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Tobias Wegener: He doesn't want a celebrity girlfriend anymore!

Janine Pink and Tobias Wegener ended in October 2018! He's been single since then - but what does his girlfriend have to be like for him? The 27-year-old now says: His future should not be in public!

Tobias Wegener no longer wants a girlfriend who is in public. The "celebrities under palm trees" candidate has not been in any relationship since she fell out of love with Janine Pink. It doesn't have to be the hot 27-year-old. One or the other influencer has certainly already had an eye on Tobi - but he currently doesn't want anyone and if so, then no lady from the celebrity world!

Tobi wants to stay single for now

in the PromiflashIn the interview, Tobi made one thing clear above all - the world of women has to be very strong now: “I also just thought for myself that now I just take time for myself and just focus on the things that I also do plan. “Uff, that means no chances at first, ladies. For Tobi, he and his career come first. He currently doesn't want any dates or a relationship!

His future shouldn't be part of the celebrity world

And if a lady of the heart wants to make it with the "Celebrity Big Brother" candidate, she shouldn't be in public! “This is no longer an issue for me. I'm a guy anyway, I don't even want to have a girlfriend or deal with a woman who is in public. Too many people just notice that. ”He also takes a critical view of Instagram:“ From my point of view, my future wife doesn't need Instagram either ”. These are clear announcements from the actually very reserved Tobi! By the way, SAT.1 shows the big pronunciation of “celebrities under palm trees” on Wednesday at 10:20 pm.