Why do people choose to be racist

What is racism

Racist Continuities


The idea of ​​dividing people into so-called “races” and then hierarchizing them is a man-made ideology. It is anything but a law of nature. This misconception arose during colonization in the 16th century, when people were disenfranchised from the African continent, when workers were enslaved, raped and / or murdered. In Europe, these crimes were justified by the fact that the people there were underdeveloped and particularly "attached to nature". Progress and civilization would first have to be “brought” to them - if necessary by force.


Because racism was important to legitimize why some should have more access to human rights and resources than others, attempts have long been made to portray the notion of “race” as “natural” or “legitimate”. Science was no exception: it researched and “proved” for centuries that there are human “races” and natural hierarchies, that is, “better” and “worse” people in terms of biology. That has long been refuted, but the belief in it persists even today. Not least because the devaluation of “other” people serves to enhance oneself and one's own group.