Are free porn sites safe

Porn is in great demand on the Internet: The hot sex videos promise eroticism for the home screen. There are millions of porn sites on the Internet that all have one goal: Get you as a visitor, because this is how the website operators earn money with it. The problem: More and more porn sites on the Internet distribute viruses and Trojans, want to infect your computer and thus earn money with you. Because: The operators of this malware can also earn money through viruses and Trojans. For example, you can see advertisements on your computer telling you that you have a virus that can only be removed with this software, which of course costs money. It is therefore worth playing it safe and looking for virus-free porn sites so that you do not even run the risk of having malware on your computer.

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But let's be completely honest: If you want to watch free porn, you will always fall for it and catch viruses. There are also no special videos from the larger providers, where you are no longer 100% sure whether you have caught a computer virus or not. For this reason, we would like to advise you not only to simply search for virus-free porn sites via Google, but also to choose a large provider where the risk is still almost zero.

The best alternative: Paid offers!

We are very familiar with sex sites on the net and can recommend that you take advantage of paid offers. This is not always the goal of consumers of porn, but it is very worthwhile. A very good offer is, for example,, which is an amateur portal that also offers great amateur porn. You then simply have to buy them and look at them on the Internet. Download? Nothing! But the best thing is that the sex videos there are not only cheap, but also virus-free. With such offers you always have the advantage that such a portal operator already earns money from you and wants to give you a nice experience. So there is no reason to throw yourself off viruses and Trojans.

If you don't want to spend money, you have to be careful, because in the end a virus can be slipped into you anywhere. The problem: not even the website operator always knows about it. Websites can also be hacked, for example. And anyone who hacks a website has a reason for it. For example, because he knows that a lot of people visit this one website and it may be worthwhile to install a virus or trojan there, which will then reinstall itself on the visitors.

Not all free offers distribute viruses

However, it is not that every website that offers free porn also distributes the malware. On the contrary: It is actually only a small part of this website community, which at least exists and therefore represents a threat to you. So if you do not know whether a porn site is spreading viruses or not, you should not only be cautious and extremely careful, but also not download and install any software from these websites. Such a shot can always backfire. In addition, you should always have up-to-date protection installed on your computer: virus scanner, malware checker, Trojan horse scanner. An activated firewall can also be helpful because no software can simply come through the firewall and install itself automatically.

Of course, we don't want to make you afraid of porn sites, we just want to sensitize you to the topic and show you that you can carry a virus if you carelessly watch porn on the Internet and blindly click on things that have nothing to do with it have to do. And of course we would like to show you with one or the other portal a very good alternative to the free porn sites, which cost money, but where there is no risk of catching a virus or trojan.

Which porn sites are safe and can be recommended?

We want you to have the best adult experience on the internet that you deserve. So that you get that too, we would like to introduce you to safe porn sites on which you will certainly not get any viruses or Trojans. And best of all: We don't just show you porn sites, but the sex sites that really offer you something! After all, we want to offer you the hottest experience you can get on the internet.

Of course, we would like to point out that not all sex video sites that we are going to introduce to you are free of charge. We know that most men and women (and couples too) are looking for free and safe porn sites, but we not only want to offer you safe porn sites here, but also those that can do something special or offer you something special. And that without viruses.

RealityLovers - the best VR porn with many stars

If you want to watch virus-free VR porn, you are best off with RealityLovers. The provider has been on the market for a long time and already has a number of VR porn on offer. The best thing: They are all self-shot, which means that you have and get a consistent quality on this porn site. So you will never be disappointed. Users are also not allowed to upload their own videos, which we very much appreciate.

We also appreciate that the site is not only secure, but also has many stars on offer. So there are a lot of porn stars (national and international) to see who have fucked in front of the camera! Among others: Alex Black, Alexis Crystal, Anna Rose, Brett Rossi, Carly Rae, Francys Belle, Katy Rose, Lexi Dona, Rachel Evans and Rosaline Rose. These are just a few names that can be found there. Micaela Schäfer is also on board! It shows up here and there on the website and as we found out, it has already done a spin. Unfortunately, we cannot say whether there will be a Micaela Schäfer porn or whether it is just an erotic scene.

