There is an ad-free Solitaire app

Windows 10: Play Solitaire without ads - is that possible?

The popular card game Solitaire is back in Windows 10 - but with in-app purchases and advertising. We clarify whether you can deactivate the advertising.

So far, Solitaire has been part of the Windows games that are an integral part of the operating system. The popular card game is also included in the Microsoft Solitaire Collection in Windows 10, but advertisements are now also shown in some game modes.

Windows 10: Solitaire only with advertising?

Solitaire itself is free, but you can download a paid premium version if you want - otherwise you have to partial advertisements bear. The advertising in Solitaire for Windows 10 is displayed as a full-screen video whenever the challenge options are shown when the game is loaded.

Banner ads will also appear on the edge of the screen when you play one of the following modes:

  • Daily challenges
  • Challenges in the star club
  • Events

This advertisement cannot be hidden, but these are also all modes that are affected by it. If it's just a game mode from the menu Games you can also use Solitaire in Windows 10 play completely without ads. The game modes Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid and TriPeaks are variations of Solitaire and do not require any advertising.

Play Solitaire in Windows 10 with no ads

If you want to play solitaire with no ads, one option is to upgrade to the premium. Otherwise, look for other Solitaire apps in the Microsoft Store. Because not all game apps contain advertising. However, we couldn't find an ad-free Solitaire app in our research.

For Android, on the other hand, there is a Solitaire app that works without advertising:

What is your experience with Windows 10?

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