What are the best products in the world

The 10 best-selling products in the world

We spend our money on these products

We know roughly what we ourselves spend our money on. But what about the others? The 10 best-selling products in the world provide information on this.

From one or the other product, we already thought that it might be on the List of the 10 best-selling products in the world could land. But we absolutely did not expect some candidates. But see for yourself what the Investigation by Financesonline.com revealed.


Product # 1: Coca Cola

We all know Coca Cola and most of them will have drunk one or two bottles of lemonade in their life. But would you have expected that 1.8 trillion bottles of Coca Cola are sold around the world every day? That would mean that in a group of ten people, two of them would drink cola at least every day. The global corporation Coca Cola has really managed to find its way to every corner of the world.


Product # 2: Lay's Chips

The world-famous Lay's brand sells 633 million bags each year - and only in the United States. The combined weight of these quantities of chips is heavier than an aircraft carrier. Just to make that clear.


Product # 3: Playstation

On September 1st, 1995, the first Playstation was launched in the USA. That was almost twenty years ago. The console has since become one of the 10 best-selling products in the world. 344 million Playstations have been sold to console fans since sales began. If we added up the weight of these Playstations, that would be twice the weight of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


Product # 4: Toyota Corolla

Yes, the Toyota Corolla is one of the top 10 best-selling products. Since the start of sales in 1996 Bought 40.7 million models of the Japanese runabout. If we lined up all these Toyota Corolla, it would be comparable to the route from New York City to Los Angeles, but 48 times. That would be about 134,400 miles or a good 216,000 kilometers.


Product # 5: iPad

We figured Apple would be on the list of the top 10 best-selling products. The iPad has been sold 211 million times since 2010, not even in four years. With this number of Apple tablets the earth could be circumnavigated one day.


Product # 6: Angry Birds

We should all be familiar with this game app. But we still did not expect these sales figures. Angry Birds has been downloaded 2 trillion times so far. If we assume that a person has downloaded the app even once, that means that almost 30 percent of the entire world's population has this game on their smartphone.


Product # 7: Michael Jackson's Album thriller

In 1997 Michael Jackson released his most successful album Thriller. The record has sold 70 million times since then (as of 2012) and is not only the most successful music album of all time, but also one of the best-selling products around the world. The younger generation can learn a bit from this. One Direction's first album, for example, sold 15 times less.


Product # 8: Harry Potter Books

No question about it, the success of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series is undisputed. But would you have thought that a total of 450 million copies of the successful novel series have sold since 1997? That's roughly 90 percent of total book sales in 2013.


Product # 9: iPhone

Of course, if the iPad makes it into the list of the best-selling products, then the iPhone will too. And that even surpasses its tablet colleague. Since 2007, 516 million iPhones have been sold around the world. For comparison: Approx. 505 million people live in the entire European Union.


Product No. 10: The Magic Cube

Everyone has had it in their hands at some point. With these sales figures, that's not surprising either. The magic cube, which was originally developed in Hungary, has sold 350 million times over the past 34 years. The number of magic cubes sold is roughly comparable to the population of his home country.

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