YouPorn - a safe porn site with no viruses or Trojans

It is probably the biggest porn site of all and probably also the best known: YouPorn! And not without reason: Here you get to see millions of free porn and you can also watch high-resolution sex videos. In addition, the site is secure, encrypts all data and thus offers you security. YouPorn is serious and doesn't want to rip you off. In addition, the largest porn tube provider does not want to distribute viruses. They just want to offer you great sex films - to stream!

PornHub: Also safe and fast

Who does not know it: If you are looking for safe porn sites on the Internet that do not catch malware when you visit, many sites take forever to load. It is different with PornHub: The porn site, which is also very well known and also one of the largest porn sites, does not spread viruses and Trojans. In addition, the site is extremely fast and thus offers you a perfect erotic experience at home. But you can also watch the porn on PornHub from your mobile phone!

RedTube is also serious and secure

When it comes to safe porn sites, RedTube can't be missing! The porn tube, which is very well known and offers millions of visitors every day horny sex videos for free, is simply a must on such a list. RedTube can be unreservedly recommended, because here you are on the safe side. RedTube may be a sex site, but it's safe. That said, even if it is a site that displays porn, there are no viruses or Trojans here. You won't get any malware and you can use the site normally without worrying. For us one of the best porn providers ever!

Free or paid - your choice!

We've given you three free porn sites, all of which offer free porn. And one provider, RealityLovers, is chargeable. In return, you get great VR porn here that you would otherwise not get on the free porn tubes. The best: The sex videos at RealityLovers are all in the best quality and also in full length. Because: when you pay, you always get to see everything - and in the best quality! So there is nothing better to be a big porn fan than buying the sex videos.

It is your choice whether or not you go for free porn. And even the porntubes like RedTube, PornHub or YouPorn offer premium areas in which you have access to a lot of porn that cannot be found in the free area. In addition, you mostly have access to networks such as Brazzers, RealityKingz and FakeTaxi. On many more porn networks, of course, these were just one example. In addition, as a premium customer you will not get any advertising from porn sites. That means: If you want to find porn sites without ads, you have to pay money for them. Last but not least, you will of course be offered and guaranteed a correspondingly high quality of at least 1080p, i.e. Full HD.

You don't even need to sign up for free porn!

Who would have thought: There are porn sites without registration! While registration is almost mandatory for sex dating, you don't need to do this on porn sites. What for, you just want to watch some porn and jerk your cock at the same time. You don't want to chat or get in touch with other people to arrange a sex date. It is for this reason that most porn sites do not require registration or login. You just make the videos available to anyone who comes to the site.

However, most sex video sites offer you a free registration. Why not, at least you can be given a few additional functions that might even bind you to the porn site. So it can be an advantage for you if you register and log in to a porn site for free. By the way, you do not enter into any obligation, because the premium access must be ordered or booked separately. But what are the advantages of registering on a porn site?

Your advantages when you register and log in to a porn film site


  • You can log in at any time
  • Pick porn as your own favorites
  • Keep your own favorites list
  • You can quickly find your favorite porn again
  • Follow porn stars and find them again faster
  • Always see the latest sex videos from your favorite porn stars
  • Rate porn how you liked it
  • Write comments under the porn

[/ checklist]

There are few benefits, but they will affect your porn use. Probably the most important function is that you can mark porn as your favorite and thus put it on your own list of favorites. So you can find the videos you liked much faster on your next visit and watch them again. Practically a spray guarantee! Also great: You can follow porn stars who have their own profiles and set cards on the video platforms. Then you can put the porn stars you like to see on a list and you will always see the latest videos that are available from your favorite stars. The good: when you have a large selection at some point, you will always have the right stars on your favorites list - regardless of your preference.

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