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Pure nostalgia: 50 free retro games to download

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

In the follow-up to the well-known point - & - click adventure game "Monkey Island" you slip into the role of the clumsy pirate "Guybrush Threepwood" again. In the search for a hidden treasure, you must acquire four parts of the map, on which together the location is to be revealed. You cross the whole island and visit bizarre places. As the story progresses, you will get to know new characters and meet old friends. The ghost pirate "LeChuck" is also in this part and wants to take revenge for the last encounter with Guybrush.

»Download: Download Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Railroad Tycoon Deluxe

In the simulation game "Railroad Tycoon Deluxe" your mission is to found a railway company and to advance it economically. To do this, invest your small start-up capital in a locomotive as well as two train stations and a short route network. You can use this to transport goods and passengers and make a profit by selling the goods or tickets. With strategically wise decisions, you expand your area and prevent competitors from taking over coveted areas. Before starting for the first time, choose between the different continents and a level of difficulty.

Note: To be able to run the game under Windows, you need emulation software such as DOSBox or D-Fend-Reloaded.

»Download: Download Railroad Tycoon Deluxe

The Settlers 2 - Gold Edition

In the development strategy classic "The Settlers 2" you lead your people to economic wealth and protect your territory from attackers. At the beginning you only have one headquarters including some building materials and workers. You use these to set up your first productions of goods and manufacture wood, stones, tools and foodstuffs. You must ensure that the buildings are correctly positioned on the map and that the transport routes are drawn. This is the only way for your workers to work efficiently. To expand your empire, place military buildings on the borders and occupy them with soldiers. You use these to attack and defend your country. Once the enemy headquarters is destroyed, you win. As a Roman general, you will undertake a total of ten missions in the campaign and meet Vikings, Nubians and Asians. In addition, a world map with additional levels is available in the "Gold Edition". The "Free Game" mode offers the possibility of designing a battle according to your ideas.

Note: To be able to run the game under Windows, you need emulation software such as DOSBox or D-Fend-Reloaded.

»Download: Download Die Siedler 2 - Gold Edition

The Elder Scrolls - Arena

In the role-playing game "The Elder Scrolls: Arena" you will find yourself in the fantastic world of Tamriel. In the first person perspective, you scour dark basements and carry out dangerous missions. On your way you will find the eight lost parts of the magic wand. With this staff you have to defeat the mighty magician Jagar Tharn and thus save the world from great disaster.

Note: To be able to run the game under Windows, you need emulation software such as DOSBox or D-Fend-Reloaded.

»Download: Download The Elder Scrolls - Arena

StarCraft Anthology

"StarCraft Anthology" combines the real-time strategy game "StarCraft" and the expansion "Brood War" in a free full version. Note: You must have an active Battle.net account to use online multiplayer mode. If the login with your old access data does not work, you can register a new account with the previous information directly in the game. In addition, the program must be entered as an exception in the firewall.

»Download: Download StarCraft Anthology

Alien Breed Obliteration

In the action shooter "Alien Breed Obliteration" you fight against aliens on a space station. While you hunt down aliens, collect ammunition, money, various weapons and health points. The aim of each level is the safe elevator, through which you penetrate deeper and deeper into the interior of the base. Prove your strategic and tactical skills in various boss fights. The level of difficulty increases as the game progresses.

»Download: Download Alien Breed Obliteration

Ultimate Bruce Lee

In the action remake "Ultimate Bruce Lee" you embody kung-fu legend Bruce Lee and are on a journey to the evil wizard you want to defeat. Show your fighting spirit and eliminate your opponents with punches and kicks. In addition, you have to collect all the lanterns scattered around the level in order to get to the next section. "Ultimate Bruce Lee" is the new edition of the C64 classic "Bruce Lee" and offers a variety of modes that can be unlocked in addition to the graphic processing. Among other things, you play the game in the original graphics or in survival mode.

»Download: Download Ultimate Bruce Lee

Command & Conquer - Red Alert

In the real-time strategy game "Command & Conquer - Red Alert" you command a futuristic army. In the fight against evil it is your task to guide your units through the individual missions with tactical skill. The demands on your skills increase from level to level. As in the previous "Command & Conquer - Tiberium Conflict", you have to build barracks, arms factories and other buildings for your troops. Note: This game can only be run on 32-bit operating systems.

