What is a school rule

Grützmühlenweg School


The following school rules are continuously developed with all children, teachers and educators. They apply all day.
All children who come to our school and their parents are given the school rules. The content is discussed.

We all live and work together at school.
All are important.

We are considerate of each other and respect each other.
We treat each other in a friendly and peaceful manner.
Everyone should feel good.

We are jointly responsible for this.

To do this, we adhere to the following rules:

Me and the others

I treat the others like this
how I would like to be treated myself.
I am friendly and greet others.
I don't hurt anyone, not even with words.
I help others.
I stick to the stop rule.
I don't take anything away from anyone and I don't break anything.
I resolve arguments with words.

Me in class

I am punctual.
I have all of my school supplies with me.
I am attentive and cooperate.
I stick to the class rules.
I handle school supplies carefully.

I in the afternoon

I reliably register and deregister with my educators. I stick to the agreed rules in the class.
In the afternoon I also adhere to the rules that apply in the morning.

Me in the school yard and during recess

I'm staying on the school grounds.
I only play where it is allowed and handle the toys and play equipment carefully.
I only play with soft balls in the school yard.
I only use my scooter / bike for the way there and back. I treat nature carefully on the school grounds.
I don't throw anything at anyone.
I adhere to the regulations for the football field and the boat swing. I only drive the vehicles on the paved surfaces.
I'm only allowed to bring toys to school on Fridays. I go to a teacher / educator when I need help.
I hand in borrowed playground equipment in good time at the game counter. I stand at the class meeting point when the doorbell rings.
I go to my class when the "afternoon gong" is sounding.

Me in the school building

I go into the school building and show consideration for others. I don't slide on the banister.
I don't play with the ball in the school building. I keep the school and the toilets clean.
I wear slippers in the classrooms and in the group rooms. I keep my cloakroom and my satchel compartment tidy.
I leave my cell phone switched off in the mornings and afternoons in my satchel throughout school.

We try to avoid rule violations through preventive and de-escalating measures:

Each class holds the class council every week, each year the year council. Problems within the class and within the year are discussed and solutions sought. Problems between several classes and years are also dealt with here with the help of the class teacher and educator.

In the Children's conference The class representatives of all classes meet regularly and can discuss their questions and problems with a teacher.

We support you in resolving disputes on your own, so get help from a teacher if you get stuck on your own.

If you haven't followed the rules, you can do one of the following:

You apologize in a firm and believable way.
You write an apology letter to the child or draw a picture for them.
You write down the school rule in question and explain why it is important.
You strive to make amends for the damage done. There are logical consequences, e.g. destroy ☞ replace, soiling ☞ clean, theft ☞ return or replace.
You can also consider making amends yourself.

If you fail to stick to the rules several times, this can mean for you that ...

you are excluded from special class activities (e.g. excursion).
your parents will be notified and a conversation will take place with them if necessary.
the school management and / or the counseling teacher are involved.