Is science fiction popular in Australia

Corona film production in Australia - From Hollywood to Aussiewood

Byron Bay - an idyllic beach town between Sydney and Brisbane - has always been popular with the rich and famous. It's not for nothing that "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth has a $ 20 million house there. But other Hollywood stars are also jetting more and more frequently from Los Angeles to Down Under to stroll like Matt Damon in Byron Bay, like Idris Elba in Sydney to party or like Nathalie Portman to go hiking in the Blue Mountains National Park.

And they are by no means the only ones: Zac Efron shares his camping adventure Down Under on Instagram, and Mark Wahlberg and Julia Roberts have also come to Australia to enjoy a Covid-free and therefore relatively normal life. Because due to strict quarantine measures, local lockdowns and (theoretically) closed borders, the fifth continent only rarely registers Covid-19 cases.

Everyday life without Covid

The fact that so many Hollywood stars cavort in Australia also has to do with the fact that Australia willingly offered itself as a film location when the pandemic raged particularly badly in Los Angeles at the turn of the year and film sets were no longer available where people often work in confined spaces and with physical contact. Back then, Kate Marks, the executive director of the local government agency Ausfilm, which supports international film productions and has offices in Sydney and the USA, told a parliamentary committee that the international spotlight was currently aimed at Australia. Due to the low spread of Covid and a $ 400 million government stimulus package, "the world now views Australia as a destination for producing high quality international screen content".

A Netflix science fiction film called “Escape From Spiderhead” with Chris Hemsworth is currently being shot in Australia, and a film called “Thirteen Lives” about rescuing the Thai soccer team from the cave, with “Thor: Love and Thunder” Stars like Matt Damon or "Blacklight" with Liam Neeson. For the latter film, it appears that some spectacular car chases were filmed in Australia's sleepy capital, Canberra, which caused a stir there. Australian Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman has also returned to her home country with husband Keith Urban to direct the Hulu series "Nine Perfect Strangers".