What should I expect from my parents

What can you expect from your parents? Careful, long

I need some objective opinions, please, or someone who will free me from my ideas and expectations of my parents. I don't know if the fault is mine and if I am simply expecting too much.
But on the subject:
I live with my child (almost 16 months) and a friend in a city where neither of us have any families nearby. Our families live in other cities.
On a Tuesday 3 weeks ago, the Noro virus caught me and I just went miserable to death. Wednesday we went halfway again, but my friend began to be sick - it turned out to be the flu.
So I had to stand by my rifle again because someone had to take care of our child.
On Thursday my friend was lying really flat with all the trimmings. I and my daughter felt reasonably ok, so I called my mother at work and asked her if I could come to them with my daughter over the WE. On the one hand I wanted to get out of the contagion area, on the other hand I hoped that I could recover a little from the Noro and that my parents could take care of the child for a week. I just want to relax a bit, very selfishly. Something like this has never happened before because of the distance it didn't work, much to the regret of my parents, who complained several times that they had nothing from their grandchildren.
My mother was anything but happy about it, for the reason that Noro would be contagious for another 2 weeks and she was afraid of being infected. You and my father are both still fully employed.
She also gave me the tip that if we are no longer able to look after the child, we should go to the hospital. There is also childcare there.
I was fed up.
Then on Thursday night I got the flu, and on Friday I was really bad. So my boyfriend and I both lay flat and couldn't take care of the child. That was really horror.
I then called my sister because I didn't know what to do ... she offered me that I could come and see her with Oona ... but I was no longer able to drive and it would take several hours Trip been. But I could hardly move, so I didn't go.
Thank God my neighbor took pity on Friday afternoons and Saturdays for teasing Oona (surprisingly she was still fine), so that we had at least a few hours of rest. On Sunday my boyfriend was halfway fit again so that he could take care of himself.
My mother called on Sunday evening because my sister told her what was going on with us. I was a bit monosyllabic on the phone because I was just disappointed ... well, and in the end I said she should just be careful not to let the viruses get through the phone. Yes, that was a stupid saying, she also hung up after an icy "Bye" ... but I was just angry and hurt.
I didn't feel supported in this extreme situation, I just expected my parents to help me.
Now we're going to see my sister for Christmas, and my parents will be there on the first holiday too. I'm scared of the meeting because I don't know how to act.
It is customary for us that the ideal world is played and everything is swept under the carpet ... but I can't do that. I can't pretend nothing happened ?!
My mother generally avoids discussions. My parents just don't make mistakes, they always do everything right. And of course it is correct how they behaved ... how can I come up with the absurd idea of ​​wanting to come to my parents' house with a virus?
I don't know what to do.
Does anyone have any advice for me?