»Download: Download Command & Conquer - Red Alert

The Lost Vikings

In the platform game "The Lost Vikings" you take on the role of three Vikings who were kidnapped from their home village by aliens. With the trio you jump, fight and puzzle your way alternately through bizarre and dangerous worlds such as ancient Egypt, a factory or a spaceship. You have to use the various skills of each Viking in a targeted manner in order to ultimately find your way back to your home village safely. After each level you will receive a password with which you have access at any time to sections that have already been played.

»Download: Download The Lost Vikings

Elite - The New Kind

"Elite: The New Kind" is a space combat and economy simulation game with the aim of achieving the status of "Elite". In the remake you start as in the original with 100 credits, the rating "harmless" and the poorly equipped spaceship Cobra. With your shuttle you travel through the universe and fight against aggressive aliens and pirates. Alternatively, you can become a bandit yourself, face opponents and collect bounties and raw materials. Plan your travel and trade routes wisely in order to trade more than 15 goods at the numerous trading posts. The more money you make, the better equipment you can afford to hold your own in space.

»Download: Download Elite - The New Kind

Maniac Mansion Deluxe

In the wacky cult adventure "Maniac Mansion", which helped the developer veteran Ron Gilbert to first fame, you investigate the mysterious events surrounding a meteorite impact with the main character Dave and his friends. Sandy, a friend of Dave's, was introduced to the quirky scientist Dr. Fred Edison kidnapped. It should take part in an experiment as a research object. Your help is now called for: Save Sandy! To do this, you slip into the role of different adventurers one after the other. With the remake "Maniac Mansion Deluxe", the point - & - click adventure shines in 256 colors on the PC.

»Download: Download Maniac Mansion Deluxe


"MadTV" is a business simulation in which you slip into the role of program director Archie. You determine which films, series and commercials are shown and when. Buy cleverly new moving image material and make sure that commercials are placed in the right places, otherwise there is a risk of a contractual penalty. So you are constantly on the move in the “MadTV” high-rise. You commute between your own office, the film office, the advertising agency, the news studio and Betty's office. She is the face of the broadcaster and Archie is madly in love with her. Little gifts will slowly win you over, but also keep an eye on audience ratings and deadlines.
Note: To be able to run the game under Windows, you need emulation software such as DOSBox or D-Fend-Reloaded.
»Download: Download MadTV

Streets of Rage Remake

The "Streets of Rage Remake" brings the original arcade fighter gameplay back to the PC. Jump into the street fight with one of the available characters. The characters each have their own moves and techniques that you can use against hordes of adversaries. In story mode, the goal is to kill all opponents and reach certain checkpoints. There is also the possibility to face close combat in pairs or to use a computer-controlled bot to help. High scores are perpetuated in the integrated ranking. You record your personal game settings in a profile.

»Download: Download Streets of Rage

Giana's Return

"Giana's Return" is a remake of "The Great Giana Sisters". In the platformer game you cross a total of 56 levels and eight worlds to reach your goal. There the big boss is waiting for you. On the way there you will beat your way through desert, winter landscapes and blazing lava worlds. Collect all items and rubies scattered along the way. These bring you on the one hand points and on the other hand useful weapons that you can use against your opponents. The character is controlled with the help of the cursor keys.

»Download: Download Giana's Return

Beneath A Steel Sky

The adventure classic "Beneath A Steel Sky" is now also available as freeware: Guide the main character Robert Foster through a futuristic world. If you solve all the puzzles, you will learn the truth about its origin.

»Download: Download Beneath A Steel Sky

Ghouls and Ghosts Remix

In the platformer title "Ghouls and Ghosts Remix" dangers and dangerous creatures lurk for you. The aim of the game is to find stolen souls. Skill and good responsiveness are required to successfully pass a level. But don't take too much time - a timer specifies the length of time in which you have to reach the goal, otherwise it's “game over”.

»Download: Download Ghouls and Ghosts Remix


"Asteroids" is an action game from the childhood days of home computers. With a spaceship you have to shoot asteroids to avoid being hit by them. The vector graphics of the original have been replaced by 3D graphics.

