Is Trump a liar

Trump sister sharply criticizes her brother and calls him a "liar"

"He just wants to address his base," says the voice on the tape. "It has no principles. None. And its basis, I mean, my God, if you're a religious person you want to help people. But don't do that."

Maryanne Barry, Donald Trump's eldest sister, was a federal appeals judge until a year ago. While she was silent in public, she must have contradicted him violently behind the scenes, especially in matters of migration and asylum. At least she poured pure wine for her niece Mary. Mary Trump, in turn, recorded what her aunt confided in her over the course of several conversations and leaked it to the Washington Post. The recordings have been public since Sunday.

"What they do with the kids at the border!", The 83-year-old complained about the practice of separating children from their parents after they had crossed the border between Mexico and the USA. Apparently her brother never read how she justified her judgments. In one case, Barry reprimanded a lower court judge for lacking respect for an asylum seeker. The niece wanted to know what Donald had actually read. The answer: "He doesn't read anything".

Lies, lies, lies

Mary Trump, writes the Washington Post, secretly recorded the dialogue in order to prepare for any legal disputes. In an inheritance dispute twenty years ago after the death of the family patriarch Fred Trump, she felt ripped off by Donald and his siblings, who took advantage of the fact that their father Freddy, Fred's eldest son, was no longer alive. It is not entirely clear whether she knew that there was a tape running at the meetings with the niece. In New York, the hometown of both women, such recordings are legal, even if one of the interlocutors does not know anything about them. In any case, the veteran lawyer did not let her brother have a good hair. "His damn tweet and the lies, oh my god," she railed. "It's gushing out of me now, but you know the ever-changing stories, the lack of preparation, the lies. Holy Shit!"

Even in his youth, Donald was a spoiled snot spoon. She, Maryanne, did his homework for him and later "drove him all over New York City to get him to college". At the renowned University of Pennsylvania, the second university he attended, he was only found because someone else took the entrance test in his place. "I even remember the name. Joe Shapiro." A Joe Shapiro, with whom Donald Trump was friends at university, died of cancer in 1999. As a thoroughly honest person, he never took an exam for anyone, assured his widow, tennis player Pam Shriver, after Mary Trump described the case in her memoir published in July. To which the author of the book replied, then it must be another Joe Shapiro. If he exists, he keeps his knowledge to himself until today.

External cohesion

In any case, until now Donald Trump's siblings have always had only good things to say about the president in the media, unless they kept silent. Robert, his recently deceased younger brother, said in 2016 that he supported him "a thousand percent". Elizabeth, the second oldest sister, consistently avoids the limelight. Maryanne refused to comment while she had judgments to speak. He did not always agree with her, the candidate Trump had indicated differences in the election campaign four years ago, but immediately added: "She is a very, very respected judge".

Apparently different notes were being struck behind the scenes. Maryanne had to hear from her grandiose brother that she would never have achieved anything professionally without him. In the 1980s, she wanted to be a federal judge in New Jersey, just outside New York City. She asked Donald if his well-connected attorney Roy Cohn could put in a good word for her with President Ronald Reagan. Cohn actually called the White House, after speaking to Reagan, Maryanne Barry was named.

However, she emphasized to her niece, she had earned the nomination solely through her performance, just as she owed subsequent promotions only to her qualifications, never to her brother's network of relationships. Which did not prevent the latter from boastfully reminding them of his own contribution. "Where would you be without me?" She quotes him. Once she seems to have burst: "If you say that again, I'll flatten you". (Frank Herrmann, August 23, 2020)