Why is Trump so pretty

Los Angeles - Again serious allegations against US presidential candidate Trump: He is said to have demanded that only "pretty" women be employed in one of his golf clubs.

The US presidential candidate Donald Trump faces further allegations because of his relationship with women. The Los Angeles Times newspaper reported Thursday that the real estate mogul had repeatedly urged the management of one of its golf clubs to employ only "pretty" women. Women he did not find attractive enough should be fired. A Trump attorney denied that female employees were discriminated against in the club.

The newspaper reported that in some cases, women at Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, have been quit or sacked because of their looks. Trump had regularly asked the club's managers during his visits there to fire women who were not "pretty enough" and to replace them with more attractive employees, said Hayley Strozier, who, according to the court documents quoted by the newspaper, were in the club until 2008 worked.

Trump is said to have made suggestive remarks

According to the report, the club's management was concerned about Trump's demand for attractive female employees. The managers had set it up in such a way that only "young, thin, pretty women" were assigned to work during his visits. Several employees also reported that the real estate mogul had made suggestive remarks against women in the club.

For example, he once demanded that a "young, attractive hostess" be brought to an area where he had met other men, former restaurant manager Charles West told the newspaper. Another employee said Trump asked her if she was single or married. After that he asked her regularly if she was "still happily married".

The documents cited by the Los Angeles Times come from a lawsuit alleging that club employees were denied work breaks. Trump is confronted with the accusation of misogyny because of various derogatory and insulting remarks about women in the election campaign. According to surveys, his support among the female electorate is low.

Mocked Miss Universe as "Miss Piggy!"

In the televised debate on Tuesday night, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton described her opponent as a man "who called women pigs, sluts and bitches". She cited in particular the case of a previous Miss Universe, whom the billionaire allegedly derided as "Miss Piggy" because of her former weight problems.

However, Trump stepped up after the TV debate and again criticized Venezuelan ex-beauty queen Alicia Machado for putting on weight after her 1996 win. This was "a real problem," lamented the real estate billionaire who had hosted the Miss Universe competition until last year.