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5 facts about Oris

Rational, emotional and independent

Orisstands out clearly from other watch brands: on the one hand as a German-Swiss company, far away from the French-influenced watch centers in the Jura and Geneva; on the other hand as an independently managed company in a luxury world that is characterized by large corporations. And although Oris watches are traditionally located in more affordable price ranges, the company's management abandoned quartz more than 30 years ago and consistently relies on classic mechanics.

Oris was known for many years as a down-to-earth, rational brand that offers watches at a good price-performance ratio and among many good watches has one or the other highlight with a particularly interesting additional function in its range. All of this is still true, but at the same time Oris has evolved significantly over the past few years. Since 2014, the brand has been offering manufacture movements again, designed and manufactured in-house. With this, the Hölsteiners are continuing their rich history in which they have produced more than 280 different calibers.

When it comes to sustainability, which is a concern of our society today like never before, Oris is one of the few watch brands that are seriously and emphatically committed to environmental issues and support various projects to protect the oceans. Last but not least, this rational brand from the Waldenburger Tal in Baselland has also discovered the emotional. These include beautiful retro models that take us back to earlier decades, colored dials that glow in blue, green or red, or the skeletonized ProPilot X, which allows deep insights into the functioning of the mechanical movement. Today Oris is a brand that credibly stands for important values ​​such as independence, individuality and sustainability and offers matching, still affordable watches.

Fact # 1 about Oris: The manufacture calibers

Oris has developed more than 280 of its own movement calibres in its history, but there was a long pause from the late 1970s onwards. Since 2014, the German-speaking Swiss have had their own family of movements in their range again: the hand-wound calibers 110 to 115 and non-linear power reserve display have various additional functions. The caliber 114, launched in 2018, also offers the display of a second time zone using a 24-hour hand with an arrowhead. It can be used to set half-hour time differences in addition to the full hour.

Fact # 2 about Oris: The new, in-house developed automatic movement

In addition to the hand-wound movements of the 110 ff series, Oris has also had a manufacture caliber with automatic winding in its range since 2020. Thanks to two barrels with extra-long tension springs, the Caliber 400 offers a five-day power reserve. It is also better protected against harmful magnetic fields, thanks to over 30 work components made of non-ferrous metals and non-magnetic alloys. For example, the armature and escape wheel are made of silicon and their shafts (axles), like the balance shaft, are made of metals that are resistant to magnetic fields.

Fact # 3 about Oris: Once one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world

Oris was once one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world: in 1930 the company from Hölstein produced around 7,000 watches a day. Today Oris makes an estimated 55,000 watches a year.

Fact # 4 about Oris: Commitment to the water environment and sustainability

Oris is committed to protecting water as a habitat, with very specific, regular and project-related campaigns. Oris is currently donating three watches from the Carysfort Reef, which is limited to 50 pieces - it is the first Oris diving watch in gold - for auction to the Coral Restoration Foundation. The company uses the proceeds to “plant” 30,000 corals in the Carysfort Reef off the coast of Florida. Further projects are the support of the Reef Restoration Foundation, which is dedicated to the restoration of the parts of the Great Barrier Reef that have been destroyed by massive heat waves, and the cooperation with the expedition swimmer Ernst Bromeis, whose projects arouse public awareness of the preciousness and vulnerability of the waters wants, and the partnership with Pacific Garbage Screening: The young marine protection organization is currently developing a device that is supposed to catch plastic waste in rivers and estuaries before it gets into the sea - so that it can be converted into energy and bio-based products in a second step.

Oris fact # 5: dual leadership

Oris is now managed by CEO Ulrich W. Herzog (right), who has been a co-owner of Oris since a management buy-out in 1982, and CEO Rolf Studer.


Continuously updated article, originally posted online in April 2015.

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