»Download: Download Asteroids

King's Quest 1

Zak McKracken - Between Time and Space

The adventure game "Zak McKracken - Between Time and Space" was created as a fan project and is an unofficial continuation of the series about the tabloid reporter. The development took a whopping seven years. The plot: Kidnapped by aliens and with a huge bump on the back of his head, Zak has to find out what happened to him. To do this, you click your way through all kinds of scenarios in a familiar manner, conduct dialogues and combine objects to solve puzzles.

»Download: Download Zak McKracken - Between Time and Space

Wing Commander: Privateer Gemini Gold

In the space simulation "Wing Commander: Privateer Gemini Gold" you will find yourself in an old spaceship. This is your only possession and your job is to collect money and recognition by completing missions. For example, you can interact with different bases. In addition, you have to watch out for your space glider in battles, because damaged ship systems can fail and thus, for example, paralyze the controls.

»Download: Download Wing Commander - Privateer Gemini Gold Arena

The Elder Scrolls 2 - Daggerfall

In the classic game "The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall" you will find yourself in a 3D fantasy world. After you have answered a few questions, you will be assigned a game character. With this you can explore the world of games on foot or on horseback. Complete missions and assignments and become the leader of guilds and factions. The principle of the game is not to get to the end, but to be given as much freedom of action as possible. For example, if you fail a certain quest, this may affect another character that you won't meet until much later in the game.

Note: To be able to run the game under Windows, you need emulation software such as DOSBox or D-Fend-Reloaded.

»Download: Download The Elder Scrolls 2 - Daggerfall

Baphomet's Curse 2.5

The adventure game "Baphomets Fluch 2.5" emerged from a fan project and continues the second part of the "Broken Sword" series around the protagonist George. The detective story is about a mysterious telegram in which George is informed of the death of his partner Nico. Then he makes his way to Europe. When he arrives in Paris, he is confused and finds that she is still alive and that she was somehow involved in the murder of the Paris mayor. During his journey through the metropolis, he also came into contact with neo-Templars who wanted to usurp world domination.

»Download: Download Baphomets Fluch 2.5

Gods Deluxe

The action platformer "Gods Deluxe" takes you to ancient Greece, where you fight against monsters in the role of the hero "Hercules". To do this, use the weapons distributed in each section, such as throwing knives, swords, spears and axes. The beings behave intelligently and take cover, for example. To move forward, you need to take out traps and open locked doors. With power-ups you can replenish your health or get an extra life. These are distributed in the area or are left behind by defeated opponents. In the course of the game you will cross a city, a temple, a labyrinth and the underworld. At the end of each level you have to face a huge creature in a boss fight. Note: The "Java Runtime Environment" is required to run it.

»Download: Download Gods Deluxe


In "Blackthorne" you fight against enemy goblins and other monsters on the planet Tuul. In search of salvation you solve various puzzles and improve inventory, firepower and health. You will meet human prisoners who will help you with tips and objects. Blast your way with bombs. They let distant enemies get out of cover and then take them down with the shotgun. This is stowed away when climbing, running and jumping and then has to be pulled out again manually. The jump'n'run adventure is controlled exclusively with the keyboard.

»Download: Download Blackthorne

Command & Conquer - Tiberian Sun

In the real-time strategy game "Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun" you take command of a soldier unit. As in the first part, the classic is about the precious raw material Tiberium. You first decide which side you want to go into battle for. Then let your unit compete in thrilling battles. It is also your job to supply the units: build barracks, arms factories and boost agriculture

»Download: Command & Conquer - Download Tiberian Sun


In the vertical shooter "Hydorah" you take a seat in a space glider. You fly into battle against hostile flying objects and powerful end bosses. Every destroyed target leaves you with useful items. In this way you become invulnerable for a few seconds or your weapon becomes a laser cannon. Beware of protruding stones, as these will also explode your spaceship. A total of 16 levels with 27 sections are waiting for you.

»Download: Download Hydorah

Space Invaders

In the classic game "Space Invaders" you defend yourself against alien intruders. Your spaceship can be moved left and right at the bottom of the screen. Fire at aliens as they drop down from the top and attack you. Be careful not to get hit by enemy bullets, as this will cost you a life. Collect bonuses that keep coming down and take shelter behind blocks. But watch out! Even these do not withstand the fire of the aliens forever.

