refuse you entry into the country.

Prison sentence for 21-year-old student

The search of the cell phone even resulted in a prison sentence for a 21-year-old student from India. The student had arrived in Australia but was behaving suspiciously. The Australian Immigration Service asked for the phone to be inspected after getting off the plane.

The student arrived in Perth on Tuesday, October 9, 2018. There, Australian officials checked the traveler's cell phone. He was sentenced that same week.

In this particular case, nine videos and six photos with illegal images were found. The government then revoked his visa. A day later, the man had to answer in court; an eight-month prison term and a heavy fine were imposed. He may be released after four months.

Grant phone access - Australian ETA

In Australia, authorities are more likely to request access to travelers' cell phones. This happens, for example, when a traveler behaves suspiciously. In many cases, these are conversations where travelers indicate that they want to work illegally in Australia. It is important to provide mobile phone access to Australian officials upon request.

It is permissible to refuse the request; but then the ETA Australia may be revoked and you will have to return home. A law has even been passed in neighboring New Zealand making it a criminal offense for travelers to deny access to their phones or computers. Travelers can expect a heavy fine for this. Customs in New Zealand were already allowed to search devices, but the law did not require travelers to reveal their password.

Australia is already known for its strict quarantine and customs regulations. Every year, many travelers cross the border who then come into contact with the immigration service or customs. Often an ETA is withdrawn when there are doubts about the passenger's sincerity. It is therefore important to cooperate with the authorities in all controls and investigations. If Australian officials are given access to personal property, an investigation can be completed within an hour. If permission is not given, the investigation can take considerably longer.

Apply for an ETA for Australia

A trip to Australia must be prepared in good time. There is a strict visa requirement for German and Austrian travelers, without which you cannot enter Australia. Only Australian passport holders do not need to apply for a visa.

The visa check is often - but not always - already carried out when boarding or checking in with the airline in Germany. It is therefore important to apply for the visa in good time.

Please also note that children must have their own passport and visa. There are different types of visas for Australia. Most travelers use the eVisitor visa, which covers business travel and tourist travel. You can also use it to volunteer or take a short study course if you are not staying in Australia for more than 3 months.

Applying for an ETA is quick and easy. Filling out the application form takes just under five minutes. It is also possible to submit a group application. You can then pay all visas at the same time, so that the visa application can be completed within a few minutes. The cost of an ETA Australia is € 14.95 per person. The amount can be paid using trustworthy payment methods such as Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, eps transfer, PayPal and credit card. After receipt of payment, the request will be processed immediately.

However, a valid passport is required to apply for the visa. An ETA is usually approved within a few days and sent via email. If you need a visa faster, you can file an urgent application. The visa is then usually sent by email within 3 days. It takes the Australian government a long time to assess a visa application in the context of strict legislation. Apply for the ETA Australia in good time.

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