Primo water contains chlorine

Whirlpool SBS002 water filter compatible Seltino SWP-508


SELTINO SWP-508 is made of high quality and maintenance-free materials. These filters are filled with innovative block activated carbon from coconut shells, which filters fine sediments and reduces chlorine, taste and odor impairments and organic suspended matter much more effectively than traditional activated carbon.

What water filter from Seltino The difference is that NO silver nitrate is used as an antiseptic. According to recent studies, silver is not as safe as previously thought. The manufacturer still gives a guarantee that no bacteria will multiply.

The filter is packed in a sterile plastic bag. This solution prevents bacteria from entering.

Who is this water filter for?
Seltino SWP-508 is the best replacement filter for original Whirlpool water filters SBS002.

At the recommendation of the manufacturer, the water filter should be replaced every 6 months at the latest. After this time, the filter performance will decrease.

Basic information:
- Internal filter for Whirlpool, Ariston, Smeg refrigerators - Seltino SWP-508
- Compatible with cartridges SBS002 AntiBact, SBS004, 4396508, 4619 502 71171, 4619 514 01681, 4812 817 28986, SBS001, 4801 817 00086, 4812 817 29632, PWF100, SBS003.
- Innovative activated carbon made from coconut shells.
- UV-sterilized, which guarantees perfect protection against bacteria.
- Does not contain any silver compounds - healthy and ecological.
- NSF certified.
- Manufactured by Seltino Water Matters.
- Replace every 6 months - after this time, the filter performance drops significantly: The water can become cloudy and smell unpleasant. However, the shelf life is unlimited.
- Fast delivery by DHL!