Which boxes traditionally do not eat meat

Why don't brahmins eat meat?

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What is Hinduism Summary?

All Hindus believe in the divine power of "Brahman", in rebirth and in salvation. They worship and protect the sacred cow and make a pilgrimage to the holy places every year to honor their gods. The Hinduism is the third largest world religion after Christianity and Islam.

What is Hinduism Explained to Children?

The word "Hindu" comes from Persian and means something like "river". ... This is what the people from the valleys of the Indus and Ganges, two great rivers in India, called themselves. The Hinduism With around 900 million followers, it is the third largest world religion after Christianity and Islam.

Can you eat beef in India?

For most Hindus, the cow is inviolable. ... For traditional Hindus this would be a particularly polluting offense; and if not all are vegetarians, it is out of the question for most of them, beef to eat.

Why are cows worshiped in India?

The Cows will too adoredbecause they traditionally gave people everything to live - food, clothing, manure and labor. That the cow in India revered does not mean that it is not used.

Why don't Buddhists eat beef?

Practical use. But in spite of these clear explanations, not all of them are by any means Buddhists, as is often assumed, vegetarians. On the contrary, many Buddhists eat meat on the grounds that the Buddha did the eat of flesh allowed if the animal was not killed specifically for them.

What can a Hindu eat?

Lots Hindus eat no meat, so are vegetarians. You don't want to hurt an animal, after all, an animal could be the rebirth of a deceased person. Those who meat eat, will never eat beef. The cow is sacred and a "gift from the gods".

What percentage of Indians are vegetarians?

They all had one thing in common: they were vegetarian. Because India's prime minister does not eat meat, and the same applies to millions of other people on the subcontinent with 1.25 billion inhabitants. About 40 Percent of Indians describe themselves according to several surveys as vegetarian.

What is not allowed to eat in Buddhism?

There are no generally agreed rules for the permitted and prohibited foods in the Buddhism. In some regions it is common for the monks to no Meat too eat, but even some Buddhist monks want meat eat and see none Conflict with their beliefs.

Do people eat meat in India?

The majority of Indians eat flesh, however, often cannot afford it for financial reasons. Goat and mutton are particularly popular, as are chicken, which are not necessarily for flesh be expected. As in many other countries, "flesh"just red muscle meat.

What is the caste system in India?

A Hindu remains attached to his caste throughout his life. The division of people into groups and a strict hierarchy are the characteristics of the indian Caste system. After indian 1950 Constitution, no Indian may be discriminated against because of his caste.

What is the sacred animal in India?

To this day there is in India the holy Cow, the sacred monkey Hanuman. the elephant-headed Ganesha and holy Rats. Animals appear as avatars of deities such as Vishnu as fish Matsya, turtle Kurma, boar Varaha, lion man Narasimha. Also appear Animals as a vahana (mount) of numerous gods.

Where do zebus live?

The zebu or humpback cattle (Bos indicus) is a domestic cattle domesticated in the Indian subcontinent, which is mainly kept in tropical and subtropical climates. It is much better adapted to the local climate than European ("taurine") domestic cattle breeds.

Is cow's milk drunk in India?

That is the main religion in India. Four out of five Indians are Hindus. ... Most Indians do not eat cow meat, but they drink a lot milk. The country produces around 150 billion liters per year milk produced.