»Download: Download Space Invaders


The game "Bomberman" is a classic game in which you move bombs in a maze. With these you can remove disturbing walls or destroy enemies. PowerUps, for example, increase the explosive power or determine the number of bombs.

»Download: Download Bomberman


In the jumping and shooting game "Hurrican" you are offered a lot of action and sound effects. Shoot your way through nine varied levels and test your skills on various levels of difficulty. "Hurrican" is a remake of the classic "Turrican", which was released for numerous old game systems.

»Download: Download Hurrican


"Arkanoid" is a breakout classic and offers fast action. If you react well, you will break all records. Can you manage to completely destroy the massive stones? The gameplay is enhanced by various goodies that, for example, lengthen or shrink the racket or accelerate the ball.

»Download: Download Arkanoid


In "Froggy" you steer a frog over dangerous roads and treacherous rivers. The aim of the game is to collect as many targets as possible. You receive points for each of these discs. On your way, you have to dodge all kinds of threats, be they speeding cars, snappy snakes or slippery tree trunks. If "Froggy" has the time, he is reanimated by the paramedics and keeps the collected points. After the fourth death, however, the game is over.

»Download: Download Froggy

Heroine's Quest - The Herald of Ragnarok

The pixel role-playing game "Heroine’s Quest - The Herald of Ragnarok" sends you out as a heroine to put a stop to a nasty goblin king. You start in a medieval village and get to know your character's abilities and peculiarities there. The game world is frosty and hostile to life, so that you not only have to worry about fights with fiends, but also about your own physical well-being. Hunger, thirst and cold affect your health, which can be a decisive disadvantage in combat. With completed adventures you earn money, with which you can buy better weapons and armor, but also potions and food.

Download: Download Heroine’s Quest - The Herald of Ragnarok


With "Pong" you get the classic game on your computer. In the game you try to hit the square ball on the opposite side and past the opponent in tennis-style. You only move the paddle vertically. Use the floor and ceiling boundaries to your strategic advantage. As soon as one of the players has reached nine points, he has won the round. Then start a new game from the menu.

»Download: Download Pong


"Montris" is a Tetris variant with different levels of difficulty. The aim of the game is to position the falling blocks so that complete rows are created. If you have managed this, the rows break up and give you points. As soon as you have built a certain number of complete rows, you move on to the next level. With each level of difficulty, the speed at which the blocks fall increases.

»Download: Download Montris


In "La-Mulana" you go on an adventure in a foreign land in Indiana Jones style. Wild animals confront you when you go on a treasure hunt. The game world of the 8-bit jump'n'run is reminiscent of the Amazon jungle: Just don't plunge down the waterfall! The Indian village serves as a shopping facility for items, but the dealers do not speak your language. The music and sound effects of the platform game are just as nostalgic as its look.

»Download: Download La-Mulana


In the classic game "Lemmings" you ensure that a horde of lemmings find their way through obstacle-rich levels. The little pixel beings fall out of a trap into the respective game world and run unperturbed straight ahead. Your task is to skilfully divert the rodent polonaise and thus overcome walls and abysses. With a click of the mouse you equip individual lemmings with special skills and use them, for example, as climbers, parachutists or bridge builders. For the rest of the group you will pave a safe path through the obstacle course. As soon as a certain number of your protégés have reached the exit, you have successfully completed the level.

»Download: Download Lemmings

Elevator Action

In the action game "Elevator Action" you jump from elevator to elevator and stair to stair down to the parking garage: Collect and open the red doors, but be careful: enemy agents attack you everywhere!

»Download: Download Elevator Action

Solomon's Key Remake

"Solomon's Key Remake" is an imitation of the C64 classic of the same name. Your task is to find Solomon's treasure. To do this, look for a key in each level that will lead you to the next and cut off the path of your enemies. There are a total of 20 levels.

»Download: Download Solomon's Key Remake

No-action Jackson

In the style of the classic "Day of the Tentacle" you help protagonist Jackson in the adventure game "No-Action Jackson" to get past his parents to his "Dungeons & Dragons" role-playing comrades. A wonderful slapstick with some tricky puzzles.

»Download: Download No-Action Jackson

Planet M.U.L.E.

