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Quiet in the fall

Warning, empty phrase: What else can you write about Katie Melua? “Album No.8” is a continuation of her terrific career. +++ Matt Berninger actually works as a front man for The National. I have to honestly say that there are no bad ones. Grammy band! "Serpentine Prison" is now his first escape into loneliness. +++ Started as a rapper, Machine Gun Kelly is now earning his spurs as a rock musician between emo-punk, emo-core, pop and rock. Unfortunately, “Tickets To My Downfall” is a few months late. +++ What a contrast is then Woodkid with "S16". +++ A penultimate roll call in this phono year. Please treat yourself to Sasha Sloan and her album "Only Child". Great voice, endlessly nice songs and so many beautiful melodies and tones.

Dear jury!

"Girl you know it's true ...". Nothing was true. Everything is fake. I still sleep fidgety today when I think of Milli Vanilli's bouncing bouncy balls. The last scandal in the industry since 1990. Until recently. For a few weeks now, I have been needing three loads of Granufink (key word: urination control) to get at least two hours of sleep from excitement. And that's how it happened. The gangsta rapper and Bambi integration award winner Bushido dragged his former “brother”, the honest man of honor Arafat Abou-Chaker, in front of the cadre. The two are no longer “Brüdda”.

What rhymes with rap?

God I was naive. But one after anonther. I feast four kilograms of pork a week. Mixed. Salt meat for breakfast. In between chicken wings and as a nightcap, like venison goulash. Meat as an oral vaccination, so to speak. When and how could I have heard from Attila Hildmann? A vegan chef. And therefore to be classified alphabetically as a V-celebrity. According to the lying press. Now. Vegan has something dirty about it.

Endless argument over? - BGH ruled on copied two-second beat

Karlsruhe (dpa) - For more than two decades, the courts have been concerned with the question: Was the music producer Moses Pelham allowed to process a strange rhythm without asking? On Thursday, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe announced a judgment for the third time. It remains to be seen whether the dispute will be resolved once and for all.

How dangerous is that

If he is asked whether “legal rock” is an “entry drug”, music and youth culture researcher Thorsten Hindrichs, who offers seminars on legal rock for school music students at the University of Mainz, says no: “If someone listens to legal rock for an hour, he does not become a Nazi. “Many of his colleagues see it that way. There are also voices of warning. For the Würzburg music pedagogue Friedhelm Brusniak, for example, music certainly has manipulative power: “No pedagogue should underestimate the potential danger.” Other researchers postulate that music may contribute to the current success of populism.

Rapper Kollegah loses legal battle against Bayerischer Rundfunk

Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) does not have to correct its podcast about the rapper Kollegah. A reply is not necessary, said the responsible presiding judge at the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Munich on Tuesday. The rapper, whose real name is Felix Blume, had sued the broadcaster because of a small sentence about his so-called alpha mentoring program.

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