What is textile yarn

What is textile yarn?

The textile yarn is made from recycled fabrics, usually from t-shirts.

We Are Knitters ’balls of textile yarn consist of strips of fabric, ideal for crocheting or knitting.

This material is very easy to work with, it is cheap, ecological and exclusive. Since these are unique fabrics, the colors are just as unique!

It is therefore important that you know how many skeins you will be using before you start knitting, as there is a possibility that you will not find this exact shade later. You know about it!

What can I use it for?

You can create tons of things with a ball of textile yarn and free time. For example, you can use an extra large crochet hook or just your hands.

There are so many things to create: jewelry, accessories, clothing, decorations, useful objects, handmade toys, etc.

With textile yarn you can let your passion for knitting run free and that too eco-friendly to do.

Here you have some free tutorials so that you can do that too Fashion material can already enjoy!

Textile yarn stool covers

Cushions made of textile yarn

Headband with textile thread

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