Which AI use cases are you concerned about?

26 JanKMU take off - How you can use AI to advance your company

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Artificial intelligence is currently extremely hyped in society. At the same time, the use of AI in industry continues to advance. But how can you get started with it? How can Artificial Intelligence be used in your small or medium-sized company (SME)? In this one-day event, the AI ​​trainers from the three SME Competence Centers Stuttgart, Textil Vernetzt and Usability will bring you closer to the use of artificial intelligence in SMEs.

In the morning you can expect a series of lectures on the use of AI in medium-sized companies and the ethical and legal limits. The presentations each last about 30 minutes and are concluded with a Q&A. After the lunch break, the practical application of AI in various subject areas begins. You can choose from one of 4 interactive workshops.

Due to the current situation, the event cannot be held on site in Stuttgart. The whole day is carried out virtually. You can therefore relax and listen to the lectures from your home office or your office. And best of all: thanks to funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the entire event is free of charge. So register as soon as possible.

Workshops in the event

The event offers 4 workshops, which run simultaneously.

Workshop 1: Edge AI Workshop - How do I get Artificial Intelligence in the Edge

What do you know about Edge AI? Edge AI is one of the fastest growing areas in artificial intelligence (AI) and is rapidly becoming more accessible. Edge KI refers to AI algorithms that should run on embedded devices. The embedded devices could be smartphones, microcontrollers, Raspberry Pis or similar small devices. This workshop provides you with a basis to understand the emerging field. The workshop is interesting for everyone who is developing products with artificial intelligence or who are still planning to do so.

In this hands-on workshop you will learn:

  • Know the benefits and uses of Edge AI
  • To train neural networks using current frameworks for embedded devices
  • To optimize the execution speed and memory requirements of neural networks using current frameworks for embedded devices
  • Implement neural networks on embedded devices using current frameworks

Workshop 2: Human-Centered AI - The human-AI interaction on the test bench

In the future, AI will permeate our everyday lives more and more - it is all the more important to ensure that AI systems remain usable, understandable and controllable for people. But what do you have to pay attention to? We discuss the importance of human-centered AI and test some exemplary AI systems with the help of a catalog of guidelines specially designed for assessing human-AI interaction.

Workshop 3: Identify and implement AI use cases

The use of AI-based systems in manufacturing companies has not only been possible for a long time, but can also be implemented cost-effectively. The question that remains is: What does the suitable AI use case look like? In the workshop "Finding and implementing AI use cases" we would like to show you how you can turn problems in your production and organization into use cases that can trigger an increase in productivity in your company with the use of AI. The workshop consists of three steps:

  • We will show you an exemplary AI use case and how it is declared in the AI ​​periodic table
  • In small groups, you develop an application from a problem
  • You present the found use case to the other participants in the workshop.

Workshop 4: Machine text comprehension with artificial intelligence

Whether automated incoming mail processing, complex contract reviews or customer interaction: Machine text understanding forms the basis of a multitude of useful applications that can also be implemented for small and medium-sized companies with manageable effort. This workshop shows how machine text comprehension can be achieved with the help of suitable tools and how a business benefit can be achieved.


Since the workshops take place at the same time, please only register for one workshop!