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"Audire" means “to hear” in Latin. "Audio" literally translated means: "I hear".

The word audio could be translated figuratively as: Everything you can hear.

Audio cut or Sound editing can only be done if you have recorded something audible on data or sound carriers.

If what you hear has been recorded on magnetic tape (cassette), you can cut up a real tape, cut something out and glue something else into this place. The word “sound cutting” originally comes from this craft of tape cutting.

2 sound engineers with good ears

Professional sound engineers have mastered audio editing so well that the listener does not even notice that something has been "cut in or out".

Nowadays you rarely cut a ribbon that you hold in your hands. Instead, the sound turns into a computer recorded. There he will be in one Editing program edited on the screen - basically made "visible". But it still doesn't work without listening carefully and carefully!

Today the sound engineers cut out the parts on the screen that they don't want by simply deleting them. You have to master this technique very well so that nobody hears the "cut" later.

If you want to cut and edit sound recordings with the computer, you need an editing program.

There are inexpensive editing programs for students as well numerous editing programs for free on the Internetthat you can download to your computer. But you have to make sure that the editing program also fits the computer system. The best way to do this is to ask someone who is familiar with the computer you are going to use.

4 audio data to the computer

Now you have to put your recordings on the computer loaded become. With the help of the editing program, your computer can “understand” the sound recordings, ie “read in” the data. They also say they can now imported become.

You can speak directly into a microphone that can be connected to the computer. If you made your recordings with a recording device, you must now connect the recording device to the computer in order to transfer the data.

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From the microphone to the computer

With an editing program, the sound recordings - speech, music, noises - can now be cut as desired, reassembled, but also edited and changed like photos. And finally, of course, don't forget to save!

Recording and cutting sound is really easy. We explain it to you step by step in our: Mini recording studio

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