In “Planet M.U.L.E.” you compete with up to three human or machine opponents for the title of best economist. The economic simulation begins on barren landscapes, which you fill with life by building factories and mines. You use so-called MULEs, which you send to mine resources such as metal, food and crystals. A game consists of a maximum of 12 rounds, which in turn are made up of five phases. In these sections you acquire and cultivate new land, produce goods and sell them. At the end of the last round, the player with the most fortune will be chosen as the winner.

»Download: Planet M.U.L.E. download

Ur-Quan Masters HD

The game is a modern remake of the classic "Star Control 2". In "Ur-Quan Masters HD" you control a space glider and explore the vastness of space. They fly from planet to planet and collect important resources. You use this for the further construction and expansion of your spaceship. You will also meet different alien races on your journey. Each of these species has its own characteristics and life forms. You can also compete against other players in orbit in multiplayer mode.

»Download: Download Ur-Quan Masters HD

Dune 2077

In the strategy game "Dune 2077" you are looking for a rare spice in real time. In doing so, you develop and build a small town with production facilities, a research center and an infrastructure. However, the computer has artificial intelligence and is making your life difficult.

»Download: Download Dune 2077

Rock N 'Roll Racing

The classic game "Rock N 'Roll Racing" is bursting with gasoline and nitro. The nostalgic racing game for those who love destruction relies on simple graphics and keyboard controls. After the difficulty selection you are directly on the racetrack. There you compete against computer opponents who you fight with mines and missiles during the race. To improve the on-board weapons and the condition of your car, collect power-ups on the route. In addition, you can get even more points with gold coins.

»Download: Download Rock N 'Roll Racing

Quest for Glory 2 - Trial by Fire

With fresh controls and beautiful graphics, the adventure game "Quest for Glory" takes you into a story from 1001 nights. An interesting mix: The title merges elements from role-playing games with classic adventure game fare. In this way you increase stats, fight your husband, but combine items to solve puzzles.

»Download: Download Quest for Glory 2 - Trial by Fire

E-Motion Deluxe

"E-Motion Deluxe" is a free remake of the Amiga classic "E-Motion" from 1990. With the 50 original and 50 new levels, your task is to clear the balls of the same color by simply pushing the balls connected with rubber bands. You can play the game alone or in pairs.

»Download: Command & Conquer - Download Tiberian Sun


In "Pushover" it is your task to trigger a chain reaction of dominoes in such a way that a given stone is the last to fall over. The blocks can be arranged in any order, with stairs, holes and obstacles complicating the task. Blocks with special abilities are available to solve the puzzles. For example, they rise into the air on impact, explode or roll over several times. However, do not allow yourself too much time to think about it, as each level must be solved in a given amount of time in order to get to the next section of the game. Remake of the classic of the same name from 1992.

»Download: Download Pushover

Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe

In the historical shooter "Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe" you fight as an elite British soldier against the enemy during the Second World War. Up to four fighters are under your command. You fight against German, Italian and Japanese units in 23 missions. The missions are spread across nine different areas in Africa, Burma, Norway and elsewhere in Europe. After intense training at the start of the game, you'll be at the forefront.

»Download: Download Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe


In the Commodore action classic "Barbarian" you duel as a nameless warrior with other fighters to free the princess from the clutches of the evil wizard Drax. The opponents bring you to the ground with targeted blows with your sword and kicks. You have to watch out for counterattacks and block them at the right moment. The opponent's life points are deducted from the damage dealt. If these are used up, you have won the round and enter a high score. In addition, two players can compete against each other on the keyboard at the same time in the familiar “hot seat” manner. In the options you can choose between different graphic styles and the color of the armor. Practical: This program version can be started without installation on any PC or notebook, for example directly from a USB stick.

»Download: Download Barbarian


Following the example of the Atari classic "Boulder Dash", you help the character in "Rocks'n'Diamonds" to collect all the gemstones scattered in a tangle of mines. There are different numbers of points for each precious item such as diamond, crystal, emerald and pearl. But be careful: the stones falling from above and the roaming monsters are after your life. Depending on the level, up to three other people can play either locally or via the Internet. In addition to maps inspired by “Boulder Dash”, other game variants such as Sokoban, Emerald Mine and Supaplex can be played. In the integrated level editor, you can rearrange existing sets or create your own cards.

»Download: Download Rocks'n'Diamonds