What does a Russian address look like

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It may therefore be advisable to hire a lawyer licensed in Russia to determine your whereabouts. Under certain circumstances, he or she has the option of calling in the Russian Interior Ministry, which is fundamentally obliged to provide information.

However, there is no entitlement to information from a residents' registration office. For data protection reasons, personal data may only be passed on in Russia with the consent of the person sought.

The addresses of maintenance debtors can be found via the Russian Red Cross or the tracing service of the German Red Cross. The Russian Red Cross has promised the embassy to provide the address of a wanted maintenance debtor even against his will if there is a maintenance title (court ruling) in Germany. *

If the maintenance debtor has Russian citizenship, it is also possible to contact the relevant Russian diplomatic mission in Germany.

Service providers comparable to German detective agencies are not widespread in Russia.

*) The embassy does not have any means of coercion to collect outstanding maintenance payments. Russian authorities generally reject the enforcement of German court judgments because there are no corresponding agreements between Germany and Russia.

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